41 Sad Relationship Quotes to Relate to in Rough Times

Published September 10, 2020
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Sad relationship quotes are often consoling when you're going through a rough time. These sad quotes about relationships offer you several choices that you can relate to and find comfort.

Sad Relationship Quotes

  1. I thought you were the one, but now I know you were just one.
  2. My heart is broken, and I can't get up.
    Sad Relationship Quote With Sad Woman In Bed
  3. Sadness over a broken relationship requires ice cream and two spoons, one for you and one for your best friend.
  4. Like all living things, relationships have lifespans; some are short and end too soon.
  5. Your actions betrayed our love.
  6. I believed your words of love yet didn't know your words were lies.
  7. A lover's betrayal destroys the illusion of the two of you against the world.
  8. Finding out that special person isn't who you thought pierces the heart as though it were a knife.
  9. Being abandoned feels like your life walks out the door, too.
  10. When your heart is broken, every breath you take hurts.
  11. A sad heart only knows pain.
  12. A broken heart is only glued back together with love.
  13. When a lover's promise is broken, the soul is shattered, and the heart is ripped in two.
  14. The purpose of rough times is to bring lovers closer, not split them apart.
  15. Not everyone is worthy of the love given to them.
  16. Love is a gift and is not something to be exchanged for something else.
  17. If your lover doesn't appreciate your uniqueness, it's time to find someone who does.
  18. You can only please yourself, no matter how you may have tried.
  19. When a relationship is on life support, it's time to pull the plug.
  20. It's an act of mercy to end a toxic relationship.
  21. Destiny doesn't care how you feel about a relationship fated to end.

Sad Quotes About Relationships Ending

  1. Loving you meant betraying myself.
  2. Love isn't supposed to hurt.
  3. Looking in the darkness for answers why love didn't last only gives despair.
  4. Desperately trying to make a relationship work is a symptom that it is dying.
  5. You cannot force a person to love you.
  6. When you fall out of love, it's only natural for it to hurt when you land.
  7. Some relationships are just destined to crash and burn.
  8. A toxic romantic relationship either ends or ends you.
  9. Security isn't a reason to remain in a bad relationship.
  10. Some relationships just weren't meant to be.
  11. Don't spend one minute mourning the loss of a lover who left you.
  12. Time might not heal all wounds, but it gives insight to a bad relationship.
  13. There's only one way to survive a bad relationship - leave.
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  14. Don't mistake my sadness as not caring. I'm just too hurt to respond.
  15. Just because your last relationship was a wreck doesn't mean this one will be.
  16. True love doesn't demand you change who you are.
  17. The finality of a relationship ending is when you realize you have two keys to your front door instead of one.
  18. Loving the right person is easy, but loving the wrong one is hard.
  19. If you can't be yourself with your lover, then you need another.
    Sad Quote About Relationships Ending With Sad Couple In Bed
  20. You don't choose who to love, but when love is unhealthy, you can choose to walk away.

Sad Relationship Quotes That Reveal Rough Times

The end of a relationship or going through a rough patch can be summed up with a sad relationship quote. Reading these quotes can often provide clarity for what you're going through.

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41 Sad Relationship Quotes to Relate to in Rough Times