45 Witty Wine Quotes From Classy to Funny

Published March 16, 2022
friends outside meal with wine

There's a lot to be said about wine, and a lot of meaning can be conveyed with just a few short words. Lengthy varietal reviews and poetic references have their place, but sometimes a wee witty saying strikes the perfect note. Explore this blend of wonderful wine quotes, with expressions ranging from social-worthy captions to classy expressions that relate wine to various aspects of the human experience.

Cute Wine Quotes for Instagram

friends toasting with red wine

Looking for some chuckle-worthy vino sayings? Punny or not, these Insta-ready wine captions are sure to lead to some laughs.

  • Que syrah syrah.
  • Keep calm and sip on.
  • Just say yes to wine.
  • 'Makin some pour decisions.
  • Wine today, hangover tomorrow.

Selfie Captions for Wine Lovers

woman with red wine looking forward

Want to make sure your followers know how much you love wine? Put a cork in their curiosity with these cute and Insta-ready captions.

  • Resting wine face.
  • I wine, therefore I am.
  • I'm on cloud wine.
  • Wine gives me superpowers.
  • Just me and my big girl glass.

Wine Captions With Friends

friends laughing with wine

When you gather with your friends to indulge in a bit of vino, label the moment with just the right saying.

  • Grape minds drink alike.
  • My pourin' posse.
  • My partners in wine.
  • Clinkin' and drinkin' with my bffs.
  • Just sharin' some sour grapes.

Wine Quotes and Sayings for Friends

two friends and dog in back of car drinking wine

Not all wine sayings have to be crafted for social selfies. True friends and great wine have a lot in common.

  • All things are possible with a good friend and a glass of wine.
  • Friends who sip together stay together.
  • True friends know when to be quiet and let you wine.
  • Wine always tastes best when shared with a good friend.
  • If friendship was wine, you'd be the most prized vintage.

Short Red Wine Sayings

woman smiling and pouring a glass of wine

Red wine is in a category all its own, so it's only fitting to include a few sayings and puns specific to it.

  • Grenache and bear it.
  • Life is a cabernet.
  • Any port in a storm.
  • Just say yes to pinot noir.
  • A little merlot never hurt anybody.

Classy Wine Quotes

beautiful image of white wine poured in glass

No collection of witty words about wine would be complete without a selection of upscale expressions.

  • Wine is liquid poetry.
  • Tannins are the flavor of life.
  • You're worth the good wine.
  • Wine is meant to be sipped and savored.
  • Wine plays a prominent role in a life well-lived.

Funny Wine Quotes About Life

woman looking happy and confident with a glass of wine

Not all quotes about wine and life have to be serious or classy; humor has a place too. Explore these funny quotes about life and vino.

  • Seize life by the wine glass.
  • Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
  • Need to wind down? Sip a little wine down!
  • Life looks better through rosé colored glasses.
  • If you can't be with the wine you love, love the wine you're with.

Flirty Wine Quotes and Puns

couple on beach drinking white wine

Is wine your love language? These fun and flirty wine puns are perfectly suited for fun and flirty banter.

  • You had me at prosecco.
  • You're my riesling for living.
  • You sauvignon-ed me from myself!
  • You're the cabernet to my sauvignon.
  • I zinfandel for you!

Romantic Wine Quotes

romantic couple picnic and wine

If you're looking for a romantic wine quote, such as for a wedding or engagement toast, consider these more serious sayings.

  • Our love is more priceless than even the finest wine.
  • I will love you longer than the finest wine requires to reach its peak.
  • If my love for you were wine, it would be the most precious vintage.
  • May our love age like a fine wine, growing better and richer with time.
  • Like a fine wine, as long as it's allowed to breathe true love never expires.

Make Someone's Day With a Well-Chosen Quote

From social captions to special occasions, these witty wine quotes provide a great way to brighten your own day or to put a smile on someone else's face. Don't stop here; there are plenty of other great expressions to consider. Explore some quotes to kick off the upcoming weekend or peruse a selection of sayings to make someone smile any day of the week.

45 Witty Wine Quotes From Classy to Funny