40 March Quotes to Say "Goodbye" to Winter

Published February 28, 2022
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Are you ready to welcome in March with a whole heart? As the days get longer and the snow starts to wane, March quotes are the perfect way to share your love of the season. You can add these to a scrapbook, fun seasonal card, and on your social media.

Fun Quotes to Celebrate the Month of March

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By the time February comes to an end, winter is getting a little old. The cold and windy weather has lost its appeal. March rolls in to make a change. It's time to celebrate the month of March.

  • Change is happening this month. Celebrate March!
  • Say goodbye to winter and hello to March.
  • May the month of March bring you smiles and flowers.
  • Grow stronger as the days get longer in the month of March.
  • When March peeks its head, the sunshine and beaches are shining on the horizon.
  • Winter is coming to an end, and spring is jumping towards you as March rolls in.
  • The light of spring is shining just around the corner as the month of March takes hold.
  • The land is waking up and calling your name; welcome in the month of March with joy.
  • Welcome, March! Warm-up my life!
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Hello March Quotes to Welcome Spring

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When March peaks its head in your door, you know that spring is coming. It makes you feel excited. The days are fresher, and the sunshine feels that much warmer. Say hello to March with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

  • Hello March! Bring with you flowers and sunshine.
  • Say hello to March. Let the peace of daffodils and happiness that sunshine brings surround you.
  • Hello March! March blows in with blustery winds. But it goes out with a gentle breeze dancing with the smell of flowers.
  • The beauty of March is the change of the season. Hello March and warmer weather.
  • The world becomes more colorful, and the birds begin to sing as we say hello to March.
  • The tides are changing as March comes to play.
  • The air is crisp. The flowers are beginning to bloom. The beauty of spring is saying hello to March.
  • When the temperature changes 30 degrees from one day to the next, you know you are saying hello to March.
  • The blustery winds of March blow in the warm rains and glorious flowers of April.

Magnificent Welcome March Quotes

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The magnificence of March can't be contained. It's a wondrous month full of beautiful changes with the coming spring. It means goodbye to winter blues.

  • Just when you can't take another day of winter, March swoops in and brings spring to your life.
  • The days are getting longer. The sun is getting brighter. But the March winds still blow cold. Thankfully, winter is on its way out.
  • Smile brightly. Magnificent March brings in new colors shining vividly and ready to party.
  • May your March be magnificent. New adventures are waiting for you!
  • The breeze gets a bit less bitter in March, and the birds start to sing their song. The call of the outdoors fills your soul.
  • Open your heart to the gentle rains that come to the end of March storms.
  • When March blows in, change comes to your life.
  • Dreams become more brilliant when the sunshine of March casts down on us.
  • Oh sweet, sweet March. I could hug you. I thought February would never end.

Inspirational March Quotes About Luck and Success

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Are you feeling lucky this month? You should because it's the month when St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. Fill your smile with success and prosperity this wonderful month.

  • Luck is just waiting to knock down your door when March is coming for you.
  • Stop and smell the shamrocks. March is here.
  • When March hits, the luck gets a little better. Reach for the stars.
  • Grab your destiny as March brings with it success and prosperity.
  • Celebrated the beauty of a simple shamrock this March.
  • Have the courage to grab on to life and enjoy each season as March comes to your door.
  • May you feel lucky this March. Fill your heart and soul with sunshine and success.
  • Open the door to March with a smile. The luck of the season is welcoming you.
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Funny March Quotes to Make You Laugh

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March sayings don't have to be serious. There is a lot of laughing about it in the month of March. For instance, the weather is a bit wild. And the madness for outdoor adventures is hitting your bones.

  • March is all about layers. You never know what you're going to step into when you walk out the door.
  • If you don't like what you see out the window in March, just take a nap. It will change.
  • There is a reason it's called March madness. Watch out for mother nature.
  • March is the time of year when birds come back thinking, "I didn't sign up for this."
  • Sometimes March comes in like a lion and goes out like one. It's a very indecisive month.

March Sayings to Celebrate the Season

Spring is coming. March is here! Celebrate the coming of this new month with some fun March quotes. You can post these to friends on Instagram or fill your Facebook with your love of March.

40 March Quotes to Say "Goodbye" to Winter