Poems About Stress Management

Updated February 15, 2018
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Reading poems about stress management can give you a different perspective on your situation and reduce your stress levels. Even identifying with a particular poem can help you calm down. Read poems about stress management and then consider writing your own to share with other readers.

Unique Poems About Stress Management

These stress management poems for encouragement can be read during your stressful time. Some will help you rise above the difficulties you face while others show you that you are not the only one going through tough times.

Taking Control

By Marcelina Hardy

Life has spiraled out of control,
You can't grasp it for a second;
You don't know what else to do
but give up.

Time to take control.
Get life organized,
One thing at a time,
One step at a time.

Going to My Happy Place

By Kelly Roper

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When I feel the stress building, I go to my happy place.
I close my eyes, lean back, and imagine the sun on my face.

I listen the birds sweetly chirping in the trees.
To relax myself even more, I imagine a gentle breeze.

Once I feel the awful tension begin to slip away,
I open my eyes and stretch, ready to restart my day.

Life Crashes Down

By Marcelina Hardy

Everything is going wrong,
And you don't know why.
Life is crashing down,
And there is no cover.

Life crashes down,
Slowly and then quickly.

Let it fall.
Wait till the storms calm,
Then pick up the pieces
and continue on…

Meditation for Stress

By Marcelina Hardy

Meditation is a sanctuary.
Close your eyes and take yourself somewhere free,
Free from chaos,
Free from worry.

Take a deep breath,
And open your eyes
To a whole new place.

A Stressed Person's Prayer

By Kelly Roper

Lord, please help me through my day...

When I begin feeling overwhelmed, help me regain control.
When I lose focus and can't decide what to do, help me concentrate.
When I feel the pressure building, help me release it without blowing up.
When I begin feeling inadequate, remind me of the gifts and skills you gave me.

Stress Has Won

By Marcelina Hardy

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Life is out of control.
Can't catch my breath.
Want to do so much,
But can't seem to do anything

Some days I feel defeated,
No energy left to care.
Stress has beat me;
I am the loser.

Feeling Empowered

By Marcelina Hardy

Things get crazy,
Out of control,
And stressful.

I can take it;
I can survive.
I will get up,
Brush myself off,
And tackle whatever comes my way…

Mantra for the Stressed

By Kelly Roper

woman meditating in forest

I will conquer my stress,
I will not let it conquer me.
I will win the day,
Stress will not win over me.

Faith Leads the Way

By Marcelina Hardy

Life isn't always simple;
That's what makes it fun.

I have faith that I can do anything
With my Lord.

He will show me the way.
He will pick me up when I fall.

When He and I work together,
We can do it all.

Worry's Prisoner

By Marcelina Hardy

It won't let me go.
It has me behind its bars.

I am afraid,
I am scared.

I try to forget,
I try to ignore,
but I am stuck.

One day I will be free,
Free from this worrier's prison.

Taking a Break

By Marcelina Hardy

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The world is spinning around you.
Things are happening,
People are living.

You don't seem to notice;
You don't see.

You're buried in business,
tasks and chaos.

Push back the work,
And open your eyes.
See what's around you
and breathe.

Be Kind to Yourself

By Kelly Roper

Sometimes life is overwhelming,
And it seems like there's no place to turn.
There's no one looking out for you,
And you can feel your stomach churn.

This is the moment to remember,
You've got to be kind to yourself.
Take some time to regroup and put
Those cares and stressors on the shelf.

Take time out for a walk,
or listen to your favorite song,
As long as you do something positive,
You really can't go wrong.

Letting go of the pressure for a while,
Can often make all the difference.
You can come back calm and refreshed,
And not feel like you're on the defense.

Then you can take the stressors and cares
Off the shelf one by one,
And deal with them more patiently.
Before you know it, they'll all be gone.

Write Your Own Stress Management Poems

Take a moment to write your own poems about stress management. Think back to a time you overcame a challenge in your life and how you felt. Take those feelings and put them into words. You don't have to be a poet or a writer; all you have to do is give yourself a chance to express yourself.

Poems About Stress Management