60+ Beautiful and Inspirational Quotes About Marriage

Published September 9, 2022
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You don't need to be a prize-winning poet to write the perfect wedding vows or share your thoughts about your marriage in a card or love letter for your partner. You can convey the joy and hope you feel about your union with meaningful words that come from your heart.

Fall in love with these beautiful, inspirational quotes about marriage, and use the sentiments that best describe your affection for your special someone. Share your messages with the love of your life or the entire world to show what you feel about the momentous commitment of marriage.

Inspirational Quotes About Marriage for Newly Married Couples

Inspirational Marriage Quote for Newly Married Couple

A new marriage takes work. Find comfort in the struggles and remember the love that brought you together by enjoying a few loving quotes for new couples. You could add these to an anniversary scrapbook or a card.

  • Hand in hand, you are taking a beautiful journey together.
  • Your hearts are bound together in love for eternity.
  • The road ahead isn't always easy, but you are driving it together.
  • From this moment, your footprints will walk together side by side in the sands of life.
  • The beginning of your journey starts now. Always keep your hearts and hands held together tightly.
  • Marriage is simply joining your path with another. Your walk will never be lonely.
  • Lean on one another through the storms, and the sunlight is even brighter.
  • When souls connect through marriage, amazing dreams are realized.
  • You are never alone. Your spouse is always beside you.
  • Together, you will journey through happiness, joy, and sadness. It's these moments that will strengthen your love.
  • Marriage is a cosmic connection written forever in your loving commitment.

Heartfelt Happy Married Life Quotes

Heartfelt Happy Married Life Quote

Married life is full of smiles and adventures, and creating unforgettable memories together. Share a quote about the happiness of marriage. Add them to a wedding card or even a gift sharing the joy marriage can bring to your life.

  • It's the music of love that binds your hearts happily together.
  • What love and happiness started, commitment has bound together for eternity.
  • A happy marriage begins with love and commitment, even when the skies are a little cloudy.
  • Eternal love is the key to a happy marriage.
  • It's the small moments of joy that make a marriage complete.
  • In the garden of life, your happy marriage blooms with joy.
  • Compromise is found in every happy marriage.
  • Marriage takes work and love to create happiness.
  • You know you've found the one when their smile brings you indescribable joy.
  • Marriage is a bond founded in love but forged eternally through happiness.

Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times in Marriage

Inspirational Quote for Difficult Times in Marriage

Marriage has its struggles. But it's those struggles that help you to grow together. Make it through the challenging times by finding a bit of comfort in an inspirational message. Motivate other couples on the importance of weathering the storm together.

  • When the moments become hard, lean on your love to get you through.
  • Love takes work to weather the storms of life.
  • The flowers of love must always be nurtured and cared for to keep blooming.
  • Give and take are essential to maintain balance in a marriage.
  • Do not let your love become a shadow that hinders the growth of those you love.
  • Marriage isn't about living as one, it's about nurturing each other's dreams.
  • The foundations of love are built on trust. Trust in love.
  • Love changes and grows with time. Grow with it together.
  • The train of life has many stops. Choose to take the ride together.
  • The dark periods of a marriage can be used to form stronger bonds.

Marriage Quotes to Share With the Bride and Groom

Marriage Quote to Share With Bride and Groom

Getting married is one of the most exciting events in someone's life. Share a few words of wisdom with the happy couple. These also work great as an addition to your wedding vows or invitation.

  • The moment when two hearts join in one beat.
  • The joining of these two beautiful souls makes fairytales seem real.
  • It's not a ring that connects you; it's the merging of your souls.
  • Marriage is where love grows deeper with each moment.
  • With your love, you will build a beautiful life together.
  • Your love is a light that brightens with your eternal connection.
  • With a kiss, heaven and earth collide, connecting you for a lifetime.
  • Souls are found in pairs. And you found your mate.
  • It's more than love that makes a marriage. It's your desire to build a life together.
  • Your love is written in the stars. Your marriage forever connects you in the constellations.

Love Quotes for a Married Couple

Love Quote for a Married Couple

Marriage is all about love. It's why you choose to join together and create a family. Get inspired by the importance of love in your marriage.

  • Love is the spark that creates new possibilities.
  • It's the different forms of love that nurture a heart for a lifetime.
  • It's love that connects you, but commitment that keeps your marriage alive.
  • Love is the cement that holds a marriage together.
  • When the stars of love align, a whole new constellation opens to the world.
  • The steps of marriage are built with the promise to love forever.
  • When it comes to loving you, the words are always, "I do."
  • Side by side on this road of life, you will forever be my wingman.
  • The pictures of your loving moments together line the walls of your marriage.
  • Love opens the door to incredible possibilities for the two of you to grow together.
  • Always appreciate the "I love yous." It's what holds you together.

Short Inspirational Quotes About Marriage

Short Inspirational Quotes About Marriage

Marriage is about working together to keep your love strong and lasting. Add a few encouraging words to your social media about the importance of your love and commitment to one another.

  • Hand in hand, we make the best team.
  • Our choice is love.
  • Connected by a promise.
  • It's a pinky promise kept for a lifetime.
  • Marriage is a beautiful dance that never stops.
  • Marriage is always having someone to pick you up.
  • Laughter brings a marriage joy.
  • The perfect soulmate.
  • Connected by "I do."
  • Marriage: a loving adventure.

Encouraging Quotes About Marriage to Show Your Lifelong Commitment

Are you feeling a bit stagnant? The adventure of marriage needs a little inspiration from time to time. Whether you are congratulating a new couple or going through a difficult phase, quotes can give you the encouragement you need. Share these quotes on scrapbooks, cards, gifts, and invitations. Try customizing them to suit your personal situation as well.

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60+ Beautiful and Inspirational Quotes About Marriage