60 Self-Care Quotes on Prioritizing Mental Health

Updated September 6, 2022
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Self-care is the practice of tending to your overall well-being. It involves checking in with yourself, noticing how you are feeling, and then defining and responding to your own needs. You can focus on your physical, mental, or social well-being. Or, engage in activities that benefit all of these aspects of your life.

Anything you do to meet your own needs or boost your sense of contentment and well-being is self-care. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for the process. Whenever this occurs, turn to these wise words to re-ignite your self-care spark.

Self-Care Quotes to Show Your Body Gratitude

Your body works hard for you throughout the day. You use your body to hug your loved ones, put on your favorite pair of shoes, and dance to your choice of music. For these reasons and many more, it's important to show your body gratitude. Give your body the love it deserves by reflecting on these mantras.

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  • Our bodies are where we grow our peace of mind.
  • Celebrate your body. It allows you to hug loved ones and keep them close.
  • Everybody is different and every body is different.
  • Do something every day that is loving towards your body.
  • Nourish your body. It's the home you will have for life.
  • My body is a champion and it helps me do great things every day.
  • You are not tired for no reason. Listen to your body.
  • Treat your body the way you would treat a friend.
  • You may have many jobs, relationships, and roles throughout life. But, you only have one body.
  • My body deserves respect, and I accept it the way it is.
  • Every body is imperfect and beautiful. These things can co-exist.

Self-Care Quotes to Spread Love to Your Mind

People say that the mind is a powerful thing for a reason. It can allow you to talk to yourself like a friend, change the way you view the world, and help you make decisions to prioritize your own needs. Show your mind some tender, loving care with these quotes.

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  • I am not my thoughts.
  • Surround yourself with things that nourish you.
  • My mind is one of the most powerful tools I have.
  • My mind pushes me to experience a little more every day.
  • It's okay to not be okay.
  • I need to be present with myself before I can be present with others.
  • Be gentle with your mind.
  • Sit with your thoughts. It might be the start of a beautiful friendship.
  • Be enough for yourself.
  • You are worth the time it takes to slow down.
  • Thoughts to become dark and stormy. What matters is how you move forward.
  • Give your mind permission to rest.

Quotes to Remind Yourself That Well-Being Is Important

Do you feel guilty about wanting to practice self-care? Research has suggested that self-care can help you to manage stress, boost energy, and reduce the risk of illness. Reflect on these quotes whenever you consider passing up a self-care opportunity to remind yourself of its importance.

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  • My greatest responsibility is caring for myself.
  • Sometimes self-care is something that will make your next two minutes difficult, but your next ten years easier.
  • You need to care for yourself so that you have the emotional and physical energy to care for your family.
  • You deserve to be cared for.
  • Self-care is the revolutionary idea that you can listen to your body and do what it needs.
  • Self-care is a gift that we can give ourselves.
  • Self-care is an investment in your own well-being.
  • Loving yourself is one of the most radical things you can do.
  • Self-care should really be called self-rescue.
  • Self-care is healthcare.
  • Self-care means giving yourself the things you need in order to thrive.
  • You need time to replenish your spirit.
  • Love is not something only reserved for other people. You can give it to yourself.
  • Self-care is my well-being.

Mental Health Quotes to Help You Through Tough Times

Life is full of ups and downs that can test your mental health. It's okay to feel low sometimes. What's important to remember is that the tough times won't last and that with support and resilience, you can persevere. Look to these quotes for reassurance whenever you experience mental health struggles.

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  • Worrying has the unique power of ruining both today and tomorrow.
  • Whenever you're feeling anxious, remember that you're still you. You are not your anxiety.
  • Times get tough and we stumble or fall. But, we also rise back up.
  • The best thing you can do is live in this moment right now. Be here.
  • Trust yourself. You've survived this long, and you will continue to push forward.
  • Let your light shine even on the dark days.
  • Don't let life discourage you. Every step you take is a milestone.
  • Sometimes courage is saying "Today I will rest, tomorrow I will conquer."
  • Your resilience makes you powerful.
  • There is hope in tomorrow, or the day after, or the next day.
  • Every challenge is an opportunity to discover your strengths.

Self-Care Quotes to Help You Seize the Day

Do you have a jam-packed schedule? Try to find a little time every day to spend on yourself to help boost your overall well-being. Turn to these self-care quotes to inspire yourself to seize the day.

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  • There is so much good inside a day. It's full of endless possibilities.
  • What have you done for yourself today? Chances are not enough.
  • Claim time for yourself. If you've given it away, reclaim it.
  • Every day is a chance to grow just a bit more.
  • Find your happiness and follow it.
  • Your well-being should always be on the top of your to-do list.
  • You determine how you will live your life every single day.
  • Today is a great day to be proud of the progress you've made.
  • You will be with yourself for a lifetime. Prioritize yourself.
  • If you don't have time to care for yourself, you don't have time to care for others.
  • Create yourself. Reinvent yourself. That's what life is about.

Every day can be a self-care day. You don't have to set aside a large amount of time if you don't have it available in your schedule. It can be as simple as heading to bed five minutes earlier than usual or taking a break from work when you feel fatigued. Find what works for you and practice self-care in any way that you choose. How will you show up for yourself today?

60 Self-Care Quotes on Prioritizing Mental Health