Rhyming Riddles for Kids

Published August 2, 2019
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Fun and learning don't always go hand in hand. To get your kids excited about learning about a new subject or just to give them something to do at the dinner table, try out rhyming riddles. Not only will they be fun but possibly add a memory connection. Explore rhyming riddles for kids of all ages.

Educating Elementary Students

Word games or puzzles are fun for all elementary students. Use these subject based rhyming riddles to pique their interest.

Word Type Riddles

Help your elementary students explore the exciting world of word parts by looking at a few of these riddles. All the answers are designed to help them get a feel for different words that they can use in their writing.

  • I can be a person, place or thing. And sometimes I just might sting. What am I? (noun)
  • I can describe a state, occurrence or action. So, I'll tell you when it will happen. What am I? (verb)
  • You'll use me to run and jump in a sentence. Don't worry about repentance. What am I? (adjective)
  • I can modify an adjective or verb, but I try not to disturb. What am I? (adverb)
  • I describe words that mean the same, like gentle and tame. What am I? (synonym)
  • My words have the opposite meaning, like dirtying or cleaning. What am I? (antonym)

Science Riddles

Test their science knowledge with these fun and enjoyable riddles. Explore matter states, types of sciences and even the smallest particle.

  • You can't see me, no you can't. But I can surround you or your Aunt. What am I? (gas)
  • I can be soft, hard and even a bit marred. You can hold me in your hand like rocks on the land. What am I? (solid)
  • I'm not gas or solid but something quite unique. I am the water that flows through a bird's beak. What am I? (liquid)
  • I can hold all the liquid that a scientist used. I can even come fused. What am I? (beaker)
  • Atoms are cool, but in my world, stars rule. We even have a special telescopic tool. What am I? (astronomy)
  • The wind and rain are my domain. You might even see a twister or two, talked about in the area of science I do. What am I? (meteorology)
  • I'm the smallest unit. There is nothing else to it. What am I? (atom)
  • I'm small, smaller than the eye can see, but without me plants, animals and bacteria would never be. What am I? (cells)
  • I let you run, jump and dance with glee. But you have to eat to gain me. What am I? (energy)
  • Here is where scientists will find the googles and burner. Alas there is not time turner. What am I? (laboratory)
  • Science isn't all experiments and fun. You need to do this before any experiment can be done. I'm all about books and looking at statistics. This might even include a look at characteristics. What am I? (research)
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Mental Math

Making calculations a breeze, riddles are exciting for mental math games. Explore these different equations and math terms.

  • Not one, two, three but four. Now times that by eight more. What am I? (32)
  • Two is cool but add eight more to rule. What am I? (10)
  • You know four times four now add ten more. What am I? (26)
  • Sixteen might seem mean but wait until you add a team of seventeen. How many now? (33)
  • Sarah, Michael and Lean had 29, 18, and 15 beans, now they need to find the mean? (20)
  • I'm the measure of all the sides not the length of ocean tides. What am I? (perimeter)
  • Rather than the sides you see, the measure of the entire surface is where you'll find me. What am I? (area)
  • Of surfaces, I have six. Each is a perfect match not a mix. What am I? (cube)
  • I'm at the bend or a triangle end. What am I? (angle)

Art Riddles

Get your art students pumped with some fun artsy riddles. Not only do these rhyme, but they will help your students remember a few of the fun art words.

  • I can draw a pretty picture because I have a fine tip. Sometimes, I even get bit. I break over and over and sometimes go dull. Until there is nothing left of me nada, null. What am I? (pencil)
  • I come in bright colors, red, yellow and blue. You can even mix me together to make a new hue. What am I? (paint)
  • I'm made by cutting up pieces of paper, glass or even a screw. I'm typically held together with glue. I can make a picture in yellow, red or blue. What am I? (collage)
  • I'm painted on a ceiling or wall. Even if you've seen one, you've definitely not seen them all. What am I? (mural)
  • I give paint its color. I'm brighter than no other. What am I? (pigment)
  • I'm not acrylic or oil but I'm still a form of paint. And my pictures can be rather quaint. You thin me with water and might use a blotter. What am I? (watercolor)
  • Sometimes things look far. Sometimes they look near. It's all about how you leer. I am? (perspective)
  • I'm what you make when you draw a face instead of a mace. What am I? (portrait)
  • It's typically made from clay, stone or even wood. You have to look at all sides for it to be understood. I am? (sculpture)
  • Rather than the look, I'm all about the feel. I could be raised or peel. Sometimes I even feel real. What am I? (texture)
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Fun For All Kids

Looking for something that little kids or older elementary children might enjoy? Give these general riddles about animals or household items a try. They are simple enough that everyone can have fun with them.

Animals Riddles

Kids love animals, just as much as most animals love them. These riddles can entice kids of all ages or you might even throw them into a unit about animals.

  • I have a long, floppy tongue and make a great pet. You know one named Clifford, I bet. What am I? (dog)
  • I love to curl up on your lap. I know your home like a map. I might catch a mouse or two. Because that is just what I do. What am I? (cat)
  • Some say that I smell, but I'm actually quite clean. However, if you mess with my mud, I might get quite mean. What am I? (pig)
  • You see me on a farm, and I chew cud. My spots are famous even in the mud. I don't speak no bull when I say that my life is never dull. What am I? (cow)
  • I'm not calling for a baba but want you to know I'm there. My wool is shorn with very precise care. What am I? (sheep)
  • I'm the first one up making the wakeup call. It's time to get moving one and all. What am I? (rooster)
  • I'm warm and fuzzy but not made for a cuddle. If you see me in the wild run away even through a puddle. I can be brown or black and even grizzly. And I'm a fan of any food, even the sizzly. What am I? (bear)
  • My legs are long, but I'm not like King Kong. My neck is my best feature, it's even taller than a bleacher. What am I? (giraffe)
  • They say I look like a dog, but I travel in a pack. We can be vicious so watch your back. What am I? (wolf)
  • I'm a little fuzzy creature you might keep in a cage. However, I'm really good at not showing my age. I kind of look like a rat, but my cheeks get really fat. What am I? (hamster)
  • I love swinging from trees, and I really like to tease. I'm fuzzy like a bear but my face has a little less hair. What am I? (monkey)
  • My weight is in the tons. And I'm in a lot of puns. I have a trunk but it's not because I'm a chunk. What am I? (elephant)
  • I have stripes, and I'm among stereotypes. My color might be black and white, but I was never ridden by a knight. What am I? (zebra)
  • My baby is called a joey and I'm a little showy. My big jumping feet and small arms are just a few of my many charms. What am I? (kangaroo)
  • I like to steal food. I'm rarely in a good mood. It looks like I have two black eyes. And I'm smaller in size. What am I? (raccoon)
  • I waddle like a duck, but I have a little more luck. Even though my climate is a little frozen, it's still nice to doze in. What am I? (penguin)
  • I'm the biggest species in the sea. Most creatures let me be. I can shoot water out of my head, and never need a bed. What am I? (whale)
  • I'm as light as a feather but can fly through all the weather. I love something sweet. But for speed I can't be beat. What am I? (hummingbird)
  • My name rhymes with steal but I'm not an eel. I like to swim in the sea but don't let a polar bear see me. What am I? (seal)
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Everyday Item Riddles

Looking for a fun and easy game to play between units or just on a drive. Try out a few of these fun around the everyday riddles. They can cover things in your house, car or just lying around your yard.

  • You ride me down a hill. I can be shaped like a pill. What am I? (sled)
  • I run on peddle power, but you can't take my two wheels up a tower. What am I? (bike)
  • From me you'll hear the tunes even if you are on the dunes. I'm found in a car along with a bar. What am I? (radio)
  • Sometimes the desk might be my home. I wasn't around in Ancient Rome. I'm new technology. And I can teach you about mythology. What am I? (computer)
  • On me you can watch classics or horror. I even have romance to show you adore her. You watch me when you curl up on the couch and chill. And I can be hurt by a spill. What am I? (TV)
  • Whether you wash the dishes or your face. You are going to use this space. What is it? (sink)
  • You look for me the moment you get sick. When you need a toilet, I'm the room you pick. What am I? (bathroom)
  • You sit on me every day. I might include a bidet. What am I? (toilet)
  • You don't want to eat on me. The crumbs won't let you be when you curl up for some ZZZs. What am I? (bed)
  • I can be clean or a mess. You might use me to play chess. I can also be used to play guess. The computer I might hold. I can also be new or old. What am I? (desk)
  • You curl up on me to watch movies but I make sure you don't get cooties. My cushions are soft and fluffy. I'm also your favorite place when you feel stuffy. What am I? (couch)
  • I come in red, white, green and blue. I have four wheels too. You might catch a ride to school. Because you don't want to be a fool. What am I? (car)
  • I can help you see the stars. I might help you look to mars. Look through my eye to see, all the planets that might be. What am I? (telescope)
  • I bring in light during the day. I also show the stars they say. I can be open or close. If you go through me, nobody knows. What am I? (window)
  • You might come in or out. But I don't have a spout. Twist my handle to open me up. You might use me to go get a cup. What am I? (door)

Rhyming Riddle Answers for Preschool and Kindergarteners

Not only are rhyming riddles fun but they can be used as a learning tool. Teachers or parents might create a kids game out of these riddles that not only teach rhyming but colors, shapes and numbers. Explore a few rhyming riddles to try with your little kids. For these riddles, the answer will rhyme with the last word of the riddle.


Linking colors to the world around us is a great way to make the names stick. Use these fun riddles about colors to push children's learning.

  • I'm the color of the sky and rhyme with moo. (blue)
  • You'll find me in the color of the grass, I rhyme with mean. (green)
  • You can find me on a fire engine, my color rhymes with bed. (red)
  • I can be the color of a teddy bear, and I rhyme with town. (brown)
  • I'm the color of fluffy clouds and rhyme with tight. (white)
  • You can see my color in car tires, and I rhyme with tack. (black)
  • I am the color of the sun and rhyme with mellow. (yellow)
  • Some say I'm a girl color, and I rhyme with think. (pink)
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Rhyming word riddles of shapes for kids can make a great game. Not only can they help students to make connections between the shapes and the clues, but rhymes will push word association. This can make it easier for the student to recall later.

  • My shape is round like a car tire. My answer rhymes with Urkel. (circle)
  • You'll find my shape on dice, and I rhyme with air. (square)
  • You can find my shape on your desk and my answer rhymes with correct angle. (rectangle)
  • My shape is found on a Doritos or piece of pie, and I rhyme with jangle. (triangle)


Numbers can be hard for kids to get, but rhyming can make it easier. Learn a few different riddles that you might try for learning numbers to ten.

  • My number is all by itself. I rhyme with Ben. (1)
  • When you have a friend, you are both my number. I rhyme with blue. (2)
  • The number of points on a triangle. I rhyme with bee. (3)
  • I'm the number between three and five and rhyme with tore. (4)
  • You'll find me if you take two away from seven. I rhyme with hive. (5)
  • If you add one to five, you'll get my number. I rhyme with licks. (6)
  • Add four oranges to three pears and you'll find my number. I rhyme with heaven. (7)
  • I'm the value of two sets of four. I rhyme with bait. (8)
  • I am one less than ten and rhyme with mine. (9)
  • I'm the first two-digit number and rhyme with men. (10)

Rhyming Brain Teasers

Get your little brains motivated with exciting rhyming riddles. Not only can these help them to learn about subjects in school but they can use them to cure boredom or just for a fun brain teaser. Want more riddle fun, check out funny riddles.

Rhyming Riddles for Kids