110+ Staycation Quotes on the Joy of At-Home Vacays

Published April 28, 2022
Couple sitting on lounge chairs in the back yard and having sunbath during their staycation

Sometimes the best escapes are often the ones that require little to no actual travel. That's what makes staycations so awesome! A staycation can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to stay home and do nothing, explore hidden and not-so-hidden gems in your local area, or check into a hometown hotel for a bit of luxury, there is no wrong way to take a staycation. Explore more than 100 quotes to find the perfect way to relay just how much you absolutely love to staycate.

Staycation Selfie Captions

If you don't document your staycation with captioned selfies on social media, did it even really happen? Use the quotes below to make sure there is plenty of evidence to back up your adventure.

Woman with dog relaxing and taking selfie indoors at home
  • Backyard bliss.
  • Staycation elation.
  • Hometown tourist.
  • I rest my suitcase.
  • Staycation in place.
  • Escaping in place.
  • Can't stop staycation.
  • I'll staycation if I want.
  • Self-imposed house arrest.
  • This is my staycation smile.
  • Havin' a hometown holiday.
  • Staying in like nobody's business.

Short Staycation Quotes for Instagram

The best captions are often the shortest ones. The super-short staycation quotes below max out at four words, but they say a lot about the awesomeness of staycationing.

Woman laying on bed anticipating travel
  • Sofa staycation.
  • Retreat in place.
  • Staycation strong.
  • Mental vacation.
  • Staycation in style.
  • No journey required.
  • I break for staycations.
  • Celebrate and staycate.
  • Reboot, recharge, unwind.
  • Travel less, staycation more.
  • Work hard, staycation harder.
  • Weekends are for staycations.

Longer Staycation Sayings and Captions

Captions don't have to be limited to just a few words. The sayings below are sufficiently short and snappy for Instagram, even though they're a bit longer than the ones above.

Relaxed woman sitting at table with a book and an expresso
  • Staycation like you mean it.
  • All the world is a staycation.
  • Staycation is a state of mind.
  • Staycation in peace and quiet.
  • Any kind of 'cation is fine with me.
  • There's always time for a staycation.
  • Away from home in my own backyard.
  • Skip the vacation, I'd rather staycation.
  • Staycations can make any day a holiday.
  • There's no holiday like a hometown holiday.
  • Don't hate me because I'm on staycation.
  • Hangin' at home on my own (and I like it).
  • You don't have to go away for a break in your routine.
  • Staycation today, staycation tomorrow, staycation forever.

Staycation Quotes for Family Time

Family staycations can actually be better than out-of-town vacations. They don't require hours and hours on the road, nor do they have to cost a fortune. Use the quotes below to express the fabulousness of family staycations.

Mothers Spending Time Together With Children Babies On Balcony At Home
  • Enjoying family daze.
  • Destination: family bonding.
  • Kicking back with my family pack.
  • Takin' time off at home with the fam.
  • Family bonding in our own backyard.
  • Nothing beats an all-relation staycation.
  • Taking a family-wide staycation from chores.
  • Skip the road trip and get to having fun in a zip.
  • The family that staycations together plays together.
  • Staycation = a chore-free day filled with family time.

Staycation Quotes for a Weekend With Friends

Hanging out with your friends after work is a lot of fun, but chilling for a full-blown staycation is exponentially awesome. Use the following sayings to share the benefits of best-friend staycation bonding.

  • Staycations with friends make me grin.
  • Anywhere we get together, it's a vacation.
  • There's no place like staycationing with friends.
  • A staycation weekend with my very best friends.
  • No room for frowns, it's girls' weekend in town.
  • There's no elation better than a bestie staycation.
  • The company matters more than the destination.
  • We're never too old for a staycation slumber party.
  • Work is just a way to pay for staycations with friends.
  • Friends who share spa weekends together will be besties forever.
  • The best staycation with friends is one that feels like it will never end.

Staycation Quotes for Couples

Every couple needs to take a break from the demands of daily life sometimes so they can get super-focused on each other. The sayings below say it all.

Young couple spending staycations together in living room
  • Time out for two.
  • A time for just us.
  • Staycation cocoon.
  • Staycation and chill.
  • Disconnecting together.
  • Couple quarantine (by choice!).
  • Self-prescribed couples therapy.
  • Touristing the hometown with my boo.
  • A staycation holiday for me and my bae.
  • Much needed nest and relaxation for two.
  • As far as the rest of you are concerned, we are out of town.

Hotel Staycation Quotes

Walk the line between staycation and vacation by spending a few days in a hometown hotel. Use the quotes below to share the wonder of escaping to the luxury of a hotel without traveling far to get there.

  • Check in to check out.
  • Suitcasing the joint.
  • Staycation in a chore-free zone.
  • Check-in, relax, sleep over.
  • Staycation in the lap of leisure.
  • Minibar, where have you been all my life?
  • Hometown away from home hideaway.
  • There's someone local in the Airbnb tonight.
  • Staycation in luxury without leaving your town.
  • We don't have to go anywhere to escape from everyone else.
  • Checked-in and ready to relax without having to hit the tracks.
  • Time on the road: 10 minutes. Time out from the at-home to-do list? Priceless.

Staycation Adventure Quotes

If there are tourists who have seen more of your hometown than you have, it's definitely time for you to schedule a staycation adventure. Use the quotes below to caption your experience.

  • Recreate where you're planted.
  • Take yourself on a tour of your town.
  • Explore your hometown like a tourist.
  • Experience where you live like never before.
  • All-in for an inside-the-city limits adventure.
  • Exploring new worlds without leaving my sofa.
  • Doing everything, but without the hassle of travel.
  • Break your routine without changing the scene.
  • Just say no to tourist traps; staycation at home instead.
  • Head off the beaten path while staying close to home.
  • I love living in a place other people have to travel to visit.
  • There's no better place to vacation than right here at home.

Funny Staycation Quotes and Captions

Inspire your Insta followers to giggle or guffaw with humorous staycation-themed quotes and captions from the options below.

  • Oh say can you sightsee?
  • It's staycation somewhere.
  • I found my chill on staycation.
  • Staycation like nobody's business.
  • Save the suitcases; staycation instead.
  • There's no staycation place like home.
  • Like travel, but without going anywhere.
  • Staycation like you're wearing an ankle monitor.
  • It's staycation; there's no cause for alarm (clocks).

Have a Fabulous Staycation

The great thing about staycations is that you can make them anything you want them to be. Take time out for some me-time or stay close to home with your favorite people. Or, take a fabulous vacation that involves a long road trip, airplane travel, or even a cruise ship adventure at sea. When you get back, though, you'll probably need to set aside a few days for a staycation to recover from that kind of vacation! Then you'll be ready to go back to work, secure in the knowledge that your next staycation is just around the corner.

110+ Staycation Quotes on the Joy of At-Home Vacays