30+ Short Letter Board Quotes That Say a Lot in a Few Words

Published June 21, 2021
Short quotes for letter boards

Letter boards are decor with superpowers. Hanging a letter board on the wall gives you an opportunity to spread meaningful messages throughout your home. Even one or two words can cause people to reflect, change the course of their day, elevate their mood or give them a new perspective. These short letter board quotes for every room of the house prove that less is more.

Appetizing Ideas for Kitchen & Dining Room Letter Boards

The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the home, and this sampling of quotes will add a dash of fun to mealtime.

  • Bon Appétit!
  • Veggies Make Superpowers
  • Dig In
  • Chow Down
  • Pizza is Life
  • Seasoned With Love
  • Tip Your Waitress
  • Feed Me Tacos
  • You're My Cup of Tea
  • Squeeze the Day
  • Kale Yeah!
  • Let's Eat
  • Turnip the Beet
Short Quotes for Kitchen

Inspiring Words for the Home Office & Kids' Study Area

The amount of parents working from home and kids learning from home has soared, so placing an inspirational message in the home office or above a kid's desk can help everyone keep on keeping on.

  • Think Positive
  • Work Hard
  • Good Job!
  • You Can Do It!/You've Got This
  • It's Almost Friday
  • Roll With It
  • Don't Stop Believing
  • Just the Fax
  • Coffee Break?

Short & Sweet Quotes for Letter Boards in Kids' Rooms

The messages kids see and hear daily become their internal dialogue. Set them up for success by putting these easy to memorize mantras in their bedroom or bathroom.

  • Hello, Beautiful/Hello, Handsome
  • Good Morning, Sunshine
  • Dream Big
  • Be Kind/Spread Kindness
  • Smile Often/Smiles Are Free
  • Be Yourself
  • Keep Blooming/Blossom Daily
  • There's Only One You
  • You Are Loved
  • Shine Bright
Be Yourself in Letter Board

Playful Words for the Game Room

The game room is where everyone goes to compete, unwind, bond and make memories while having a blast. These whimsical quotes will keep the good times rolling.

  • Game On/Game Mode
  • Level Up
  • Play Station
  • High Score Wins
  • Gamers Only
  • Winner Takes All
  • Still Playing
  • Saving the Princess
  • Five More Minutes
  • I'm in the Zone
  • Never Grow Up

Life-Changing Messages for the Living Room

Put these enlightening quotes in the living room for all to see regularly. The constant reminders are sure to improve everyone's attitude.

  • Be Present
  • Thank God
  • Have Faith
  • Namaste
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Choose Peace
  • Slow Down
  • Pursue Magic
  • Create Joy
  • Be the Light
  • Live Now
Life-Changing Messages for the Living Room

Charming Words for Baby's Nursery

Your little bundle of joy may not be able to read yet, but these letter board quotes are sure to make parents smile.

  • Small Yet Mighty
  • I'm in Charge/I'm the Boss
  • Who Needs Sleep?
  • Up All Night
  • Fresh From Heaven
  • Little Angel
  • Born to Snuggle
  • Midnight Snacker
  • Meet Me at Midnight
  • Milk on My Mind

The Power of Words

One glance at any of the letter board quotes listed here will elicit an emotional response in readers. Use the power of words to your advantage to decorate your home with wisdom and humor.

30+ Short Letter Board Quotes That Say a Lot in a Few Words