Bear Jokes for Kids

Published July 3, 2019
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Not only are bears cute and cuddly when they are stuffed, they can be funny too. Find some good one-line bear jokes to impress your friends or just give yourself a laugh. And don't forget to share these gems with your bff.

Polar Bear Fun

Not only do polar bears live in the Artic but they are some of the largest carnivores on earth. While that might not be funny, these jokes might give you a chuckle about these large fuzzy seal lovers.

Q: What's a polar bear's favorite food?

A: Eskimo pies

Q: Why can't the polar bears watch TV?

A: They 'PAWS'd it

Q: Why did the polar bear go to the bank?

A: To seal the deal

Q: What did the polar bear say to the seal on the bike?

A: My meal has wheels

Q: What did the polar bears call the sleeping campers?

A: Burr-itos

Q: What's a polar bears favorite burger?

A: Ice berg-er

Q: What are the polar bears favorite socks?

A: Fuzzy ones

Koala Bear Jokes

Koala bears are the laziest bears you will meet, sleeping about 18 hours a day. Not only is their excessive tiredness a riot, but they have other fun qualities to joke about.

Q: Why was the koala sad?

A: They said he wasn't koalafied for the job.

Q: Why was the koala bear tired?

A: He only had an 8-hour nap.

Q: Why couldn't the koala go out to eat?

A: He's a picky eater.

Q: What did one koala bear say to the other?

A: How's it hanging?

Q: What did one koala say to the waiter?

A: Leaf it right there!

Q: Why did the zookeeper talk to the koala?

A: He kept hanging around.

Q: What do you call a koala bear with a red hat?

A: Santa claws

Koala Bear Jokes

Laughing at Panda Bears

This isn't your typical kung foo panda, even though he is pretty fun. Sit back and get ready for a chuckle through these fabulous jokes about the punny pandas.

Q: What has two black eyes but never been punched?

A: Panda bear

Q: What is black, white and green all over?

A: A panda at dinner time.

Q: What do you call a confused panda?

A: Pan-boozled

Q: What did they call the panda that crashed the party?

A: Panda pooper

Q: Why do pandas watch old movies?

A: Because they are black and white

Q: What smells like bamboo but can't be seen?

A: Panda farts

Q: Why do you call a sunburned panda?

A: Crispy critter

Q: What is black, white, and smelly?

A: A gassy panda

Q: Why did the panda move?

A: His home was unbearable

Panda Bear Jokes

Get a Chuckle From Gummy Bears

Not only are they fun, they are fun to eat. Gummy bears can make some amazing jokes that will be a rip roaring mouth-watering good time. Grab a bag and dive in to these laughable funnies.

Q: What do you call a gummy bear missing a leg?

A: Delicious

Q: What do you call a gummy bear that failed his exam?

A: A dummy gummy

Q: What bear doesn't bite, but is afraid to be bitten?

A: A gummy bear

Q: Why was the gummy bear hiding?

A: He was afraid to get eaten.

Q: Why was the gummy bear missing a leg?

A: He got bit.

Q: What do you call a bear with no brain?

A: A gummy bear

Q: Why did the gummy bear cross the road?

A: He had no choice. He was stuffed in a pocket.

Growling Good Time With Grizzlies

Grizzly bears are known for being grumpy rather than funny. But you can turn this growling grumpy behavior into a fabulously funny adventure. Find out why grizzly bears are so laughable.

Q: What happens when two bears charge each other?

A: A grizzly accident

Q: What does a grizzly bear use to catch fish?

A: His bear hands

Q: Why did the grizzly bear get sick?

A: He had a case of salmon-ella.

Q: What did one grizzly say to another when they came up to the campers in their sleeping bags?

A: Look! It's a hot pocket.

Q: Why can't grizzly bears change light bulbs?

A: They are all claws.

Q: Why couldn't the grizzly bear hear in the den?

A: It was too roar-dy in there.

Grizzlies Bear Jokes

Have a Beary Good Time

Kids love bears. Kids love jokes. Combine the two, and you'll have amazing fun. Need more laughs in your life? Check out some of these funny jokes for kids. You can't forget about the cheesy jokes either.

Bear Jokes for Kids