40 Funny Work Quotes That Are Hilarious Because They're True

Published November 29, 2021
Cheerful colleagues discussing while looking at computer on desk in office

Love it or hate it, work is a fact of daily life for most people. In fact, many people spend more of their waking hours at work than with their family and friends. With that in mind, it's easy to see why workplace humor is just as important as productivity. Take a quick break and relax for a bit to check out these funny work quotes.

Short Funny Office Sayings

Looking for some brief quips about life as a member of the modern workforce? Check out these super-brief funny office sayings.

Short Funny Office Saying
  • Welcome to buzzword boulevard!
  • Please suppress your special requests!
  • Read my lips: no new tasks.
  • Never trust the office gossip.
  • Yes, we all chose to work here!

Funny Inspirational Work Quotes and Advice

Funny quotes don't have to have a negative twist. Some of the best workplace quotes are motivational in nature. Check out these upbeat tidbits of advice and inspiration that just might give your attitude about work a little lift.

Funny Inspirational Work Quote and Advice
  • A job is your key to unlocking a paycheck.
  • Your next promotion is just one good decision (someone else's) away.
  • Don't make your boss any madder if you want to climb the next rung on the corporate ladder.
  • Work is what you do to fund your hobbies.
  • On the treadmill of life, there are worse problems to have than a steady job.
  • Never be the person who gets grounds in the break room coffee.

Funny Quotes About Work Colleagues

Whether you adore your co-workers and your work family, or you wonder how in the world they ever got through the screening process, you're sure to have days when you need some cute colleague quotes to brighten your mood.

Funny Quote About Work Colleagues
  • If we're a dream team, why don't we get to take naps at work?
  • We're stuck together until one of us gets fired!
  • Work colleagues are your companions on the career path of life.
  • This isn't a team. It's a coven.
  • Whose boss is better than mine? Seriously. Whose? I need a new boss!
  • Don't work so hard! You'll make the rest of us look lazy.

Funny Quotes About Work and Stress

No list of funny quotes about work is complete without some that focus on the subject of job-related stress.

Funny Quote About Work and Stress
  • Leave me alone; I'm in my de-stress zone.
  • What's more stressful than work? Being unemployed.
  • Success often follows stress!
  • This desk is a mess, but I won't stress.
  • Hard work is rewarded by more hard work.
  • Don't stress; take some time off to decompress.

Funny Quotes About Change in the Workplace

Change can be a source of workplace stress. It sometimes seems like the head honchos just sit around and come up with ways to change things as soon as you've really mastered the old way. These chuckle-worthy change quotes are sure to tickle your funny bone, or maybe strike a nerve.

  • Whose turn is it to propose a time-consuming change that will improve absolutely nothing?
  • Workflow change is in the air!
  • Why did the electricians say no to the proposed updates? They're change-resistant!
  • My bosses never met a change they didn't like.
  • Naptime at work? Now that's a change I'm ready to adopt.
  • What are we going to change this quarter?

Lighthearted Sayings About Serious Work Issues

Some workplace behaviors almost defy description. You might find it easier to get your point across with a silly saying rather than a direct message that the person you're talking to might not want to hear.

  • If you can't be on time to work, you just might find yourself with too much time on your hands.
  • Wish you had more free time? Get yourself fired.
  • Not sure if that work rule applies to you? Is it really worth breaking it to find out what happens?
  • You don't have to go to work every day, but you do have to live with the consequences if you don't.
  • Remember that, at one point, you wanted this job badly enough to apply for it!

Entertaining DIY Workplace Definitions

If you're in search of some workplace codewords, try coming up with your own funny definitions for terms that commonly get used in the workplace. You and your peers who are in on the joke are sure to have to suppress a few giggles whenever these special words come up.

  • Change agency = how to take what's familiar and make it strange
  • Co-workers = nearly constant companions that someone else chose for you
  • Human resources = matchmakers, but for work colleagues
  • Manager = another name for the chief cross-examiner
  • Open floor plan = a way to drive office workers crazy
  • Strategic planning = change for the sake of change (i.e., no good reason)

Pep Up the Workplace With Some Funny Quotes

If you're looking for some humorous sayings related to work, some of the chuckle-worthy choices above might provide you with just the right words or inspiration for more ideas of your own. Just be sure that anyone you share them with also shares your sense of humor!

40 Funny Work Quotes That Are Hilarious Because They're True