55 Moving Forward Quotes to Inspire Your Journey

Published March 8, 2022
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There are plenty of wonderful ways to inspire yourself (or someone else!) to keep moving forward toward the future while enjoying the journey every step of the way. Whether you're looking for words to provide the impetus you need to start moving forward or the motivation to keep on going, you're sure to find your power in these future-focused and action-oriented quotes and sayings.

Short Moving Forward Quotes and Captions

Looking for a motto to inspire the bravery and persistence you need to propel yourself into the future? The brief sayings below are simple to remember and snappy to say. They're also ideal Instagram captions.

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  • Venture ahead.
  • Get going.
  • Choose you.
  • Seize tomorrow.
  • Adapt and thrive.
  • Take the first step.
  • Keep calm and seek better.

Moving Forward in Life Quotes

When you need a gentle reminder of how important it is to continually venture forward, let the sayings below provide the inspiration you seek to live your best life.

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  • Initial motion makes way for momentum.
  • Tomorrow is there for the taking.
  • Growth in life requires forward motion.
  • Remember the past, but race to the future.
  • Greatness awaits beyond your comfort zone.
  • Fast forward to the life you were meant to live.
  • Live in the direction of a better tomorrow.

Time to Move Forward Quotes

Once you recognize that it's time to move forward, the next step is to make up your mind to act, and start making progress. Let the quotes below inspire you to get moving.

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  • Face forward or fall behind.
  • Focus forward and get going.
  • Don't be your own anchor.
  • When the situation says it's time to go, listen and act.
  • When the past becomes an anchor, it's time to cut the line.
  • When you have to force the present to fit, find your way forward.
  • Listening to your inner voice is the key to learning when it's time to move on.

Positive Don't Look Back Quotes

While the past will always be a part of who you are, it's important to stay focused on your future. The quotes below can help keep you looking ahead and moving forward rather than getting pulled back into the past.

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  • Resist the urge to regress.
  • Accept the past, but leave it behind.
  • Let go and leave the past where it belongs.
  • The past can only hold you back if you let it.
  • Don't let your future be limited by your past.
  • Don't look in a direction that you are not going.
  • Put your energy into what you still have the power to change.

Never Stop Moving Forward Quotes

When you need help committing to continue moving forward, let the sayings below inspire you to find the determination you need to persevere and persist.

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  • Seize the dawn of every new day.
  • Forward progress feeds your future.
  • Persist and persevere on the path of life.
  • Make like a clock and keep moving forward.
  • Staying in motion is the key to chasing your dreams.
  • A flowing river never grows stagnant.
  • Great things lie ahead when you keep moving.

Sayings About Moving Forward and Being Strong

Even when you know you need to move forward, it can be hard to find the strength to start moving or keep going. These phrases can help you find the resolution you need to power through.

Strong successful woman on a mountain flexing arms
  • Be a self-propelled success story.
  • You're strong enough to take the first step.
  • You have the power to propel yourself forward.
  • Celebrate your strength by stepping forward.
  • Have the courage to let your strength shine through.
  • You'll grow stronger and steadier with every forward step.

Quotes About Moving Forward and Being Happy

When the idea of continuing to move forward seems overwhelming, it's important to remember that the path to happiness lies ahead.

Happy young woman leaning out of a car window on a road trip
  • Joy is in the journey.
  • Happiness lies ahead.
  • New beginnings lead to happy endings.
  • Rewrite the next chapters of your story.
  • Move forward to the life of your dreams.
  • Action today leads to happiness tomorrow.
  • Happiness doesn't just happen. Move forward and find it.

Sayings to Inspire Moving Forward in Business

It's just as important to move forward in your career as it is in other aspects of your life. Keep yourself motivated and moving forward with these motivational quotes for work and the world of business.

Aerial shot showing an aircraft shadow flying over an idyllic beach
  • The future of business is forward.
  • Fortune lies in the future.
  • Move forward to a favorable future.
  • The future favors those who move forward.
  • Adapt and evolve or get left behind.
  • Moving forward is the ultimate source of competitive advantage.
  • In business, standing still is the same as falling behind.

Small Sayings Can Help You Keep Moving Forward

Positive self-talk featuring quotes like these can help you stay on course to a better tomorrow. A quote doesn't have to be lengthy or fancy to be meaningful. Used in the right context, even the simplest line can help keep a person going. For example, in the animated film Meet the Robinsons, the character Wilbur Robinson lives by the motto "keep moving forward," a phrase the character utters time and time again. Choose a few quotes that speak to you and live by them. After all, it's how you use inspiring sayings that determine if they'll have an impact. Make one (or a few!) of these quotes your own personal motto and you'll be on your way forward before you know it.

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55 Moving Forward Quotes to Inspire Your Journey