65 Know Your Worth Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

Published March 2, 2022
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Good things come to those who know their own worth. If you find yourself questioning your value or looking outward for reinforcement, stop and think about the strength that lies within you. Reviewing a collection of self-worth quotes designed to help you recognize your value and build your sense of self-worth can be a great way to find the confidence you need to really know your worth and let your power shine through.

Short Self-Worth Quotes

Self-worth is a short phrase with a big meaning and a lot of value. Use these super-short sayings to boost your own sense of self-worth or to remind someone else that they are, in fact, more than enough.

Short Self-Worth Quote
  • You are enough.
  • You matter.
  • Value yourself.
  • You earned this.
  • You are priceless.
  • Value begins within.
  • You deserve the best.
  • You make a difference.
  • You deserve everything.
  • Your contributions matter.

Short Know Your Worth Captions

Let the world know that you are well-aware of your worth and value by adding these short and snappy Instagram captions to your social selfies.

Short Know Your Worth Caption
  • I'm priceless and I know it.
  • I know my value.
  • Because I matter.
  • I make a difference.
  • Because I'm worth it.
  • Don't undervalue me.
  • I am the star of my own story.
  • Can't put a price on perfection.
  • I am the me that I'm meant to be.

Powerful Self-Worth Quotes

When you know your self-worth, you'll come to see how powerful you really are. Recognizing your power is an important key to building confidence.

Powerful Self-Worth Quote
  • You are as strong as you believe you are.
  • Greatness lies within you.
  • Your value has no limits.
  • Impact begins inside of you.
  • You are who you are supposed to be.
  • Don't settle for less than you're worth.
  • The world is better because you are in it.
  • Belief in yourself is the first step toward success.
  • If you want others to value you, first you have to value yourself.

Positive Self-Worth Quotes

Need a quick confidence boost? When you're facing a big challenge or opportunity, whether personal or professional, a bit of positive self-talk just might do the trick.

Positive Self-Worth Quote
  • See your value. Be your value. Share your value.
  • There is greatness within you.
  • You are worthy of success.
  • If you believe you can, you will.
  • Expect the best; that's what you deserve.
  • When you know your worth, others will see your value.
  • No one else is more prepared for or more deserving of this opportunity.
  • You, and only you, are uniquely prepared to be who you are. And who you are matters.
  • You are prepared and ready, invincible and strong. Be steady and remember, you've deserved success all along.

Know Your Worth Quotes About Friendship

Friendships are among the most important and powerful relationships a person can have. Make sure your true friends know how much they mean to you and look for friends who value you in return.

Know Your Worth Quote About Friendship
  • Your friendship is my lifeline.
  • Your friendship can move mountains.
  • Your friendship means everything to me.
  • My life is better because you are my friend.
  • The gift of your friendship is priceless.
  • Your friendship can inspire others to greatness.
  • The love of a true friend can change a person's life forever.
  • You are the person you see reflected in the eyes of your true friends.
  • There's no such thing as "just friends." Friends like you are more precious than gold.

Meaningful Sayings About Self-Love and Worth

Do you love yourself enough to know your worth? That's an important key to earning the respect of others and being valued for your unique existence.

Meaningful Saying About Self-Love and Worth
  • You complete you.
  • Self-love builds value.
  • Be your own greatest fan.
  • Only you can love yourself.
  • Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.
  • Turn your gaze inward. That's where you'll find your value.
  • To be valued by others, you must first see value in yourself.
  • How you see yourself sets the standard for how much others value you.
  • Dorothy didn't need a wizard to find her value. The truth was inside her all along.

Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth Quotes

The best relationships are with partners to whom your unique value is abundantly clear. When you need a reminder, turn to these self-worth relationship quotes.

Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth Quote
  • Love means being valued for all that you are.
  • The only partner worth having is the one who values all that you are.
  • Knowing your own value makes it possible for you to love and be loved.
  • You deserve to be loved by someone who doesn't question your value.
  • You have to value yourself before you can allow yourself to be truly loved.
  • You matter because of who you are, not because someone else says they love you.
  • When you know your worth, you'll be able to recognize a partner who is worthy of you.
  • There is no greater love than to be cherished by someone who knows your worth.
  • If your partner expects you to prove your worth, they don't know what value really is.
  • If you have to change for someone to see your value, they don't value you at all.

Powerful Prose to Remind You of Your Value

When you know your worth and love yourself, there is nothing you can't do. You remain unbothered by the world around you. When you need a bit of a reminder to help boost your confidence or self-esteem, affirmations like the quotes and sayings above or self-confidence quotes can help keep you on track to achieve the happiness and success you truly deserve.

65 Know Your Worth Quotes to Boost Your Confidence