Support Small Business: 40+ Quotes That Make an Impact

Published September 14, 2021
business owner with customer in boutique shop

Whether you own a small business or you're a consumer hoping to encourage your contacts to support small businesses, sharing quotes on this topic is a great way to spread the word! If you're looking for impactful messages to help inspire consumers to spend their hard-earned money with small businesses, you've come to the right place. Feel free to share these original quotes far and wide. They're Instagram-ready, but they also work great for posters, flyers, speeches, and any way you'd like to support small businesses!

Quotes About Shopping With Small Businesses

Sometimes people need to be reminded that the way they choose to spend their money directly impacts whether small businesses have a chance to succeed. Use these quotes when you want your voice to serve as a reminder to shop small.

Quotes About Shopping With Small Businesses
  • Whether you're browsing online or strolling the mall, do the right thing and choose to shop small.
  • Which would you rather do? Help a conglomerate get even more massive or help a small business succeed?
  • Want to make sure you have choices about where to shop? Help keep small businesses in business.
  • Tired of making billionaire CEOs richer? Support small businesses and help them grow.
  • Want to be treated like a valued customer rather than just another number? Shop with small businesses.
  • Small businesses are the heart and soul of the economy.
  • Small business success is measured one customer at a time.
  • What do small businesses need to succeed? Your support!
  • The value provided by small businesses is priceless.
  • Would you rather support an entrepreneur's dream or a corporation's balance sheet?
  • Your support is a vote of confidence in an entrepreneur's dream.
  • Want to do business with an organization that values you? Choose a small business.
  • Supporting a small business is like casting a vote in favor of an entrepreneur.
  • Shop small to vote for a business world where anything is possible.

Quotes About Supporting Local Businesses

Small businesses can be located anywhere. Why not take things a step further by focusing on the importance of supporting small, local businesses? Doing so will have a direct impact not only on small businesses and their employees, but also on the place you call home.

Quotes About Supporting Local Businesses
  • Be vocal about shopping local!
  • Put your money where your backyard is.
  • Do your part to build a stronger hometown. Shop local.
  • When you shop local, you build local.
  • When you support a local store, the impact on local jobs is more, more, more.
  • When you shop with local small businesses, more of your money stays in your community.
  • Keep your taxes where you live. Buy local.
  • When it comes to deciding where to shop, remember that there's no place like home. Shop local!
  • Wish there were more local options? Help local businesses succeed and more will come!
  • Want to make sure there are job opportunities in your local community? Support the local companies that hire local employees!
  • How can you build a stronger community? Help local businesses thrive.
  • Local businesses are the lifeblood of any community.
  • Sustainable communities are built on the shoulders of successful local businesses.
  • Do you want your town to look like every other town? No? Then do your part to help local businesses succeed.
  • Yes, it's true that money talks. When you don't buy local, your money walks.

Messages From Small Business Owners to Customers

Small business owners can make very personal appeals to encourage people to buy from them versus big businesses. After all, letting customers know how much they are appreciated can help a business owner become a successful entrepreneur.

Messages From Small Business Owners to Customers
  • To small business owners, people come first.
  • At a small business, every day is customer appreciation day.
  • No customer is small to a small business owner.
  • No business appreciates being trusted with your business more than a small business.
  • Your support is the key to our success.
  • Every cent you spend with a small business makes a difference.
  • Our customers are people, not numbers.
  • Your business is personal to us.
  • We know you have choices of where to shop. Thank you for choosing our small business.
  • Your support makes all the difference to a small business.
  • Small business owners are in the business of building relationships.
  • We're in business for you.
  • Our business might be small in size, but our commitment to customers knows no boundaries.

Shout Out to Support Small Businesses

Now that you've reviewed these original quotes of support for small businesses, are you ready to shout out your support? Everything you do to help build support for small businesses can help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams while also helping their employees and the communities in which they are located achieve their potential. Start spreading the word today, but also explore other ways to support small businesses. Your efforts are sure to have a positive impact.

Support Small Business: 40+ Quotes That Make an Impact