35+ Summer Letter Board Quotes to Make Your Day Shine

Published June 18, 2021
Summer quotes for letter boards

Declare your love for summertime with summer letter board quotes that will add a ray of sunshine to your home. From popular song lyrics and beach and lake house themes to celebratory words about the 4th of July, these summer quotes for letter boards will set the tone for a great season.

Beach Vibes

Whether you're taking a trip to your local beach, headed on a beach vacation, or just dreaming of a tropical getaway, these beach themed letter board quotes will channel the chill vibe of sand and sea.

  • Fresh Air & Mermaid Hair
  • Swimming With Dolphins
  • Surf's Up
  • Catching a Wave
  • Turning the Tide
  • Tan Lines & Sandy Toes
  • Sea You at the Beach
  • Beach Bound
  • Ocean Breeze & Daiquiris

Life at the Lake House

A relaxing lake house stay tops most summer bucket lists. Reel in these lake house letter board quotes to manifest the soothing tranquility of a lakeside escape.

  • Gone Fishing
  • Go Jump in the Lake
  • Whatever Floats Your Boat
  • Rowing Gently Down the Stream
  • Vacation Mode On
  • Go With the Flow
  • Skipping Stones
  • Becoming One With Nature
  • You Can Call Me Captain
Life at the lake house quotes

Swimming Pool Fun

Dive right in and put these whimsical quotes about taking a swim on your letter board this summer.

  • Lifeguard Off Duty
  • Have Raft, Will Lounge
  • Order Me a Piña Colada
  • No Shoes & Barbeques
  • Cannonball!
  • Dive in to the High Life
  • Come on in, the Water's Fine
  • Making a Splash

Summer Days & Nights

Summer is known for long days and nights that are packed with fun festivities and breaks from the norm. The following phrases are sure to delight.

  • Popsicles, Fro-Yo & Ice Cream Sundaes
  • My Lemonade is Better Than Beyoncé's
  • Chasing Fireflies
  • Sunshine on My Mind
  • Meet Me at Sunset
  • Lazy Days Ahead
  • Clocking Out Forever
  • Doing S'More Camping
  • Sunny With a Chance of Slurpees
  • Wishing on Stars
Summer days & nights quotes

4th of July

Celebrate the 4th with some cute and patriotic phrases proudly displayed on your letter board.

  • Sweet Land of Liberty
  • Freedom & Fireworks
  • America's Biggest Party
  • Happy Birthday, U.S.A.
  • Proud to Be an American
  • Sparks Will Fly

Summer Song Lyrics

Get toes tapping and fingers snapping with the following letter board quotes based on popular songs about summer.

  • Here Comes the Sun, Little Darlin'
  • I'm Walkin' on Sunshine
  • Summertime and the Livin' Is Easy
  • But Oh, Those Summer Nights
  • Summer, Summer, Summertime
  • Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
  • I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun
Summer song lyrics quotes

Words That Highlight Summer's Best Qualities

Displaying thematic summer letter board quotes will brighten the mood in your home. Turn your favorite aspects of summer into words you can read daily to pause and relish the magic and warmth of these golden days.

35+ Summer Letter Board Quotes to Make Your Day Shine