25 Friend Zone Quotes About Unrequited Love

Published March 30, 2022
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Being stuck in the friend zone can be discouraging and heartbreaking. You may have deep romantic feelings for someone, but they only see you as a friend. While experiencing unrequited love is never fun, you can find comfort, inspiration, and laughter in a few lighthearted friend zone quotes.

Friend Zone Sayings for Guys and Girls

When you love someone, being in the friend zone can be crushing. However, rather than losing the person who means everything to you, you can remain friends. Forget your sorrows with these playful friend zone quotes. Take comfort in knowing you aren't the only one in this situation.

Friend Zone Saying for Guys and Girls
  • Never the main man, always the wingman.
  • Do you know the difference between a girl friend and a girlfriend? A space. Figuring out how to put those two words together... that's a bit tricky.
  • When I think friend zone, I think about always being in their life. Loves come and go, but friends remain.
  • Friend zone vibes: I can't help how my heart feels, just as you can't help yours.
  • Some epic love stories started in the friend zone. There's always hope.

Friend Zone Captions to Accept Your Fate

The love of your life just said those famous words, "I only like you as a friend." The thought of that memory still stings. Truthfully, being in the friend zone can hurt a lot, but there's always a silver lining to remaining in a loved one's life as a dear friend with limitless possibilities.

Friend Zone Caption to Accept Your Fate
  • Relationship status: friend zone.
  • Seeking a good partner? Check the members of your friend zone.
  • The friend zone can be a dark place. It makes it hard to see the true gems.
  • As everyone else passes through their life, I will remain... even if it's only in the friend zone.
  • Think of the friend zone as the safe zone. Friends are forever.

Funny Friend Zone Quotes About Unrequited Love

Being in the friend zone can be painful. But you can find humor in it too. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And who knows, maybe that friend zone will change sometime down the line.

Funny Friend Zone Quote About Unrequited Love
  • When you hear, "I love you like a sister or brother," you know you are eternally in the friend zone. No one wants to date their sibling.
  • Friend zones aren't just for guys. Girls just handle it better.
  • The friend zone is kind of like a jail sentence. You have to serve your time. You'll either get out or become a lifer.
  • I'm so deep in the friend zone I have an anthem and a flag.
  • When they ask me about the friend zone, I let them know I've reached the infinity level.

Out of the Friend Zone Quotes

The friend zone doesn't always last forever. There are many great 80s movies made about getting out of the friend zone and into a relationship. You never know what tomorrow might bring. Try out these quotes to see if they help.

  • Climbing out of the friend zone one sweet moment at a time.
  • I was the best friend that a person could be until they realized I was more.
  • Not all great loves happen instantly. Sometimes platonic becomes romantic over time.
  • I lived in the friend zone focusing on your happiness. Eventually, you found it was with me.
  • Like every great rom-com before you, you went from friend zone to relationship in one legendary moment.

Famous Friend Zone Messages

You are not the only one stuck in the friend zone. At one time or another, most people have been there. This includes celebrities and other famous personalities. Share their heartfelt and humorous thoughts on being in the friend zone.

  • "I don't like relationships, though. I mean, it is nice and all, but I prefer to be the friend. I don't know why. They're kind of exhausting." - Abraham M. Alghanem
  • "If they thought you were possibly 'the one', they would not risk leaving you on the open market. After all, there is no such thing as being "exclusive friends." - Kevin Darné
  • "Friendzone teenage purgatory, like a mirage of an oasis in a sweltering desert, when they're happy it brightens the world, when they're sad your world erodes, when you look at them you see utter brilliance, magnificence, perfectness, but when they see you, they only see one thing: Friend." - Marshall Wagoner
  • "The 'friend zone' is like the penalty box of dating, only you can never get out. Once a girl decides you're her 'friend,' it's game over. You've become a complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother, or a lamp." - Ryan Reynolds
  • "'Friend zone' being friend zone is like.. moon around the earth but earth around the sun." - Dharam Singh Rathore

Unrequited Love and the Friend Zone

Loving someone with your whole heart takes courage. However, unlike in the movies, the object of your affection doesn't always feel the same way. Just being friends can be hard, but losing them can be even harder. So, you enter the friend zone. Sometimes the friend zone changes to a relationship, while other times, you just remain friends. When your heart is feeling sad, you can find comfort in a few quotes and possibly share them with your friends that are in the same boat. And if you aren't sure whether you're in the friend zone, this quiz can help you find out.

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25 Friend Zone Quotes About Unrequited Love