Funny Riddles to Amuse Your Kids

Published September 27, 2018
Mother reading funny riddles to kids

Fun can come from more than just practical jokes and pranks, riddles allow your kids to use their brain in a fun and entertaining way. Kids also really enjoy funny riddles and jokes that they can use to stump their friends. Try out some of these fun one-liners in a variety of topics.

Riddles About Animals

There are a plethora of ways that animals can make great funny riddles for kids. All you need is a little wordplay.

Q: What is black and white, but pink all over?
A: An embarrassed penguin

Q: Where does the elephant keep his luggage?
A: In his trunk

Q: Why are beanie babies never hungry?
A: They're stuffed.

Q: What is black, white and smelly all over?
A: A skunk

Q: When do monkeys play football?
A: April (Ape-ril)

Q: What do zebras have in common?
A: They're stripped.

Q: What do you call a zebra without stripes?
A: A horse, of course

Bathroom Humor

Kids just find the bathroom funny. The sounds, the equipment, it is all just one big joke. Check out some riddles that will make your little laugh about the bathroom.

Q: What is smelly and visited a lot?
A: A toilet

Q: What do the toilet and bathtub have in common?
A: Water

Q: What did the tub say to the toilet?
A: Get flushed

Q: What can be hard, soft, runny or loose, but always goes out and never comes in?
A: Poop

Cunning Kitchen Fun

While you might not realize it, but the kitchen is chalked full of fun riddles. Whether you are talking about the appliances or the food, there are lots of ways to have fun.

Q: What did the toaster say to the bread?
A: You're toast.

Q: What did peanut butter say to jelly?
A: Let's make beautiful sandwiches together.

Q: Where did the chip go?
A: For a dip

Q: What did the fruit say to the blender?
A: I'm all mixed up.

Q: What did the milk say to the cereal?
A: Now I'm soaked.

Q: Why did the omelet cry?
A: It got burned.

Riddles for Getting Dressed

Everyone knows a good sock joke, but you can find some amazing riddles about getting dressed. Find out why pants and socks are so funny.

Q: Why did the belt get arrested?
A: It was holding up the pants.

Q: What did the right sock say to the left?
A: I know I'm right.

Q: What did the blue shirt say to the red one?
A: I'm feeling blue today.

Q: Why won't a shoe go into a singles bar?
A: They come in pairs.

Q: Why were the shirt and socks sad?
A: They were missing pants.

Out of This World Humor

The solar system is an amazing and unique creation. But it can also make some great riddles.

Q: How do Earth and Jupiter work to create a solar system?
A: They planet (plan-et).

Q: Why will there never be a restaurant on the Moon?
A: There's no atmosphere.

Q: Why didn't the sun need to go to college?
A: It already had a million degrees.

Q: What did Saturn say Earth?
A: If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.

Q: How do you make a baby astronaut fall asleep?
A: You rocket (rock-et)

Thoughtful Laugh

Kids have to think on their feet. And rather than having kids bury their nose in a book, you can use fun and engaging riddles to allow them to think outside of the box. They can also have a little chuckle too. Next, check out Knock Knock Jokes for Kids.

Funny Riddles to Amuse Your Kids