Cheese Jokes, Puns, and Riddles for Kids

Published August 8, 2019
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What's the cheesiest joke in the world? One about cheese of course. Riddles, puns and jokes about cheese can be a laughing good time. Explore fun one-liners and hilariously, cheesy jokes to make your friend's smile. It's bound to be a gouda time.

Cheesy Jokes & Riddles for Kids

You wouldn't think cheese would be funny, but it makes a gouda joke! Share some of these funnies with your family and friends.

  • Q: What did the manager yell to the cheese thief?
  • A: That's nacho cheese.
  • Q: What's the smartest cheese?
  • A: Cheese whiz
  • Q: Why did cheddar think the cottage cheese went bad?
  • A: It's curdled.
  • Q: What did the police say to the cheese thief?
  • A: You've been up to no Gouda.
  • Q: How do you get a mouse to smile?
  • A: Say cheese
  • Q: What did Cheddar say to Gouda?
  • A: I need to asiago you a question?
  • Q: Why was the mouse afraid of the cheese?
  • A: It was Gorgonzola.
  • Q: What would you get if you mixed a dinosaur with cheese?
  • A: Gorgonzilla
  • Q: Where does cheese stay when it's on vacation?
  • A: At the Stilton.
  • Q: Why was the cheese sent to his room?
  • A: He needed to mature.
  • Q: Why did the cheese run away?
  • A: It was afraid to be whipped.
  • Q: Why did the cheese cry?
  • A: It was having a meltdown.
  • Q: Why is it hard to hang out with a cracker?
  • A: He always cuts the cheese.
  • Q: Why did everyone run away from the cheese?
  • A: He curdled.
Cheese Jokes

Flavorful Cheese Jokes

I need to asiago a question: Did I do gouda job? Cheese one- and two-liners can be super corny and fun all at the same time. Show off your knowledge of cheese through these hilariously, punny food jokes.

  • Two-liner: A truck ran into a cheese factory. All that was left was da brie.
  • Two-liner: The cheese factory blew up. Da brie was everywhere.
  • Q: What happened when the cheese got into a fight?
  • A: He got creamed.
  • Q: Why did the minister cherish his Swiss cheese?
  • A: It was holy.
  • Q: What was the singing cheese's stage name?
  • A: Ricky Ricotta
  • Q: What's the pirate's favorite cheese?
  • A: Chedd-ARRR
  • Q: What did the kid say when he liked the cheese?
  • A: Its gou-da!
  • Q: What's the saddest cheese?
  • A: Blue cheese
  • Q: What's a mouse's favorite cheese?
  • A: Mouse-arella
  • Q: What's a cheese's favorite dance?
  • A: The muenster mash
  • Q: What cheese is made backwards?
  • A: Edam
  • Q: Who's the jack of all cheeses?
  • A: Monterey
  • Q: Why was the cheese wearing a mask?
  • A: It was up to no gouda
Cheese Jokes

It's Just Punny

With names like feta and gouda, how could you not love a good cheese pun? Find out what the cheese's favorite music is or what cheese say when they are messing around. It's a laughing gouda time! Punny right?

  • Q: What is a cheese's favorite music?
  • A: R'n brie
  • Q: What did one cheese yell at the other?
  • A: Leave provolone.
  • Q: Why did the cheese smile?
  • A: It's gouda brie a good day.
  • Q: How did the cheese start his story?
  • A: Oh queso….
  • Q: Why were mozzarella and feta holding hands?
  • A: They look gouda together.
  • Q: What did cheddar say to his date at the dance?
  • A: You look sharp.
  • Q: What did the cheese say when he quoted Shakespeare?
  • A: To brie or not to brie, that is the question.
  • Q: Why did the cheese run for president?
  • A: He wanted to make America grate again.
  • Q: Who's the richest of cheeses?
  • A: Paris Stilton
  • Q: How do you share cheese with a lion?
  • A: Caerphilly
  • Q: What did the cheese write on the get-well card?
  • A: Feta better
  • Q: Where would you turn in a bad cheese shop?
  • A: The feta business bureau
  • Q: What does that cheese say before leaving the house?
  • A: Have a gouda day!
  • Q: What did the frustrated cheese say?
  • A: I'm feta up!
  • Q: Why did the cheese cross the road?
  • A: To feta to the other side.
Cheese jokes

Now That's Cheesy

Did you think it would be that cheesy? Almost anything can be funny with the right punch line. Even cheese. Now have a gouda day checking out more funny jokes like knock knock jokes or even bear jokes. Do you know how to eat cheese with a bear? Beary Caerphilly!

Cheese Jokes, Puns, and Riddles for Kids