90 Jolly Christmas Captions That'll Get You in the Spirit

Published October 1, 2021
Girl embracing her dog (Labrador Border Collie Mix) enjoying Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in style and spread some holiday cheer by posting candid pics. Take your images to the next level with these fun and festive Christmas captions. What a fabulous way to share a glimpse of your favorite holiday events and activities with your friends and followers.

Short Christmas Captions

Short Christmas caption

Sometimes the best Christmas captions are the shortest sayings. You may find that a few simple words add just enough to your pictures to complete the story.

  • Elf, that outfit sleighs!
  • Happy ho-ho-holidays!
  • Just say noel.
  • Family yules!
  • Jingle bell-o!
  • Merry text-mas!
  • I'll be seeing yule.
  • You do yule.
  • Un-elfing-believable!
  • Mind yule business.
  • Who's got gift envy?
  • On a ca-roll!

Cute and Flirty Christmas Captions

Looking to cultivate a fun and flirty image this holiday season? Check out these lighthearted captions for just the right tone.

  • Who wants to ring my bell?
  • I mistletoed them to meet me here!
  • What's going on under that beard?
  • I'm a sucker for Santa!
  • You can slide down my chimney anytime.
  • I could wrap you like a present.
  • You can hang your stocking on my tree anytime.
  • You can rock around my Christmas tree whenever you want.
  • Who wants to be my holi-date?
  • Won't you take me for a ride in your sleigh?
  • Santa, won't you sing me a song?

Christmas Captions for Couples

Christmas caption for couples

Are you lucky in love at Christmas time? These captions are perfect for holiday pictures featuring you and your true love.

  • Santa suits me!
  • We're makin' merry this holiday season.
  • Just chillin' under the mistletoe.
  • Christmas is for lovers.
  • I only have eyes for flue.
  • We'll be seeing yule.
  • You're the only gift I need this Christmas.
  • You put the sparkle in Christmas.
  • All I need for Christmas is love.
  • As long as we're together, I am blessed beyond measure.
  • Every day is Christmas when we're together.

Funny Holiday Instagram Captions

Some pictures are hilarious on their own, while others need a funny saying to help viewers see the humor. These funny Insta captions are the perfect way to inspire some jolly, good-hearted laughter.

  • What's the elf life for eggnog?
  • Nobody puts baby on an elf!
  • Quick, somebody spike my eggnog.
  • Shopping for Christmas is a pain in the neck-mas.
  • Stop spending so much dough-ho-ho!
  • I bring yule-tidings of great joy.
  • Don't just be a bump on a yule log.
  • Christmas: That time of year when I pretend to bake.
  • My present is bigger than your present.
  • The neighbors are trying to blind us with Christmas lights.

Christmas Tree Captions for Instagram

Christmas tree caption for Instagram

Whether your Christmas tree is tiny or huge, or anywhere in between, be sure to share some pictures of it with your followers and friends.

  • I am ornament-al cat.
  • I'm on pines and needles.
  • This tree is on my last needle.
  • Who put all this tinsel on my branches?
  • Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, why are you the dog's favorite place to pee?
  • Fire hazard, jingle bells...
  • All wrapped up in garland and nowhere to go.
  • It's strictly ornamental!
  • I asked for a Christmas tree, not the whole forest!
  • It might be small and spindly, but it's mine!
  • What's under your tree?

Baddie Christmas Captions

Some photos are just right for a bit of a sardonic "baddie" tone. Whether you're feeling bah humbug, passive-aggressive, or just plain nasty, less-than-joyful sayings might suit your mood. Just be prepared for what you get in return. You shouldn't dish it out if you can't take it.

  • My family gives new meaning to orna-mental.
  • Somebody's got to qualify for the lump of coal. It may as well be me.
  • Family Christmas gatherings are when we gather to fight tooth and noel.
  • Your behavior is Claus for concern.
  • Get your Claus out of my business.
  • Somebody's in for a Rudolph awakening.
  • Somebody needs to sleigh their prayers.
  • Queen of the re-gifters!
  • This Christmas, may you get what you deserve.
  • Snowman is an island, but I'm sure gonna try!
  • They're the fruitcake of the family.
  • They take the merry out of Christmas.
  • They take the happy out of happy holidays.
  • Yule regret that.

Holiday Travel Instagram Captions

Holiday Travel Instagram Caption

Holiday travel is an adventure unto itself. Whether you're traveling home for the holidays or heading out on a Christmas adventure, you're sure to take some caption-worthy snaps. Take pictures along the way for miles of smiles.

  • There's no place like roam for the holidays!
  • Making a packing checklist, checking it twice...
  • Heading to the sleigh-port...
  • Holiday traffic is ho-ho-hopeless!
  • Having an incredib-yule journey!
  • Sleigh is the only way to travel.
  • This Christmas, at sea is where I'll be.
  • Merry Cruise-mas from the Caribbean!
  • Will Santa find this cabin in the woods?
  • It's a camping Christmas!
  • We're wrapped up in traffic.

Christmas Captions for Businesses

If you're in charge of social media for your company, you'll need to come up with some catchy, yet professional Christmas captions.

  • Our sh-elfs runneth over!
  • Santa Claus shops here.
  • Santa's elves work here.
  • (Insert business name)... where Santa's elves moonlight!
  • We put the joy in Christmas shopping!
  • Yule won't regret shopping here.
  • We're Santa's personal shoppers.
  • We appreciate your business and wish you a happy Christmas.
  • From our team to yours, Merry Christmas.
  • Shopping isn't the primary reason for the season.

Share Holiday Cheer at Christmastime

These Christmas captions can help you find just the right thing to say when you're looking to spread holiday cheer with your fun (or funny!) pictures via Instagram and other social media accounts. For even more ideas, check out these funny Christmas sayings. You're sure to find more than enough ways to spread jolly delight!

90 Jolly Christmas Captions That'll Get You in the Spirit