90 Christmas Couple Captions Filled With Holiday Spirit

Share the love in your next post with holiday-inspired captions for couples from cute to romantic.

Published November 28, 2022
Couple celebrating Christmas

Christmas is a super magical time, especially when you're in love. Whether it's your first Christmas together or just one of many, sharing those romantic moments is all about taking a great photo and picking the perfect Christmas couple caption to go with it. Take your holiday love to the next level with these ideas!

Cute and Funny Christmas Couple Captions

Sure, your love might be serious, but your holiday photos and captions don't have to be. Make your friends and followers smile with some adorable posts:

Couple taking a selfie on Christmas
  • Found my someone. Now we just need Christmas cookies.
  • Had to take a Christmas elfie together!
  • Dear Santa, I don't need anything but this.
  • Christmas love vibes over here.
  • Love you more than eggnog lattes.
  • I think I must be Santa's favorite to get a gift like this.
  • He/she/they makes my Christmas merry and bright.
  • When it comes to holiday romance, we totally sleigh it.
  • Christmas specials and snuggles for us.
  • Better than Christmas cookies (and I love Christmas cookies).
  • It's merry everything when we're together.
  • I love Christmas almost as much as I love you.
  • See, I never stopped believing in miracles.
  • I love you more than eggnog, and I really love eggnog.
  • I'll always believe in Santa (and in love).
  • Spending the coziest Christmas together.
  • You can probably guess that we're up to snow good together.
  • Isn't he/she/they a deer?
  • Let it snow! I'm never cold with you.

Flirty and Festive Captions for Instagram

If you are busy keeping each other warm this holiday, let the world know with the perfect flirty caption. Some of these are naughty and some are nice, but they're all guaranteed to make you blush:

Couple dancing among Christmas trees
  • He/she/they add plenty of spice to my holiday.
  • Trying to decide if this one is naughty or nice.
  • Wearing a Santa hat and the smile you gave me.
  • You're looking at the reason I didn't make Santa's nice list.
  • I never get any of my holiday wrapping done when this one is nearby.
  • Dear Santa, we might be a little naughty this year.
  • He/she/they knows what I look like under my ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Exchanging more than presents with this one.
  • Let's just say, I wouldn't kick him/her/them out of bed for eating Christmas cookies.
  • He/she/they makes me melt like a chocolate Santa.
  • I don't need a winter hat when I have you to keep me warm for the holidays.
  • It's cold outside, but I've got a hottie here.
  • Your kiss is sweeter than Christmas candy.
  • If this is my gift, I can't wait to unwrap it.
  • Waiting under the mistletoe for my special someone.

Holiday Captions for Couples in Front of the Tree

It's a pretty magical moment - having your first (or fiftieth) tree together. Try a tree-themed caption to tell everyone how much your holiday sparkles this year:

Romantic couple in the town during the Christmas holidays
  • This love shines brighter than all the lights on the tree.
  • Our first tree together!
  • I lit up like this tree the first time I saw you.
  • We spruce up pretty nice!
  • We didn't need to put up lights for our holiday to sparkle this year.
  • My love for you is evergreen.
  • Better than any gift we'll find under this tree.
  • He/she/they makes my eyes sparkle more than this Christmas tree.
  • This love lights up my life like the brightest Christmas tree.
  • We go together like trees and tinsel.

Questions to Ask With Your Christmas Couple Photos

Sometimes, a scroll-stopping post is all about asking a question. These holiday captions are perfect for getting your followers to slow their roll (or at least their scroll) and wish you and your special someone a happy holiday:

Happy couple under the mistletoe
  • How soon is too soon to kiss under the mistletoe?
  • Did you ever get your Christmas wish?
  • Who needs holiday paper when I can wrap the best gift in my arms?
  • Did you ever have someone make you as happy as Christmas morning?
  • Who needs sugarplums when we have sweetness like this?
  • Is it just us, or is everything about Christmas super romantic?
  • We're loving the holidays. What's your best Christmas date idea?
  • Does anyone else feel as merry as we do?
  • Don't Christmases just get more and more magical once you find your person?
  • Can anybody guess what I'm getting him/her/them for Christmas?

Holiday Song-Inspired Captions

There's a reason Christmas carols are holiday classics. They're kind of a big deal when it comes to romance and magic. Channel some of that love by letting your favorite holiday songs inspire your Christmas captions:

Couple At Home In the Kitchen sharing love during Christmas
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas love.
  • Walking in a winter wonderland with you.
  • You're my home for the holidays (and every day).
  • It's the most wonderful time of the year when I'm with you.
  • Baby, it's cold outside! Glad I have you to keep me warm.
  • Simply having a wonderful Christmastime, but that's because of you.
  • You give me a holly, jolly Christmas.
  • Fa-la-la-love you!
  • I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but mostly, I'm just dreaming of Christmas with you.
  • Dashing through the snow and right into your arms.
  • We wish you a merry Christmas and a love as magical as this.
  • When I'm with you, all is calm and all is bright.
  • Being with you jingle bell rocks!
  • Gotta love my Santa baby.
  • Having ourselves a merry little Christmas!

Romantic Christmas Captions for Instagram

Have you never been happier? If this Christmas has you feeling the love, tell the world with the perfect romantic holiday caption:

Young romantic couple having fun outdoors in winter before Christmas
  • This love was the only thing on my Christmas list.
  • A love that's even better than it looks in Hallmark Christmas specials.
  • You make everything sparkle.
  • He/she/they makes me believe in Christmas miracles.
  • We're the coziest.
  • This love is sweeter than a candy cane.
  • I've been dreaming about these mistletoe kisses for years.
  • You're my Christmas past, present, and future.
  • There's glitter and magic all around, but I can't take my eyes off of you.
  • My heart has come home for Christmas.
  • This one gives the best shoulder rubs. No holiday stress for me this year!
  • You make every day feel like Christmas.
  • Christmas is here in your arms.
  • I just got my Christmas wish.
  • 'Tis the season for love.
  • Falling in love feels like Christmas every moment.
  • Dreaming of all the Christmases we'll spend together, starting now.
  • You're the Christmas to my cookies.
  • You make every day a holiday in my heart.
  • Tell Santa I don't need any other presents if I can have you for the rest of my life.
  • Ready to build gingerbread houses all season with my sweetheart.

Share Your Holiday Joy

It's time to tell the world what a great thing you have, especially during the Christmas season. All you need is the perfect couples' caption and the right photo of you and your special someone together. Bring on the mistletoe kisses and share some of your holiday joy!

90 Christmas Couple Captions Filled With Holiday Spirit