70+ Overthinking Quotes to Slow Down and Relax Your Mind 

Published August 5, 2022
woman overthinking life at office desk

Thinking before you act is a good thing, but there's a difference between thinking and overthinking. If you or someone you care about has a tendency to overthink--well, pretty much everything--you know how much this behavior can hold a person back. The sayings below just may inspire you (or anyone who overthinks to excess) to gain a bit of perspective and hopefully change what can be a negative habit.

Instagram-Worthy Overthinking Quotes

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Whether you're looking to go social on Insta or are seeking an easy-to-remember mantra to motivate you or someone else to stop overthinking, these snappy, yet profound caption-style quotes are just what you need.

  • Just live.
  • To cool to brood.
  • Ponder no more.
  • Just do something.
  • No.more.overthinking.
  • Give your brain a break.
  • Overthinking is illogical.
  • Extinguish overthinking.
  • Just say no to overthinking.
  • Don't overthink. Feel instead.

Short Quotes About Overthinking

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Quotes about overthinking don't have to be long to send a powerful message. The brief quotes below provide perspective about the impact of agonizing ad nauseam before making a decision or taking action.

  • The more you brood, the less you do.
  • Over-analysis leads to action paralysis.
  • Nothing good comes from overthinking.
  • The more you overthink, the less you do.
  • Life is meant to be lived, not over-thought.
  • Get out of your head and explore the world.
  • Thinking is good, overthinking is too much.
  • It's not possible to control for every variable.
  • It's not viable to plan for every potential outcome.
  • If you're always planning, you'll never start anything.

Stop Overthinking Quotes and Sayings

woman smiling and covering face with hands not overthinking life

Sometimes the best quotes are the ones intended to motivate action. When you find yourself or someone you care about falling into a pattern of over-analysis, the quotes below can help inspire action.

  • Put an end to overthinking.
  • Break free from overthinking.
  • Hey, you! Get out of your head.
  • Turn off your thoughts and just be.
  • Stop overthinking and live your life.
  • You have the power to overcome the agony of overthinking.
  • Break free from the clutch of thinking too much.
  • Say it with me: I will not overthink. I will not overthink.
  • Thinking too much is just as bad as not thinking enough.
  • Stop pondering what might happen and live in the moment.

Quotes About the Impact of Overthinking

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Overthinking can have serious effects on every aspect of your life. When a person realizes how much their tendency to overanalyze every little decision can hold them back, they may find the strength to change their behavior.

  • Overthinking to excess is a recipe for unhappiness.
  • Get out of your head and live your life before it passes you by.
  • While you're in your head overthinking, life is passing you by.
  • Taking too long to make up your mind is the same as saying no.
  • When you agonize and ponder for days, opportunities tend to go away.
  • When opportunity knocks, overthinking can cause the door to slam shut.
  • The more you sit and overanalyze, the less likely it is that you will even try.
  • While you were pondering the perfect thing to say, someone else answered the question.
  • When you spend all your time pondering and planning for the worst, you miss out on the best parts of life.
  • If you overthink and agonize about whether to dance, the song will be over and you will have missed your chance.

Overthinking Kills Quotes

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Some situations call for a stark reminder of just how destructive overthinking can be. These overthinking kills quotes provide a powerful perspective on what one can lose as a result of overthinking.

  • Overthinking kills action.
  • Overanalyzing kills the chill.
  • Overthinking steals your life.
  • Overthinking kills opportunity.
  • Overthinking: A sure way to kill joy.
  • Overthinking: Where spontaneity goes to die.
  • Overthinking: Your very own self-destruct button.
  • Overthinking can destroy opportunities for happiness.
  • Opportunities killed by overthinking will never return.

Quotes About Overthinking at Night

woman relaxing with tea and reading a book before bed

Overthinking is a culprit behind many sleepless nights. Anyone who has spent nights tossing and turning because they can't turn off their thoughts is sure to identify with these sayings about nighttime overthinking.

  • Overthinking feeds insomnia.
  • Overthinking can haunt your dreams.
  • Don't wear your overthinking cap to bed.
  • Caffeine at night is an overthinker's delight.
  • Overthinking is a sure path to a sleepless night.
  • You'll never be able to relax if you're always overthinking.
  • If your dreams involve analyzing things, that's a sign that you think too much.

Quotes About Overthinking in a Relationship

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Overthinking can lead to serious challenges in a romantic relationship. It often leads to one partner feeling like the other has withdrawn from them, even though that may not at all be the overthinker's intent.

  • You can't logic your way into love.
  • Love can't be reduced to data analysis.
  • There's no room for overthinking in romance.
  • You're going to overthink your way right out of love.
  • Not many relationships can survive excessive overthinking.
  • Thinking about loving your partner is not the same thing as telling them that you love them.
  • When you live too much in your head, you're not living in the love that's right in front of you.
  • You can't think yourself into love, but you can overthink yourself (or your partner) out of love.
  • Your partner can't compete with the constant conversation you have going inside your head.

Funny Overthinking Quotes

person laughing at self about overthinking

Overthinking is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean that sayings on this subject can't reflect a sense of humor. Sometimes a silly or funny saying will be more effective than one with a more serious tone.

  • I'd rather muse than be amused.
  • Overthinkers of the world, unite!
  • The Academy Award for overthinking goes to...
  • We will take no action without a thorough analysis followed by a reanalysis.
  • I thought about starting an "overthinkers anonymous group," but I couldn't make up my mind.
  • If you're an overthinker and you know it, raise your hand. (Which one? Left or right? How high? Arm too?)
  • When I find myself in times of trouble, overthinking comes to me. Let it be? Oh, no - not me. I just can't let it be.

Can You Relate?

If you have a tendency to ruminate to excess, the quotes above are surely ones to which you can relate. It's one thing to put thought into the decisions you need to make; that's something that everyone needs to do. However, when considering your options and thinking through consequences rises to the level of overthinking, that's not good for you or anyone who is relying on you to contribute to making a decision. If you or someone you know have serious overthinking tendencies, these sayings can serve as gentle nudges that just might inspire a change for the better.

70+ Overthinking Quotes to Slow Down and Relax Your Mind