30+ Yin Yang Quotes to Inspire a Balanced Life

Updated February 8, 2022
Yin and Yang Symbol on a beach at the sea

Yin yang quotes can show the relationship between these two opposite energies, and lead to a deeper understanding of this dynamic in the world around you and in your own life. The yin yang pursuit of balance and wholeness can inspire, encourage, and delight you.

Yin Yang Love Quotes

Yin yang is an energy that is balanced by two equal but opposing components, which can be the essence of love. The energy of yin yang can be deeply romantic by its nature of opposing energies completing a circle.

Two young women embrace each other
  • You're the yin to my yang.
  • Yin and yang come together to create a perfect circle - just like us.
  • Life is a never-ending cycle of yin and yang.
  • There can be no life without yin and yang.
  • Even though our yin and yang switches between us, together we're still the perfect balance.
  • Everything is made up of yin and yang energy.
  • The circle of life cannot be broken, since yin and yang cannot survive without each other.
  • Yin and yang are the essence of all life and love.
  • Yin and yang are equal halves that form the whole.

Yin Yang Balance Quotes

In feng shui, achieving the balance of yin and yang energy is the goal, and the harmony of their opposite energies is the reward. Yin and yang have their special time and place in our lives, and when they are balanced, it is divine.

Glitch effect of spheres and mountains
  • To advance in your career, you need a boost of yang energy.
  • Every creative process is the manifestation of yin and yang energies.
  • Meditation can balance your yin and yang energies.
  • Understand nature, and you will understand yin yang.
  • Yang energy is active, and yin energy is passive, but together, they become a balanced force of nature.
  • Find your yin and yang, and you will find harmony.
  • Yang is day and yin is night - together they create a day.
  • Earth is a perfect circle, just as yin and yang.

Yin Yang Funny Quotes

You may find a few yin yang quotes humorous or light-hearted. You can also find yin yang quotes that are thought-provoking. Truisms about yin yang energy can ignite a new thought process that offers greater insight into life and your personal existence.

Jack Russell Terrier Chasing Own Tail
  • Yang is always one step ahead of yin, and yin is always one step ahead of yang.
  • Watch a dog chase its tail, and you're seeing yin yang in action.
  • Yin and yang are like toast and butter.
  • It is impossible for yang to go over to the dark side. Batman could never be yang.
  • Life is a never-ending cycle of yin and yang.
  • When there is balance between yin and yang, there is divine harmony.
  • What goes around comes around in the energy of yin and yang.
  • Where you find yin, yang is just around the corner.

Yin and Yang Quotes About Home

Every home is filled with yin and yang energy. Each room in your home has their own yin and yang energies that need to be balanced for a comfortable vibe.

  • Yang energy is attracted to light and activity.
  • Yin provides a restive energy for a bedroom.
  • If there is too much yang energy in a home, there will be restlessness.
  • Too much yin energy in a home brings about lethargy.
  • Children and pets generate powerful yang energy, but they still need their yin spaces.
  • Yang enlivens a living room with activity, yin helps to bring calm.
  • The busiest rooms in your home are yang, but everyone benefits from a calming yin space sometimes.

Yin to My Yang Quotes Speak of Balanced Energy

Achieving yin yang balance can enhance your home, relationships, and your comfort in the world around you. When you sense that something is out of balance in your life, understanding yin yang energy and what might be missing can bring it back into harmony .

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30+ Yin Yang Quotes to Inspire a Balanced Life