100 Heartening Thanksgiving Captions That'll Make Anyone Grateful

Published September 20, 2021
Family eating thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to reflect on all that you are grateful for and to celebrate everything from family to food to football. These heartfelt Thanksgiving quotes capture the essence of the autumn holiday and will make anyone thankful for all that surrounds Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Quotes About Family

Thanksgiving Quote about Family

Your family is one of a kind, a quirky bunch to be sure. The funny dynamics of your kin are certainly highlighted at holiday get-togethers, and while Aunt Edna or Cousin Sue might drive you up a wall by the time pie is served, you love your brood nonetheless. These Thanksgiving captions are all about the love of extended family.

  • These people make this day.
  • If you're going to be anything, be together.
  • They are a wild bunch, but they are mine.
  • These people cause my head to ache, but my heart to explode.
  • Grateful for this gaggle of turkeys.
  • Welcome to the holiday chaos.
  • The food is great, the company is better.
  • Nowhere I'd rather be on Turkey Day.
  • In case of an obnoxious family: Pour more wine.
  • Pair family whining with wine.
  • Getting cranberry-sauced with my gang.
  • I'll take seconds of turkey and family time.
  • We are held together by love and gravy.
  • Nothing beats good food and family.
  • These yahoos are the gravy to my turkey.
  • This family is the only thing I love more than pumpkin pie.
  • Came for the pie, stayed for the company.
  • With this family, I'm always on the winning team #foodandfootball.
  • For these people, I would do anything except share my pie.

Turkey Day Captions About Turkey, Pie, and Everything in Between

You are grateful for so much, your family, friends, a roof over your head, and of course, food on the table. Food is a major part of most Thanksgiving gatherings and these captions put the meal front and center.

  • Beast mode in the kitchen, feast mode at the table.
  • Keep calm and turkey on.
  • Alexa, bring more pie.
  • All we need is love and turkey.
  • Plates are full, stretch pants are on, it's time to get our turkey on.
  • Please pass the everything.
  • Can't talk, stuffing face.
  • Make mashed potatoes, not war.
  • Home is where the pie is.
  • Grateful for this food coma.
  • Hold the nothing.
  • Thankful for stretch pants.
  • Full of turkey and love.
  • Get your gravy on.
  • Wouldn't trade them in for anything, except more pie.
  • Round number two. Going into overtime!
  • Piles of potatoes, piles of smiles.

Thanksgiving Quotes for Those Celebrating Away From Loved Ones

Thanksgiving Quote for Those Celebrating Away from Loved Ones

Being away from loved ones during Thanksgiving is hard. You might not be able to sit with them side by side at the dinner table, but they are in your hearts and thoughts throughout Thanksgiving Day, nonetheless.

  • Different Thanksgiving tables, same hearts that bond.
  • While we eat away from each other, I'm warmed knowing the same foods are on our plates today.
  • Never lonely when I carry you in my heart.
  • Only a phone call away on Turkey Day.
  • Missing you like this turkey is missing its feathers.
  • Until we see each other again, we eat.
  • Bonded by love and turkey.
  • Thankful for you no matter where you are.
  • I can smell your homemade pie from over here.

Heartfelt Holiday Quotes Reminding You of the Reason for the Season

Show your love for others and gratefulness for all you have during this holiday season, because turkey takes a backseat to the real star of the show, thankfulness.

  • Full bellies, fuller hearts.
  • Tis the season for love and gratitude.
  • Pass the turkey and the good vibes.
  • Be thankful in all you have.
  • A little thanks goes a long way.
  • Don't let a day go by where you are not thankful for something.
  • Have a Turkey Day filled with food, family, and gratitude.
  • Turkey, football, and family. The best things in life.
  • Stuffed with love.
  • Wholly thankful, wholly full.
  • 24 hours of grateful.
  • Let your heart be full of love and gratefulness.
  • Open your hearts and your homes to all.
  • Hold out your hands, your hearts, and your plates.

Thanksgiving Quotes That Express Gratitude for Your Elders

Holidays like Thanksgiving remind everyone to hold their elders tight, listen carefully to their words, and enjoy every moment they have with older family members.

  • Let the grandparents nap; more pie for you.
  • Grateful for these people who made me who I am today.
  • Turkey with a side of family stories, please.
  • Grandma: Only this sweeter than the pie.
  • Beyond blessed for these examples in life.
  • No one does baking like Granny.
  • Everything I know is because of them.
  • Be thankful every day for the people who came before you.
  • I learned my pie-eating skills from Grandpa.
  • Granny is saucy like the cranberries.
  • Nothing warms my soul like Thanksgiving dinner and my grandparents.

Thanksgiving Quotes for Your Little Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Quote for Your Little Pumpkin

When you give thanks for what you have, your kids are at the top of your list. They are your entire world and you are beyond blessed to have them be yours.

  • Loving this lil' turkey.
  • She/he is the apple of my eye the pumpkin to my pie
  • I'll be thankful if they eat more than the rolls this year.
  • Thankful every day for my kids.
  • Never too busy in the kitchen for some snuggles.
  • Making memories with my minis.
  • Thankful for all my kids give me, except gray hairs.
  • Extra pie for extra hugs.
  • Forget the pie. Nothing sweeter than my kids.
  • Grateful for my little butterball.
  • I only have "pies" for you.
  • When I count my blessings, I count these turkeys twice.
  • Love these cutie pies.
  • These kiddos are full of sugar and pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  • Messy kitchen, blessed mama.
  • Blessed with this butterball.

Short Captions for the Season of Thanks

Short Captions For the Season of Thanks

These short Thanksgiving captions say a lot with only a few words. Let the pictures do most of the talking by pairing your favorite snapshots with a few heartfelt or funny words.

  • Pumpkin perfect
  • Turkey time
  • Eat, nap, repeat
  • Cuddles and pie
  • Living the gourd life
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Be thank"full"
  • Full of love and pie
  • Memories and mashed potatoes
  • Plates full, hearts fuller
  • Eat, drink, and be grateful
  • Happy and thankful
  • #stickaforkinme
  • #fullofeverything
  • I yam thankful.
  • Is it naptime yet?
  • Same time next year?

'Tis the Season for Love and Gratitude

There is perhaps no other American holiday that reminds people to give thanks for friends and family, hold loved ones tighter, and spend the day doing nothing but celebrating together. This Thanksgiving, remember to see the good in others and in the world. Consider all you have in your life and set positive intentions moving forward. Eat turkey, watch football, and smile at all that you have.

100 Heartening Thanksgiving Captions That'll Make Anyone Grateful