30 Mesmerizing Green Eyes Quotes

Published March 29, 2022
Woman with green eyes looking away in sunlight

Green eyes are a vision of loveliness. They manage to be calming and mysterious at the same time. That's what makes them so mesmerizing. From snappy social captions to descriptive quotes, compliments, and declarations of love, find just the right words in this list of quotes about eyes of green.

Green Eyes Captions for Instagram

Want to call attention to someone's incredible green eyes on a social snapshot? Post one (or more!) of these short quotes about green eyes.

Young woman with green eyes wearing sunglasses
  • Shades of green
  • Green-eyed diva
  • Green-eyed gazing
  • Jade like the grass
  • Green like springtime
  • Flashin' those gorgeous greens

Compliments for Green Eyes

Looking for an eloquent way to pay someone a compliment about their gorgeous greens? These sayings can be a great way to express the unique beauty of their peepers.

Young Woman With Green Eyes With Shadows From Pine Trees
  • Green is the gaze of loveliness.
  • Your eyes have the shine and sparkle of an emerald.
  • If beauty had a color, it would be the green of your eyes.
  • Your green eyes remind me of the promise of springtime.
  • The loveliness of nature shines through the green in your eyes.
  • Even among the rarest of eye colors, your green gaze is uncommonly beautiful.

Romantic Quotes About Green Eyes

Are you wondering how to describe green eyes romantically? When you need to find a way to let that special green-eyed person know you love them, consider these romantic quotes that reference their gaze.

  • My love for you is as evergreen as your eyes.
  • Your eyes are a forest of green, paved with a path to forever.
  • The first time I looked into your emerald eyes, I lost myself in your love.
  • When I gaze into your gorgeous green eyes, I can feel forever reflected back at me.
  • When you turn your emerald eyes in my direction, my heart skips a beat and my soul sings.
  • Your green eyes, they mesmerize me. I can't look away and I don't want to. Hold me in your green gaze forever.

Cute Green Eyes Love Quotes

Not all quotes for the one you love have to be deep or soulful. These cute love quotes about green eyes pack a lovestruck punch appropriate for any lighthearted romantic moment.

Green Eyed Girl
  • I'm gaga for your green eyes.
  • With eyes of green, of my heart she is the queen.
  • Their eyes of jade for my heart were specially made.
  • Time really flies when I gaze into your gorgeous green eyes.
  • The one I love has eyes of green; every day my heart grows even more keen.
  • Thing king of my heart has eyes of green, of the real me he sees everything.

Song Quotes about Green Eyes

Some of the best quotes about green eyes can be found in the lyrics of popular songs. Check out these playlist options:

  • "Green-eyed lady, wind-swept lady/Rules the night, the waves, the sand/Green-eyed lady, ocean lady/Child of nature, friend of man" - Sugarloaf, Green-Eyed Lady
  • "My baby has big green eyes/Brighter than the bluest sky/ Softer than an angel flies/Sweeter than a lullaby" - Alan Jackson, Big Green Eyes
  • "I fear that they will ever haunt me,/ All through my life they'll taunt me/ But will they ever want me?/ Green eyes, make my dreams come true" - Jimmy Dorsey, Green Eyes
  • "So it took me by complete surprise/ When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes/ She's not at all what I was looking for/ She's more" - Andy Griggs, She's More
  • "The green eyes/ Yeah, the spotlight/ Shines upon you/ And how could/ Anybody deny you?" - Coldplay, Green Eyes
  • "Your green eyes they don't miss a thing,/ they hold me like the sun going down,/ warm me like a fire in the night, without a sound." - Kate Wolf, Green Eyes

Great Greetings for Those Gorgeous Greens

Use the quotes above to reference the unique beauty of someone's green eyes, or let them serve as a starting point to inspire you to come up with even more ways to describe the look or impact of eyes of emerald, jade, or even chartreuse. From photo captions to declarations of love, there are plenty of ways to use words to convey the mesmerizing beauty of green eyes.

30 Mesmerizing Green Eyes Quotes