25 Powerful Quotes About Giving

Published November 10, 2020
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Are you tired of those overused quotes about giving found all over the internet? Be original by trying out unique and inspirational donation quotes. Inspire your friends and family to make an impact through the art of giving.

Inspiring Quotes About Giving

Charitable giving to others isn't just a gift for them, it's a gift for you. Seeing the happiness in their eyes or knowing that you are doing something worthwhile can lift a load off your shoulders like nothing else in this world. You might add one to your social media page to share with friends or put in a Christmas card to inspire. You can also add them to a poster or charitable event invitation. Looking to make an impact? Try these unique inspirational quotes about giving by Jennifer Betts.

  1. The true gift is giving to others. Happiness is found in giving, not receiving.

  2. Giving joy to others can uplift your own soul.

  3. It's not just a gift. It's giving your soul a lift.

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  4. The miracle of giving is that it ripples. Your one small gesture can affect hundreds.

  5. Gifts aren't meant to be kept by us, but to be shared with everyone.

  6. Lighten your soul by giving yourself to others.

  7. For a masterpiece to truly be appreciated, it must be shared by all.

  8. Happiness isn't measured by what we get for ourselves. Happiness is measured by what we give to others.

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  9. Life is not about climbing the mountain alone. It's about helping others to come with us so everyone can enjoy the view.

Donation Quotes About the Joy and Importance of Giving

Donating your time, money, or gift to another person is important. Not only does it change their day and perspective, but it has an immeasurable impact on you as well. Share with the world the importance and joy brought by donating through these powerful donation quotes.

  1. Give a gift to yourself by generously giving to others. Happiness is catchy.

  2. A gift given in love has the power to wipe out any storm.

  3. Joy is found through giving to others, not by what you receive.

  4. Be the stone that ignited a fire by giving to others.

  5. It's what you give that makes an impact on this world, regardless of the things you have.

  6. Joy isn't measured by the size of a gift. Even the smallest gift of kindness can change a world.

  7. The smallest gift given with love and compassion is priceless.

  8. The power of giving is in the difference it makes not what you receive in return.

Best Giving Quotes to Share

Are you looking for some of the best quotes about giving to share with your friends? Give these doozies a try. You never know, your passion for gifting could be the spark that ignites the world to be a better place.

  1. It's not the size of the gift that matters, it's the heart that went into it.

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  2. In the end, you aren't measured by what you've received from others, but by what you've given to others.

  3. The true measure of a person if found by watching what they do for others.

  4. Truly living is found through the art of selflessly giving.

  5. Change happens when one person gifts a piece of themselves to another.

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  6. It isn't the gift they gave, but the impact they made.

  7. The road to gifting can start with a simple smile. But the destinations it can take you are limitless.

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  8. The journey to greatness starts by giving yourself to others and expecting nothing in return.

Quotes About Giving

A lot of famous givers like Mother Teresa and Gandi have made impactful quotes about the importance of giving. However, it can be fun to include a unique inspirational giving quote on your timeline or for your event. Whether you're giving financial support, your time and talent, or even making a hair donation, you can use these as a starting point to create your own inspirational donation quotes.

25 Powerful Quotes About Giving