45 Celebratory Easter Quotes for Kids

Published March 21, 2022
Children on an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a time for families and friends to rejoice and celebrate together. Help make the holiday eggs-tra (pun intended!) memorable for the youngest members of the group with this collection of celebratory Easter quotes. Add these fun sayings for Easter to a card in an Easter basket, tuck one into a plastic egg alongside candy, or use them to adorn craft projects or party favors. Whichever turns of phrase you choose to use, they're sure to be a highlight of any kid-friendly Easter gathering.

Short Easter Quotes for Kids

Fluffy Yellow Easter Chick

Sometimes the most fun (and meaningful) sayings have only a few words. These super short Easter phrases all have four words or fewer. Not only are they fun, but they're also easy for kids to remember.

  • Chick or tweet?
  • Eggs-pect the best.
  • Easter rules!
  • Be hoppy!
  • Hip hop to it!
  • Who's your bunny?
  • Free the Easter eggs.
  • Egg-ceptional kiddo.
  • Easter is furry real.
  • Smile and be hoppy.

Cute Easter Quotes for Kids

Young boy wearing rabbit eats looking at a line of easter eggs

When it comes to choosing kid-friendly seasonal quotes, let cuteness be your guide.

  • Eggs-ercise your inner bunny.
  • Easter is for good eggs.
  • A little bunny told me.
  • You're my prize egg.
  • I'm a hard-boiled Easter fan.
  • Easter egg-citement rules!
  • Some-bunny loves you!
  • Hop to it, little bunny!
  • Rejoice and be colorful.
  • You're my favorite bunny, honey.

Easter Candy Quotes for Kids

Girl eating a chocolate Easter bunny

From chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to little marshmallow birdies coated in colorful sugar, seasonal candy is the tastiest part of any Easter celebration. These Easter candy quotes are sure to be a hit.

  • The ears are the best part.
  • Foil-wrapped again.
  • Jumping jelly beans!
  • Jelly beans mean love.
  • Go cuckoo for candy eggs.
  • Chocolate eggs make me hoppy.
  • Marshmallow treats make me peep.
  • Nothing beats a chocolate bunny!
  • Every-bunny loves a chocolate egg.
  • It's all fun and games until some bunny loses an ear.

Easter Celebration Quotes for Kids

Three kids playing with Easter eggs found in the back yard

Looking to help kids get into the Easter spirit? Boost their enthusiasm for Easter activities with the family by incorporating one (or more!) of these celebratory sayings created with kiddos in mind.

  • Get egg-cited for Easter!
  • Do the hop-ster mash!
  • Colored eggs make me smile.
  • So many eggs, so little time!
  • Celebrate Easter with your peeps!
  • All Easter eggs are good eggs!
  • Enjoy the Easter feast-ivities.
  • Have an egg-stra special Easter.
  • Those Easter eggs won't find themselves.
  • It's all fun and games until somebody steps on an Easter egg.

Kid-Friendly Religious Easter Quotes

Little Girl closed her eyes, praying in a field wheat

Be sure to include some age-appropriate and upbeat reminders of the religious nature of Easter when curating quotes for your holiday celebration.

  • Celebrate Easter, celebrate Jesus.
  • Easter is proof that Jesus loves us.
  • Jesus came back for you.
  • Jesus moved a boulder to be with you.
  • Be sure to thank Jesus on Easter.

Kid-Friendly Easter Sayings

There are many ways to say Happy Easter to your friends and family, including the littles. Whether you prefer religious or non-religious Easter quotes, it's easy to incorporate kid-friendly sayings into your seasonal celebrations. For even more upbeat holiday fun, include some sweet Easter poems and Easter jokes for kids in the festivities. Everyone, adults and children alike, will have a great time sharing holiday traditions and creating memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

45 Celebratory Easter Quotes for Kids