80 Gratitude Quotes to Lead a Joy-Filled Life

Published September 6, 2022
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Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving; because the more you give thanks, the more abundance seems to find you. Being grateful for all that's good in your life can promote positive thinking and help heal you during difficult times. Practicing gratitude daily and putting the concept at the forefront of your mind can make moments more joyful. Let the gratitude quotes below be your guide to spreading positivity to the world, and most importantly, planting gratitude in your heart.

Quotes on Gratitude to Give Thanks

Gratitude is an amazing thing with a ripple effect that spreads from your heart to others. All it takes is a simple action or a few words to remind you how vital and rewarding it is to show gratitude and be grateful.

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  • Say thank you for those beautiful, unforgettable moments written in the stars.
  • Make sure to give thanks to the universe for all the blessings you've received.
  • It's important to show your gratitude to the people you love.
  • Be grateful for the glorious, unscripted moments that make you smile.
  • The love in your soul shines with thanks and gratitude.
  • Be thankful for the people who make your world shine a little brighter.
  • Stay present in the moment and be grateful for the amazing memories you are making.
  • Gratitude is the key to unlocking abundance.
  • One way to express your gratitude is to bestow a bright smile on life.
  • Gratitude is the highest form of appreciation you can offer.

Quotes About Gratitude to Bring Daily Joy

Joy and gratitude are two peas in a pod. You'll find that the more you show gratitude, the more joyous your heart begins to feel. Remind the world how important it is to be grateful by sharing a quote on Facebook.

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  • It's the small forms of appreciation that bring glorious joy.
  • Your world becomes a little happier when you express the gratitude you feel in your heart.
  • The gratitude you send up to the universe rains joy upon you.
  • When your heart shines with gratitude, everyone can see you sparkle.
  • Gratitude is the gift you give to the world. It brings joy and light.
  • When gratitude lights your way, the path to joy is clear.
  • Gratitude is the light shining on a rocky sea. It leads your way to joy.
  • Add magic to your outlook by practicing gratitude daily.
  • A simple thank you is a gift you can give the world every day.
  • Being thankful wraps your soul in joy that no one can diminish.

Short Gratitude Quotes for Being Thankful

Kind words are easy to spread on social media. Let the world know the importance of appreciation with an Instagram post.

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  • Gratitude looks good on everyone.
  • The light of gratitude is bursting out of you.
  • Being thankful makes you sparkle.
  • Your thankful smile lights your path.
  • Joy and thankfulness are connected.
  • Connect with the joy in your heart through gratitude.
  • Gratitude is a happy spark.
  • Thank yous are daily treasures.
  • Joyful souls shine with gratitude.
  • Peace is found on the heels of gratitude.

Inspirational Gratitude Quotes for a Positive Outlook

Inspire yourself to show the world how grateful you are. Share a quote at the dinner table or possibly write it on a thank you card to let someone know how you are feeling.

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  • Inspire the world with your smile and gratefulness.
  • Every moment can become a positive one when you are thankful for the little things in life.
  • Live each moment with a thankful heart.
  • Your mind blossoms when you water it with thankful thoughts.
  • Your thank yous create a beautiful work of art that the world can enjoy.
  • The heart of the magic within you is your positive attitude.
  • Every moment offers the chance to bless the world with gratitude.
  • Gratitude is simple, but its scope is grand.
  • The force of gratitude is a positive light everyone can strive for.
  • Shine bright with appreciation and illuminate the world.

Kindness and Gratitude Messages

The importance of being kind to those around you can't be measured. Add a quick quote to your thankfulness journal or scrapbook to remind you.

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  • Kindness is a gesture that can save the world.
  • It's through kindness and gratitude that hope is found.
  • Compassion and kindness hold unimaginable power.
  • The kindness of your soul shines in your eyes.
  • Kindness blooms like a flower in your heart.
  • At the heart of gratitude, kindness and compassion can be found.
  • Thank you is a light that shines kindness on every heart it touches.
  • Keeping a bit of kindness in your heart at all times is a way to brighten the world with thanks.
  • Kindness is like the sun. It sends a light of gratitude through the clouds.
  • Every heart needs a little kindness and gratitude to spread positivity.

Love and Gratitude Sayings for Kids

Teach kids how important it is to give thanks. Spread the message of love and gratitude.

Girl kissing puppy in the meadow
  • Love is shown in your thank you.
  • Thank you is your superpower.
  • Being thankful is a gift that you give and receive at the same time.
  • Every person is a superhero who can spread love through their kind words and thanks.
  • Even the littlest hearts have great power.
  • Two powerful words any kid can say are "thank you."
  • Give a present every day by saying "thank you."
  • Did you know gratitude is contagious? One thank you quickly spreads.
  • Thanks, thank you, or TY are all greeted with a smile.
  • Show everyone you love how much you appreciate them.

Smile and Gratitude Quotes for Everyone

A smile can change the world. It can even brighten someone's day. Remind the world how important it is to smile and give thanks.

Woman with cancer embracing her adult son
  • Gratitude can be as simple as a sweet smile.
  • A smile has the power to change hearts.
  • Smiles are like shooting stars. They make everyone a little happier.
  • Smiles show your appreciation for the world.
  • Happiness is an unscripted form of gratitude.
  • Gratitude doesn't always require words. Sometimes it shines right on your face.
  • Brightening a person's day with a smile shows how thankful you are.
  • Smiles have a knack for making the world more vibrant.
  • You'll never regret giving someone a smile.
  • Shine a light on the world, one thankful smile at a time.

Gratitude Message for Celebrating Life

Life is all about giving thanks. The more you share the happy message of gratitude, the more positive your life becomes. Start your road to positivity with some positive words.

  • Brighten the path of life with a little gratitude along the way.
  • The journey of life is never easy. But gratitude makes your burden a little lighter.
  • Hearts lighten and smiles shine when you spread your message of gratitude.
  • Gratitude is like glitter. With one breath, you can dust everyone around you.
  • Spread your message of gratitude with kind words.
  • A message of gratitude is never turned down.
  • Every moment is a chance to spread your gratefulness to the world.
  • Make gratitude this year's resolution.
  • When gratitude and kindness meet, hope prevails.
  • Gratitude shines right from your heart to your eyes.

The Importance of Gratitude

When you remember the importance of giving thanks and you practice gratitude daily, it can make you feel happier. You might add a gratitude quote to each of your journal entries to keep the mindset of being grateful front and center in your life.

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80 Gratitude Quotes to Lead a Joy-Filled Life