Happy Easter to Family and Friends: 60+ Upbeat Messages

Make some-bunny in your life feel special this Easter with the perfect words.

Updated March 24, 2023
Cute little children and happy mother painting Easter eggs

It's not always easy to know what to say in an Easter card or how to share your holiday best wishes with people in your life, but don't stress. You just need a little inspiration to come up with some happy Easter messages for family and friends that will bring a smile to their faces.

Happy and positive messages can help the people you care about celebrate this important holiday together. It may seem like a little thing, but sending an eggstra special message could totally make someone's day.

Happy Easter Messages From Our Family to Yours

Send a touching Easter card, text, or Instagram message that connects your family to theirs during this special time:

  • Happy Easter to some of our favorite Peeps!
  • Here's hoping your Easter is full of joy and springtime magic. We're thinking of you with love!
  • Our family wishes you a wonderful spring and a happy Easter.
  • Wish we could hop on over to visit, but we're hoping you're having a happy Easter.
  • From our family to yours, here's hoping the weather and the memories are warm and bright this Easter.
  • Happy Easter! Hope the Easter bunny brings you plenty of chocolate (right after he comes to our house).
  • Best wishes for an eggstra special Easter - from all of us to all of you.
Quick Tip

Think about the tone you want to strike with your Easter message and then just pick one that fits. You could be funny, serious, or simply sweet - totally up to you!

Cute Happy Easter Wishes for Your Family

Face painting for little Easter bunny

There are so many ways to send a joyful Happy Easter message to your family. Mention traditions like the Easter egg hunt, or have fun expressing different sentiments about Easter bunnies, baskets, and candy. You can also touch on shared Easter memories and your special relationship:

  • This Easter bunny didn't forget to wish you a Happy Easter!
  • The Easter bunny was busy this morning hiding eggs just for you!
  • Don't let the Easter bunny fool you, there are plenty more eggs where those came from.
  • My Easter wish for you is dyed Easter eggs and a basket full of candy.
  • May the Easter bunny be with you!
  • Easter bunnies are your friend. They bring bright colorful eggs and candy!
  • Happy Easter, Mom and Dad, from your little bunny!
  • Happy Easter, brother. Don't bother. I already found all the eggs.
  • Happy Easter, sister. Let's hide all the eggs from everyone else!
  • Happy Easter! I always share my Easter basket with friends.
  • Happy Easter to all my friends from the reigning Easter egg hunt champion!
  • May we always hippity hoppity together! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter, honey. May all your Easters be as wonderful as this one!
  • Happy Easter, to my best friend who always lets me find more eggs.
  • Happy Easter, darling. I'm so glad you hopped into my life!
  • Happy Easter, baby! Here's to another year of searching for that last hidden Easter egg.
  • Pst... When you believe in the Easter bunny, you get stuff like candy and colored eggs.
  • May your Easter be filled with love and an endless supply of marshmallow chicks and chocolate eggs.
  • On Easter morning, you can gauge how much you're loved by the size of the Easter basket.
  • When a family comes together at Easter, it's all about the little things, like ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, colored eggs, and candy!

Happy Easter Text Messages to Send to Friends

Reach out to friends near and far with a quick happy Easter text. These cute messages will make them smile:

  • Here's hoping you got a chocolate bunny! Happy Easter!
  • Thinking of you and wishing we could do a little egg hunting together!
  • Hope your Easter is starting off fun!
  • Hey! Happy Easter! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.
  • Did you get some chocolate from the Easter bunny? Because I totally did.
  • How is your Easter going so far? I hope it's amazing.
  • Happy Easter! Hope it's great so far!
  • Hoppy Easter from some-bunny who likes you. (Too many Easter puns?)

Sweet Messages to Write in Easter Cards and Notes

If you're sending or giving someone an actual paper card, good for you! Those mean a lot these days, especially for fun holidays like Easter. Make it even more special with the perfect message:

  • I'm so glad you're a part of my life on this holiday and every other day. I hope you're having a great Easter.
  • Happy Easter! I'm thinking about you and hoping the Easter bunny is leaving something special (and sweet) at your house. Sending a little magic and love your way today!
  • Happy Easter to one of my very favorite Peeps! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and wishing you lots of chocolate today.
  • Thinking of all the wonderful Easters we've shared with you and wishing we could be with you this year. Happy Easter! We're there in spirit.
  • I'm sure the Easter bunny remembered everyone at your house, but I just wanted to let you know that I do too. Hoping Easter is amazing this year!
  • Happy Easter from one cool chick to another. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday this year. Can't wait to see you soon.
  • Spring is here, and the Easter bunny isn't far behind. Hoping your holiday has all the chocolate bunnies and bright and beautiful flowers you could ever want.

Religious Messages to Say Happy Easter Family and Friends

Crosses on Hillside

Whether you're texting or writing a message for an Easter card, you might want to give your family and friends a special sentiment for this religious holiday. For Christians, Easter is the most holy of all religious holidays. These are just a few quotes and greetings that you can ensure your beautiful Easter message conveys exactly what you want to say:

  • Rejoice on this joyful day!
  • Sing praises to God on this special day!
  • God so loved the world...
  • Happy Easter, praise the Lord!
  • May you hold gratitude and thanksgiving in your heart on this holiest of days!
  • Easter morning reigns victorious!
  • Happy Easter to all believers!
  • Glory be to God on Easter Day!
  • The sun shines brighter on the Holy day of Easter.
  • Keep a song in your heart on Easter day.
  • Christ has risen! Rejoice!
  • Easter is the day of resurrection.
  • The Son has risen!
  • The Easter sun has risen, and so has the Son of God!
  • Easter is the final destination of Holy Week!
  • Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Christ died on the cross for your sins.
  • Jesus gave his life so you could have eternal life. Happy Easter!
  • All that believe in him shall have eternal life. Happy Easter!
  • Christ is the resurrection and the life! Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter! Your path to life eternal was paved by Christ's sacrifice.
  • Let us remember the true celebration of Easter is for the resurrection of our Lord!
Quick Tip

Before sending a religious Easter message to friends and family, make sure you share the same religion. If not, wish them happy Easter with a secular message instead!

Make Friends and Family Feel Eggstra Special

A sweet text or card is a wonderful way to wish a Happy Easter to family and friends. Take a moment to tailor your Easter messages to fit each friend and family member, so they feel eggstra special.

Happy Easter to Family and Friends: 60+ Upbeat Messages