80 Pool Quotes That Will Make a Splash 

Published April 14, 2022
friends taking selfie at pool side during pool party

Make your pool pictures stand out from the crowd by adding the perfect caption. From classy to sassy, these pool captions capture the fabulous fun pool time brings.

Clever Pool Captions for Instagram Poolside Pics

Summertime relaxation

Grab your bathing suit and hit the pool. It's time for pool selfies. To make sure your pool pics are epic, you can add a unique pool caption.

  • Beach, please! I'm floating in the pool.
  • Suns up, the float is out.
  • Keeping it cool in my pool.
  • Relaxing needs a cool drink and even cooler water.
  • Breathe, pool time is almost near.
  • It doesn't get hotter than floating on the water.
  • Close your eyes and feel the water around you.
  • When I need a break, I float in the pool.
  • Nothing is better than relaxing in the pool.
  • For fun in the sun, add a pool.

Short Pool Captions for Getting Your Swim On

A beautiful girl in the pool on an inflatable donut

Looking for a short pool caption to add to your Instagram? Try out one of these gems. They scream getting in the water.

  • I keep it classy most of the time, but in the pool, I'm sassy.
  • Mixed drink in my hand and feet in the water.
  • Bathing suit = yes, please.
  • Poolside is the best side.
  • Definitely a pool state of mind.
  • Life is better in the pool.
  • More swimming, fewer worries.
  • Sorry, the pool is calling.
  • I can't answer. I'm going swimming.
  • Soaking in the sun at the pool is all kinds of fun.

Cute Pool Captions to Spice Up Your Summer Photos

Summer, pools, and cool drinks are waiting for you. Show the world that your summer is slammin' through these cute pool captions. They are sure to spice up your snaps.

  • Bikini, pools, relaxation! It's all I need.
  • Feeling stressed, jump in the pool.
  • Nothing is better than being surrounded by water.
  • Swimming is my kind of exercise.
  • Dive in and let the water take over.
  • Float, relax, repeat.
  • Some of my best memories are found in the pool.
  • Bliss is floating on the water.
  • Find your happiness in a pool.
  • There is nothing more fun than floating in the sun.

Perfect Pool Sayings to Share

Smiling woman sitting beside pool taking selfie

Adding your perfect beach vacation to the scrapbook? Try out a few of these superb captions to make your pics pop.

  • Summer is about to get funner; just add water.
  • Pool time is fun time.
  • Water makes you sparkle.
  • Poolside glam.
  • To look your best, hang out by the pool.
  • Swimwear is my wear.
  • When you are ready to whine, hit the sunshine.
  • The pool gleam is the dream.
  • Swim, soak, float. That's my happiness.
  • I live for the sunshine and pool.

Sassy Poolside Captions for Those Summer Vibes

Two happy women and a man sitting at the pool splashing with water

From sassy to sexy, the pool just makes you feel fabulous. Show your summer vibes to the world through a few fun sayings. These are perfect captions to add to a mug or tumbler.

  • Poolside is less classy and all sassy.
  • Summer means perfect pool weather.
  • Go from classy to sassy by adding a pool.
  • Sexy, playful, alluring! Yes, I'm talking about the pool.
  • Do you smell that? The pool is calling.
  • Those sassy bikini vibes are calling.
  • It's a sassy kind of pool day.
  • Drinks flow poolside.
  • Chill out in the pool.
  • Get your sunglasses and hit the pool.

Cool Pool Posts for Your Pics

woman in swimming pool with drink at the poolside

When summer finally comes, you want to take all the pictures. It's what keeps you sane while you are waiting for summer fun to come back. Try posting these pool captions to improve your spirits when winter blues are getting you down.

  • If you want to see me at my best, catch me at the pool.
  • Lazy days in the pool turn your summer up.
  • It's so cruel when you can't hang out at the pool.
  • Have a staycation in the pool.
  • Enjoy life in the pool.
  • Picture perfect is in the pool.
  • I'd rather be in the pool.
  • Sunshine, cocktails, and pools are calling my name.
  • Grab a friend and hit the pool.
  • A pool and good friends equal a good time.

Fun Pool Sayings to Add to Your Summer Selfie

Laughing woman sitting on inflatable pool toy

When it's pool time, you can't help but add a selfie or two to your feed. Make sure your post trends with the perfect caption for your pool pics.

  • Grab your flip-flops and hit the pool.
  • Sexy selfie - just add a pool.
  • Looking at the pool with longing.
  • Prepping for a pool party.
  • Summertime fun in the pool.
  • Pool life is like floating on a cloud.
  • Getting ready for swimsuit season.
  • Prime pool time.
  • Pool floaties fill my life.
  • It's time to pool.

Swimming Pool Captions for Perfect Pool Pics

You can't be picture-perfect without a fabulous caption. It sets your picture apart. Keep one of these unique pool captions in mind for all your social media posts.

  • Today's forecast. Hitting the pool.
  • Chill out and get ready for the pool.
  • Oh, pool. I'm so ready for you.
  • Laying in the pool is what summertime is all about.
  • Are you pumped for the pool?
  • Let's get sassy! It's pool time.
  • Shake your tailfins; it's pool time.
  • Summer potential is found at the pool.
  • You say pool party? Count me in.
  • Keeping it real, poolside.

Share Your Pool Pictures With the World

Set your pictures apart with a few choice words. These captions are as fun and sassy as you are. They can also make the perfect addition to your game room beach decor or on a gift for a beach-loving friend. You might also use these to create a digital photo collage of your tropical vacation.

80 Pool Quotes That Will Make a Splash