100+ Quotes About Nostalgia and Days of the Past

Published September 27, 2022
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Nostalgia is about remembering the good times and perhaps even longing for the past. It's how the scent of a certain perfume, cologne or bar of soap, or a whiff of a homemade recipe cooking in the oven can immediately flood your mind with memories of someone... or how hearing a song from long ago can make you swoon for yesteryear. Looking at old photographs or happening upon a beloved teddy bear from your childhood can bring back sweet memories to treasure and give you warm fuzzy feelings. Revel in the magic that rides the waves of nostalgia with these quotes about nostalgia.

Nostalgia Quotes to Share With Family and Friends

Thinking back on times together with your family makes you smile. It could be an aroma or a glimpse of something familiar from your past that invokes a sweet nostalgic moment. It might even be finding your high school jacket in the back of your closet. Share a few of these quotes with your family and friends on throwback Thursday.

Father and son playing in grass
  • There's a moment when you smile, and it takes you back to a simpler time.
  • Being with you like this makes me nostalgic for our childhood.
  • That mischievous look in your eyes reminds me of my younger days.
  • Our journey together has been forged in memories.
  • Seeing you takes me back to some of the greatest memories in my bank.
  • I don't just smile because I'm happy to see you. I smile because I remember all the good times we've shared together.
  • In a breathtaking moment, I'm taken back to our youth and your smile.
  • Not every idea was epic, but the memories were.
  • Time does not change the flavor of our friendship. It's still just as sweet.
  • Words aren't required to reminisce about the memories we shared.
  • Memories are a powerful connection and gift we share with those we love.

Childhood Nostalgia Quotes to Remember the Good Times

The warm fuzzies fill your heart when you pick up an old photo album from your youth. Create the perfect caption for your childhood scrapbook with these nostalgic sayings.

Children running and laughing together on the beach
  • The flood of memories of us together is what happiness is made of.
  • Some of the most incredible memories are forged in a time of innocence.
  • The sweetest friendships are those from your childhood.
  • Childhood memories sneak up on you when you least expect them, bringing a smile to your face.
  • Nothing was more beautiful than the belief that anything was real.
  • The true friends of your childhood were willing to fight monsters with you.
  • Imagination and wonder fill the memories of our childhood.
  • Treasure the childhood memories, where happiness danced on the wind.
  • Your most treasured moments fill your childhood memories.
  • Going back to a time where any adventure was a possibility.
  • Take a walk back to your childhood via memory lane.

Getting Lost in Nostalgia Messages

You're driving down the road, and the song from your high school prom starts to play. In addition to belting out the tune, you are taken back to a precious time. Share the fond memory on Facebook or Instagram.

Woman discovering old photographs
  • There are moments when it's better to get lost in the memories.
  • It's strange how a simple photograph can wrap you in a warm hug.
  • It only takes a moment to get lost in the past.
  • Smiles and tears collide when memories sweep you back in time.
  • The feeling of a memory washing over you is hard to explain.
  • When your heart longs for the adventures dancing on an image.
  • For a heartbeat, you are taken back to a moment that seems frozen in time.
  • Memories can suck you back into a moment.
  • The moment when a song takes you back to a better time.
  • In a moment, nostalgia captures your heart, gifting you with the beauty of your memories.
  • With a song, you are lost in a once forgotten moment.

Short Quotes About Nostalgia That Long for the Past

When you're looking through your old photo albums, you can't help but remember every moment with a bittersweet feeling. Post a few snaps and the perfect caption on your Instagram. Share your memories with your circle.

Women looking out window
  • Take a moment to remember the past that created your present.
  • Sometimes living in the moment is overrated.
  • Let memories wash over you and offer a fresh perspective.
  • Smile at the fondness that memories bestow.
  • Enjoy the mystical clouds of joy nostalgia brings.
  • You can learn from nostalgia.
  • Nostalgia holds the warmth of joy.
  • The sharpest memories get a warm glow with time.
  • Nostalgia has a certain romance to it.
  • Smile. It's nostalgic.

Sweet Nostalgia Quotes That Take You Back

Get connected with your past through a few sweet nostalgic quotes. Smile and enjoy the magic as you recapture those moments.

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  • Some places seem only meant to exist in your memories.
  • This feeling of nostalgia washes over you like a wave of emotions.
  • Memories are deeply ingrained in your soul.
  • Nostalgia casts a powerful spell by immersing you in the past.
  • Sweet memories are the greatest kind of nostalgia.
  • Enjoy when a moment takes you back.
  • They are called the good ol' days for a reason.
  • It's the sweetest memories that make you smile.
  • It's funny how a scent takes you back to a sweet moment.
  • Certain songs are written in the soul of nostalgia.

Heartfelt Nostalgia Sayings About a Place

Walking into your childhood home, or even driving past it can flood you with nostalgia. You can instantly remember the bump you got on your head going down the basement stairs, or how you and your sister used to watch cartoons together in the living room. The furniture might be different, but your memories are always the same. Check out a few sayings to capture that feeling of bliss.

Polaroid picture overlapping a country road
  • It's not the place, it's the memories that live there.
  • The significance is in the moments sweetly shared with love.
  • Sometimes, the pang of nostalgia for a place is bitter and sweet.
  • Specific memories are forever beautifully engraved in the places you've traveled.
  • Stepping foot in the door takes you back in time.
  • Every place you've traveled holds a little piece of your soul for you to remember.
  • Nostalgia isn't the place, but the feelings you experienced there.
  • Every place you've gone has left footprints on your heart.
  • Visiting a charming place from your memory is like taking a vacation to yesteryear.
  • The place holds a piece of your heart, and nostalgia dances sadly on the wind like an old friend.
  • It's the heart of the place that traps the memories for a lifetime.

Nostalgia Quotes About Love and Heartache

Remember the moments with your first love? What about that crush you couldn't forget? As you prepare for a high school reunion or meet up with an old flame, memories of love and heartache will surely dance in your brain. These messages work perfectly to share your feelings.

Young couple in backlight by the riverside
  • Memories of our love are like the moon on a dark night. They live together in harmony.
  • The heartache of our memories is founded in love.
  • Get nostalgic about the memories of love, laughter, and heartache.
  • Without love, I wouldn't understand the heartache of beautiful memories.
  • Nostalgia can strike you like a lightning bolt with waves of love and heartache.
  • The sweetest memories of love send with them a bitterness of heartache.
  • The good ol' days are written in the ink of love and heartache.
  • The magic of nostalgia is remembering the love rather than the heartache.
  • No memory of love is ever written without a little heartache.
  • The moment love touched your heart, it created a beautiful, nostalgic memory.

Charming and Funny Quotes About Nostalgia to Make You Smile

Nostalgia is all about reminiscing about those treasured memories. You might get a bit teary-eyed, but a smile will cross your lips. Get a little giggle out of these quotes.

  • The moment when nostalgia hits you in the face and makes you realize your age.
  • Nostalgia: When you've reached the age to say, "When I was a kid."
  • The moments that bring you together in laughter are written on the sands of time.
  • Best and worst are born on the objectiveness of memories.
  • That horrifying moment when you realize you did that as a kid too.
  • Nostalgia gives real memories an edge of fiction.
  • It's not until you age that you realize the importance of grasping youthful bliss.
  • When you were a kid, you wanted to be an adult. Now that you're an adult, you get nostalgic about being a kid.
  • Memories are a gift that wraps around your heart like a familiar friend.
  • Some photographs are forever written on your heart.

Inspirational Nostalgia Quotes to Find a Key to the Past

Sometimes our precious past inspires our future. As you flip through the pages of your memory book, you may recall an old dream or a beloved hobby. Remembering those moments of bliss might help you find that feeling of love in your heart once more.

Senior woman holding head in hands reminiscing about the past
  • It's important to remember the past, or how do we learn?
  • The footprints of our memories etch every photograph.
  • Sometimes memories are all we have holding us together.
  • Nostalgia adds sweetness to memories.
  • The key to the past is found in your heart.
  • Close your eyes and smile at the memories that flood your heart.
  • The heart of love is found in your memories of yesterday.
  • It's the moments of the past that prepare you for today.
  • Every moment is a learning moment you can look back at fondly.
  • The tears of yesterday are the smiles of today.
  • Every memory becomes sweeter with time.

Famous Nostalgia Quotes to Share

There are a lot of famous quotes about nostalgia. See what a few incredible wordsmiths have to say about connecting with the past.

  • "The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you." - Amy Bloom
  • "Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being." - Albert Camus
  • "How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home." - William Faulkner
  • "These fragments I have shored against my ruins." - T.S. Elliot
  • "And I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday." - Chris Montez
  • "It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia." - Frank Zappa

Timeless Quotes About Nostalgia

Your memories are timeless. Whether you are sharing an old image with a friend or giving a gift to your lifetime bestie, they work to help you show the world how precious growing up in a simpler time was. These quotes can also make a great decoration for a retro game room or even a shirt for a reunion. Recapture the magic of your past with sweet delight.

100+ Quotes About Nostalgia and Days of the Past