30+ Fall Quotes for Letter Boards for the Crisp & Cozy Moments

Published June 16, 2021
Black letter board with autumn text

Fall is a favorite season for so many people for an abundance of reasons. The crisp air brings sweet relief from those hot, muggy summer days, and everything from food to activities feels warm, cozy, and welcoming. If you love fall and want to celebrate your love of autumn in words, these fall quotes for letter boards won't leave anyone wondering which season reigns supreme in your opinion.

Food-Inspired Fall Quotes for Letter Boards

Fall seriously brings it when it comes to food. The flavors are as bright and vibrant as the colors of fall trees. Savory soups, pumpkin everything, and freshly baked goods fill bellies and fill letter boards.

  • Pumpkin Spice Everything, Please
  • Alexa, Tell Me This Apple Pie Is Fat-Free
  • Pie For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner
  • Leaves Are Falling, Pumpkin Spice Is Calling
  • You're The Apple Of My Pie
Fall Quotes for Letter Boards That Are All About the Food

Funny Fall Letter Board Quotes

Bring on the giggles with these letter board quotes based on autumn fun. Show your glowing sense of humor and your deep desire to celebrate all that is fall with these hilarious sayings.

  • Bikini Body Was A No. Sweater Body Is A Hell Yes
  • I Wonder If Fall Loves Me As Much As I Love It?
  • We're Just Here For The Pie
  • Ringing In The Fallidays
  • My Gourd, It's That Time Of Year Again!
  • If You Can't Do Pumpkin Spice, We Can't Be Friends
  • Spending The Season Getting Lit, Says All The Fall Candles

Short & Sweet Fall Quotes

These quotes are short and sweet, and they inspire a love of the fall season. Bring on the pumpkin spice, knit sweaters, bright colors, and awesome autumn!

  • Goodbye, Summer! Hello, Fall!
  • Stay Calm & Keep Loving Fall
  • It's Fall, Ya'll!
  • Fall: Family, Food & Football
  • Leaves Fallin', Fall Is Calling
  • Falling Into The Best Season
  • Autumn Is A Season For The Soul
  • Let's Do All The Fall Things, But First Coffee
Fall Quotes for Letter Boards That are Short and Fun

Fall Letter Board Quotes for Autumn Holidays

Celebrating fall is so great because the season contains two major holidays. During the fall, people go all out for Halloween and Thanksgiving. These quotes revel in the fall holiday theme, channeling witchy vibes and feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.

  • Our Bellies Are Full of Food. Our Hearts Are Full Of Gratitude.
  • Get Your Gobble On
  • Grateful For Friends, Food, Love & Fall
  • Alexa, Make Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Welcome To Stretchy Pants Season
  • Welcome To Our Coven
  • Well, Boo To You!
  • I'm 100% THAT Witch
  • Hold Me Tight On These Spooky Fall Nights
  • Hocus Pocus, Give Me Coffee To Focus.
  • Fun-Sized Candy Bars Are The Greatest Lie Ever Told. Nothing Fun Here, People.
Fall Quotes for Letter Boards That Play on Autumn Holidays

The Beauty of a Letter Board

Every home needs a letter board. They ring in new seasons, announce babies, birthdays, and major milestones, go front and center displaying menu items, and serve countless other purposes. Have fun with your letter board this fall and change out your quotes often, showcasing your personality and your love of this fantastic season.

30+ Fall Quotes for Letter Boards for the Crisp & Cozy Moments