50 July Quotes To Help You Embrace a Hot Summer 

Published April 18, 2022
Friends taking selfies at the beach on summer holidays

When July rolls around, the temperatures are high and more than half of the year has gone by. Are you looking to mark the occasion with some creative turns of phrase? Spread some July love with a selection of quotes and captions that truly capture the month's unique essence.

Short July Quotes and Captions

Looking for some brief, catchy quotes about the month of July? These short sayings make perfect captions.

Young woman in knitted sweater holding toast with jam during breakfast at home
  • July is my jam.
  • Bring on the heat, July!
  • Feelin' that July heat.
  • July makes me perspire.
  • July makes me jump for joy.
  • July's not too hot to handle.
  • July's really bringing the heat.
  • July was made for convertibles.
  • Nothing beats the beach in July.
  • July is just right for summer love.

Hello July Quotes

Greet the arrival of July by reflecting on what truly makes the seventh month of the year so special.

Woman in a red towel at the beach
  • Rollin' out the red carpet for July.
  • It's July - time to greet the heat!
  • Hello to the first full month of summer.
  • Welcome July; surround me in summer.
  • Come on, July - let's hit the beach.
  • Let July arrive; this is my time to thrive.
  • Welcome to July's colorful blaze of glory.
  • Hello, July - thanks for bringin' the tropical heat.
  • Welcome July; it's time for cold tea and icebox pie!
  • Come on, lucky month number seven. I've been waiting on you!

July Inspirational Quotes

Half of the year has gone by and it's hot outside. What better time to get inspired?

Girl driving friends in a surf van by the sea
  • July has arrived; go forth and thrive!
  • Let the summer's heat inspire you to accomplish amazing feats.
  • July is mother nature's way of wrapping the Earth in a warm embrace,
  • Just when July can't get any hotter, the rains pour down with cooling relief.
  • The warmth of July makes it easy to leave cold winter memories in the past.
  • July is a great time to give yourself permission to reach for your dreams and fly.
  • July showers are a gentle reminder that relief is always just around the corner.
  • The steady heat of summer is the secret ingredient for the magic of summer.
  • As the temperatures rise, July's blooms just grow stronger and more beautiful.
  • July signals the second half of the year; make yours even better than the first!

Funny July Quotes

Funny quotes make terrific catchphrases and social captions. Garner some giggles with the silly sayings and chuckle-worthy puns.

Beautiful girl in a yellow swimsuit swims in the pool and smiling
  • Okay, July - heat me with your best hot.
  • It would be rude not to sweat in July.
  • July and I have a love-heat relationship.
  • It's no lie - I love, love, love the month of July.
  • July makes me glad that air conditioning exists.
  • July makes me want to dive into the deep end!
  • July is in the air - you can tell by looking at my hair!
  • If you can't take the July heat, head for the air conditioning.
  • July is all sun and games. And rain. Don't forget the rain.
  • July at the produce stand proves that hot, hot heat leads to tasty treats.

Born in July Quotes

Give a special birthday shout-out to any July babies in your crew with the creative birthday sayings below.

Friends dancing at a summer sunset beach party
  • Roar like the Leo you were born to be.
  • May your birthday be filled with rubies.
  • Have a super-hot July birthday!
  • Have a ruby-tastic birthday!
  • Happy beach party birthday.
  • Have fun at your birthday heat and greet!
  • Have a fabulous July birthday celebration.
  • Have an all-you-can heat birthday, July baby!
  • After all is said and sun, you're still older than me. Happy birthday!
  • Hope your birthday will be hot, hot, hot! (Of course it will; you were born in July.)

4th of July Quotes

Looking for a quote specific to the Independence Day holiday? Explore this extensive selection of 4th of July quotes for a wide variety of quotes, from the words of past presidents to caption ideas for your holiday posts.

Share Your Sentiments About July

The quotes above provide a wide variety of options for expressing what you'd like to say about July. Whether you love the heat and are thrilled to be in the thick of summer or if you're counting the days until there's some relief from the high heat, chances are that these sayings and captions will help you find just the right way to phrase what you want to say. For even more ideas, explore these summer letter board quotes, pool quotes, and summer-themed scrapbook sayings.

50 July Quotes To Help You Embrace a Hot Summer