Magical Tooth Fairy Quotes That Let Kids' Imaginations Take Flight

Published January 4, 2022
Portrait of young freckled smiling girl missing tooth with eyes closed

Losing teeth as a kid is fantastic. Not only are you starting to grow up, but the tooth fairy comes and leaves you a gift for your tooth. Make this magical time even more enchanting by adding a few heartwarming tooth fairy quotes. They can be great to share with your children when their teeth start to become a little wiggly.

Adorable Tooth Fairy Quotes to Fulfill Wishes

Your little one has lost a tooth. Now comes the much-anticipated tooth fairy time. Get lost in the magic of the tooth fairy with them by reading a few fun tooth fairy quotes. Your kiddos will also like the fun rhymes about the coveted gift-giving fairy.

Adorable Tooth Fairy Quote to Fill Wishes
  • Sleep tight and let dreams of the tooth fairy's gift fill the night.
  • Your smile is a little gappy. The tooth fairy is coming to leave you a little treat to make you happy.
  • The tooth fairy isn't something you need to see to believe.
  • With a bit of fairy dust and a little sparkle, you'll find a wish under your pillow.
  • The magical tooth fairy loves to gain a little wisdom: a wisdom tooth.
  • Smile big. The tooth fairy is visiting tonight.
  • Your tooth is gone. It's time to party. Don't worry; the tooth fairy won't be tardy.

Imaginative Tooth Fairy Instagram Captions

Are you sharing a cute post of your little one losing their first tooth? If so, you want to add a clever caption to evoke the joy of the tooth fairy's upcoming arrival. Give these fun captions a try.

Imaginative Tooth Fairy Instagram Caption
  • Take a look at that grin. The wait for the tooth fairy is about to begin.
  • She makes money with fairy and pixie dust. Taking your tooth is a must.
  • Lend her your newly fallen out tooth, and you'll see. Happy you will be.
  • The tooth fairy loves your teeth. Treat them well.
  • This tooth you no longer need. Let the tooth fairy do her deed.
  • The tooth fairy flies at night. She leaves a gift without a sight.
  • Close your eyes and sleep tight. The tooth fairy will come tonight.
  • The cutest little chin looks even cuter with a toothless grin.

The Gift of Meeting the Tooth Fairy Sayings

Kids love the tooth fairy. They're right up there with Santa and the Easter bunny. The tooth fairy's visit is a magical moment marked by a little treat to celebrate them becoming a big kid. Celebrate your child's adult teeth by looking at the gift of magic the tooth fairy brings.

  • Try as you might, the tooth fairy knows how to stay out of sight.
  • Thank you for leaving me your tooth. I left a little treat for you.
  • You can tell you keep your teeth clean. This is the coolest tooth I've ever seen.
  • The tooth fairy makes growing magical.
  • Anticipation fills the night when the tooth fairy takes flight.
  • The tooth fairy captures your precious teeth with a kiss and a gift.
  • Meeting the tooth fairy always ends in a gift.

Tooth Fairy Quotes to Make You Smile

Smiles are a bit toothless when it's time for the tooth fairy to show up. It always makes a mother or father smile to see that new grin. And kids are just as excited to see the loss of their first tooth. It's time to cherish the joy.

Tooth Fairy Quote to Make You Smile
  • Keeping the magic alive one tooth at a time.
  • Nothing is cuter than a gappy grin, especially to the tooth fairy.
  • Baby teeth are magical.
  • Fairies fill the pockets of toothless children.
  • A tooth fairy leaves a sweet treat for a sweet tooth.
  • Sometimes the tooth fairy gets really busy. Make sure to give a note to your parents to remind her.
  • Getting rich one useless tooth at a time.
  • Magical innocence shines from the gift the tooth fairy leaves behind.

Thank You for Your Tooth Quotes From the Tooth Fairy

Are you looking for a quick way to tell your child how much the tooth fairy appreciates their tooth? You can use a printable tooth fairy note template or you can add a quick thank you to a card and slip it under their pillow. Try these cute notes on for size when you want to get creative for your little.

  • Fangs very much for your tooth.
  • You kept your tooth sparkly and clean. Thank you for giving it to me.
  • Yay! You gave your first tooth to me. Many more presents there will be. See you later!
  • I'm so excited to have this beautiful tooth. Thank you for keeping it so clean. I can't wait for more.
  • I heard your tooth fell out, so I came right there. I will always handle it with care. Thank you.
  • For your tooth, I left you a treat. I know we will meet again. Thank you.
  • I took your tooth while you sleep. This is the coolest tooth I ever got to keep. Thank you!
  • Thank you for leaving your tooth for me tonight. It was the most beautiful sight.

The Joy the Tooth Fairy Brings

Kids grow up so fast. It seems like they have just grown their baby teeth when suddenly, they start falling out. The loss of the first tooth is a rite of passage and a fun time filled with magic and a small gift. Add to the fun of the tooth fairy coming by giving your kids small messages when their tooth starts to wiggle. You can even modify one of these quotes to leave a sweet note from the tooth fairy in a homemade card.

Magical Tooth Fairy Quotes That Let Kids' Imaginations Take Flight