50+ Live in the Moment Quotes: Time to Seize the Day

Published December 29, 2021
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It can be difficult to truly embrace living in the moment as a life practice. It's easy to get caught up in a routine and lose sight of the tiny parts of your life that ultimately create your reality. But it's never too late to take control of your life's journey. Use these live in the moment quotes to help you appreciate and recognize the small moments.

Be Present Quotes to Remind You to Cherish Each Moment

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that life is short and all you have is today. Everyone gets so caught up in thinking about the future; it can be hard to just be present now. Use these quotes to help you understand the importance of living for the moment.

Be Present Quote to Remind You to Cherish Each Moment
  • Life is not an endless circle. It has a beginning and end. Enjoy each moment until you reach the end.
  • You have to be present in life to truly enjoy it.
  • Be present in the moment. Good or bad, these are the moments that make up your life.
  • Each moment is a chance to make a beautiful new memory in your life.
  • When you live in the moment, you won't miss a thing.
  • You can't regret the things you didn't do when you live each moment in the present.
  • Life becomes more meaningful when you treasure the moments.
  • Living in the moment isn't away easy, but it's worth it.
  • If a moment isn't worth being present for, is it truly worth living?
  • Regrets are born of a life not lived.

Live in the Moment Quotes to Enjoy the Here & Now

Do you genuinely enjoy each moment of your life? Well, if you don't, you can. You just need a reminder that life is precious. Add these live for the moment quotes to a tumbler or poster to remind yourself this is your life; live it.

  • Each moment on this earth is a gift; enjoy it.
  • You can only control the now of your life.
  • Be thankful for the present moment, it's all that you are guaranteed.
  • You don't know if tomorrow will come, so do everything you want today.
  • You are the creator and inhabitor of each moment of your life. Make sure they count.
  • The present is meant to be lived. You can't live for tomorrow or someday.
  • You never want to look back on life and wonder why you didn't dance in the rain or grab that kiss. Enjoy every moment of this journey called life.
  • A chance not taken is just a regret waiting to happen.
  • Don't waste your precious time on this earth fearing the inevitable. Instead, cherish each moment to the fullest extent.
  • Today is your better day. Right now. This moment. Enjoy it.

Live in the Moment Sayings to Embrace Life

When you have a bad day or week, you might be waiting impatiently for the next one. But this moment is yours. You just have to grasp it. Embrace your life and surround yourself with positivity.

Live in the Moment Saying to Embrace Life
  • Happiness is found in the small, seemingly insignificant moments that make up your life. Make sure you are present for them.
  • Living in the moment is the way to reach the happiness dancing carelessly on the wind.
  • Yesterday's moments are not today. Live in the now, not in the past.
  • It's hard to understand that this moment is all you are promised. But once you realize it, a whole world of unique possibilities begin to shine.
  • The past has happened, and the future is uncertain, but you hold the keys to changing now.
  • You create the world around you by being present for each moment.
  • The history of your life is written by how you live each minute.
  • Every moment is a new journey, and each minute a new adventure.
  • The future becomes insignificant when you live each moment right now.
  • The path you pave now is the road you are creating for your future.

Short Quotes About Living in the Moment

When you have an impressive picture of you enjoying your life, you need to caption it perfectly. Try out a short caption on your Instagram or Snapchat post. These make those moments even more memorable.

  • The past is made up of moments lived.
  • You create the moments of this masterpiece called life.
  • These moments make your history.
  • Every moment has the possibility of being a beautiful moment.
  • Don't let life's journey pass you by. Live it.
  • Keep your eyes forward by living in the now.
  • In an uncertain world, right now is all you get.
  • You own this moment.
  • When you live in the moment, you don't miss a thing.
  • Write a beautiful story of your life by living in the moment.

Inspiring Living in the Present Moment Quotes

It's important to live your life one moment at a time. You don't know when those moments will end; and you don't want to go through life with regrets. Share the importance of living in the present moment with your friends and family through a few choice quotes.

Inspiring Living in the Present Moment Quote
  • Like the sands of time, life slides through your fingers one moment at a time. Live them all.
  • Be passionate. Be patient. Be happy. Always live in the moment.
  • The path to your dreams starts by being present in this moment.
  • Enjoy the beauty that every minute can bring you.
  • Each minute you have on this earth is a precious gift.
  • The key to happiness is living each moment to its fullest potential.
  • You don't worry about what tomorrow brings when you enjoy the now.
  • Those who live each moment like it's their last have no regrets.
  • Surround yourself with joy, so each moment is filled with a bit of sweetness.
  • Be the master of your own fate by being present for each moment.

Famous Live in the Moment Quotes to Motivate You

You see the slogan "live in the moment" all over shirts, posts, billboards, and more. So, it makes sense that your favorite celebrities and authors have a few poetic quotes of their own on this topic.

Famous Live in the Moment Quote to Motivate You
  • "Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson
  • "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "Happiness, not in another place but this place… not for another hour, but this hour." - Walt Whitman
  • "My past and my future depends on today." - Trevor Hall
  • "Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." - Coreta Kent
  • "Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift." - Oprah Winfrey
  • "We know nothing of tomorrow; our business is to be good and happy today." - Sydney Smith
  • "Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be." - Eckhart Tolle
  • "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this." - Henry David Thoreau
  • "One today is worth two tomorrows." - Benjamin Franklin

Living Life One Precious Moment at a Time

When you don't grasp hold of your life and truly live it, it might seem like an endless loop. Find your own happiness and get motivated to follow your passion by living your life to the fullest. It's all about making epic memories.

50+ Live in the Moment Quotes: Time to Seize the Day