50 Tuesday Quotes to Revitalize Your Energy

Published February 3, 2022
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Monday was rough! Tuesday gets a little easier. Have a bit of fun with your day, and keep positive vibes floating around your office with some fun Tuesday quotes. These quotes can help to transform your Tuesday into a terrific day.

Positive Tuesday Quotes to Keep Your Week Going

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Tuesday is just one of those days you try to get through without much thought. But when you've made it to Tuesday, you're one day closer to your weekend. Try to stay positive this Tuesday with some fun quotes to keep you motivated.

  • It's already Tuesday! You've got this week in the bag.
  • When I hear Tuesday, I think of after-work tacos.
  • It's transformation Tuesday. Watch as it transforms into Wednesday.
  • Be thoughtful on Tuesday. Everyone just survived Monday.
  • Look forward to the terrific Tuesday ahead of you.
  • Happy Tuesday. Keep your smile bright and attitude terrific.
  • Have a fabulous Tuesday. Shine bright enough to get through the rest of the week.
  • You've made it to Tuesday! Well done.
  • Happy Tuesday. Sprinkle a bit of kindness on those around you.
  • Tuesdays are made for believing and dreaming.

Funny and Silly Tuesday Quotes for Work

Work doesn't need to be too serious. Keep your smile firmly in place with these funny quotes about Tuesday.

  • So it's Tuesday. It's not as bad as Monday. And, you're one day closer to Friday.
  • Be thoughtful on Tuesday. Everyone is still a bit overwhelmed from surviving Monday.
  • Don't let your Monday feelings ruin your Tuesday. Who are we kidding? Just keep your head down, drink your coffee, and smile.
  • Sad fact: Tuesday is only the second day of the workweek.
  • To think I survived a Monday for this. Happy Tuesday, I guess.
  • Welcome to the second-longest day of the week - Tuesday.
  • The only good thing about Tuesdays is tacos.
  • I came, I saw, I realized it was only Tuesday, I tried to go back to bed.
  • Strong coffee is a must to fight those Tuesday tired vibes.
  • Tuesday is just Monday's evil twin trying to coax us into submission.

Tuesday Morning Quotes to Inspire Coworkers

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When it comes to struggling through the workday, you are all in the same boat. Give your coworkers a smile and motivation to make it through their Tuesday with fun morning quotes. Grab your coffee and post these on social media or a post-it note for them to see.

  • Tuesday morning coffee is a little less robust than Monday. That's saying something.
  • Transform your Tuesday morning by starting the day with a positive attitude.
  • When you assume Tuesday morning will be terrific; you start your day outright.
  • Smile! It's Tuesday morning. You made it through Monday unscathed.
  • Start your Tuesday with a smile, knowing you've got one workday out of the way.
  • Transform your thinking on Tuesday morning through a little meditation.
  • Finding the good in every Tuesday morning helps you make it to Wednesday a little quicker.
  • It might only be Tuesday morning, but it's your Tuesday morning. Shine bright.
  • Slay Tuesday morning by starting with a big cup of coffee and an excellent attitude.
  • Happy Tuesday morning. Today is your day. Smile so brightly it shines on the world.

Cute Tuesday Sayings to Supercharge Your Day

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Transform your Tuesday with some supercharged vibes. It can perk you up to make it through the workday and give those around you a bit of motivation too. Brighten their lives with a few unique Tuesday quotes.

  • Activate those positive Tuesday vibes.
  • Every day is a new day to shine. Make Tuesday your brightest one yet.
  • Tuesday's are bad days. It's the calendar that put them after Monday.
  • Shake off those terrible Tuesdays. Today is a day to sparkle.
  • Monday is done. Conquering Tuesday is a piece of cake.
  • Bring your happy to transform your Tuesday.
  • Oh, look, it's Tuesday! You are nearly to the middle of the week.
  • Seize the Tuesday! It's going to be a great one.
  • With the right outlook, even Tuesday can shine like a Friday.
  • Laugh, you made it to Tuesday. And it's going to be the best one yet.

Fun Tuesday Quotes to Share With Friends

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Keep your family and friends positive and ready to face the day with a few fun quotes. These are sure to give them a terrific Tuesday to enjoy.

  • Good friends, great coffee, excellent Tuesday.
  • Smile bright! Chase your dreams! Happy Tuesday, Friends.
  • Make Tuesday happy by showing your smile.
  • Encourage your friends that every day counts, even Tuesday.
  • Today is the best Tuesday yet.
  • It's Tuesday and a great day to conquer your dreams and laugh with your friends.
  • Tuesday is another opportunity to smile more with your friends.
  • Find beauty in every day of the week. I mean, it is taco Tuesday.
  • Make your Tuesday so unforgettable that Monday gets jealous.
  • Tuesdays are always happy when tacos and friends are involved.

Make Tuesday Fun by Sharing a Quote or Two

Tuesday isn't an anticipated day of the week. While you did make it through Monday, you have three more days until your weekend. Keep your Tuesday happy by sharing a few fun quotes. You can try posting these around your office or sharing them with kids to keep them motivated to embrace Tuesday with a positive attitude.

50 Tuesday Quotes to Revitalize Your Energy