51 Unbothered Quotes to Solidify Your Confidence

Published March 31, 2022
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When you're looking for the right words to let everyone know that you're good with who you are and don't need to concern yourself with the perceptions of others, that's the perfect time to reach for a selection of unbothered quotes and sayings. These phrases and statements make terrific captions and mottos, and they're also a great way to help you get your point across in a meaningful, thought-provoking way.

Unbothered Quotes for Instagram

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Enhance your social selfies with powerful captions that announce to the world, "I am unbothered."

  • Over here bein' unbothered.
  • Untouched by bother.
  • Can't be bothered...
  • No time for bother.
  • Unbothered and self-aware.
  • This is what unbothered looks like.
  • Unapologetic and unbothered.

Short Unbothered Quotes

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It only takes a few words to confidently convey that you're too self-assured to be bothered by those who seek to hold you back.

  • Unbothered is a way of life.
  • Unaffected by drama.
  • Permanently unbothered.
  • Secure in my self-concept.
  • Unbothered and full of joy.
  • Unbothered beyond measure.
  • Unbothered is a state of mind.
  • Unfettered by the judgment of others.

Remain Unbothered Quotes

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Sometimes people need to be reminded that, no matter what they do, you will remain unbothered.

  • Always unbothered.
  • Never have been bothered; never will be.
  • Does my lack of bother hurt your feelings?
  • Your judgment is futile; I remain unbothered.
  • All day, every day, being unbothered is my way.
  • Unbothered always: today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • Confidence comes to those who remain unbothered.
  • Think what you want. I am unbothered by your judgment.
  • I thought about what you said, and I decided to remain unbothered.

Savage Unbothered Quotes

If your early efforts to convey that you are unbothered don't quite sink in, you might need a savage saying to get your point across.

  • Go bother someone who cares.
  • I see you talking, but I don't care enough to listen.
  • Over here unbothered, with no time for your drama.
  • I don't care enough about you to be bothered by you.
  • It's not that I don't care, it's that I really, really don't care.
  • Take what you think and share it with someone who cares.
  • Makin' time for what matters to me; unbothered by everything else.
  • I'd tell you to stop wasting your time, but I don't care enough to bother.

Happy and Unbothered Quotes

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Let others know that you're perfectly happy with the way things are; too happy, in fact, to be bothered by what doesn't really matter.

  • Blissful and unbothered.
  • Unbothered is my happy place.
  • Unbelievably happy to be unbothered.
  • The path to happiness lies beyond bother.
  • Uninterested, unbothered, and unbelievably happy.
  • I'm too busy being happy to be bothered by your judgment.

Blessed and Unbothered Quotes

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Do you feel blessed by the fact that you've mastered the art of not being bothered? Share your perspective with these sayings.

  • Blessed beyond bother.
  • Too blessed to be repressed.
  • Too blessed to be bothered.
  • Bless with the peace of being unbothered.
  • Blessed with the grace to rise above bother.
  • Blessed to be me and unbothered by others.
  • Blessed, self-possessed, and doing my best.

Sarcastically Funny Unbothered Quotes

If you'd rather try to convey your meaning with a bit of sarcastic humor, opt for one of these sassy unbothered quotes.

  • The more you blather, the less I'm bothered.
  • What do I think about your opinion? I don't.
  • What's the difference between a busybody and me? I don't care.
  • I may act like I'm unbothered, but that's because I am, in fact, actually unbothered.
  • You do you and leave me be. The sooner you figure this out, the happier you will be.

Be Your Own Person

The best way to be your own person is to be unbothered by those who seek to bring you down. Remaining unbothered helps you stay confident. These sayings are a good way to remind those who like to overstep by being overly critical, nosy, or offering their unsolicited and unwanted advice that their efforts are wasted on you. Hopefully, they'll recognize that you're good just the way you are and move on to someone else who might want to be bothered by them or, better yet, focus on their own lives.

51 Unbothered Quotes to Solidify Your Confidence