40+ Clever Captions for Baby Pictures Everyone Will Adore

Published April 22, 2021
Mother and baby girl taking selfie

Once you have your baby, you will be posting pictures of him or her on various social media channels like crazy. It's totally normal to want the whole world to see your perfect little slice of heaven! Taking the pics is the easy part, coming up with captions for baby pictures takes a bit more wit.

Choosing the Perfect Baby Picture Captions

Putting images up on social media channels like Instagram is a two-part job. First, you'll want to choose a show-stopping image and apply whatever filters make sense to you, creating the ultimate feast for virtual eyes. Next, you'll need to pair that perfect picture with a caption that encompasses your wit and your sentiment. These cute captions for baby pictures on Instagram will find a spot with just about any baby photo in your arsenal.

Captions for Baby Pictures That Will Melt Hearts

You can barely stand how adorable your little one is. Share how full your heart is with your virtual friends by teaming a picture up with one of these sweet baby captions.

  • You hold my heart, and I'll hold your hand.
  • The littlest things in life truly are the best things.
  • First, we had you, and now we have everything.
  • Dream big, our little star.
  • You're everything I never knew I wanted.
  • You're so small, yet you take up my entire heart.
  • Show me that smile baby, and I'll show you the world.
  • I created my very own sunshine!
  • A boy has stolen my heart completely. He calls me parent.
  • It only took nine months to create a lifetime of love.
  • More than expected...better than imagined...all I could have dreamed for.

Funny Captions for Insta-Babies

Share your baby with the world using a bit of humor. These funny captions and their pics make for the perfect start to any day.

  • Will smile for milk.
  • Sweet smile, stinky everything else!
  • In this home, we run on love, coffee, and baby smiles.
  • All I need in life is this baby and a bottomless coffee cup.
  • And they lived happily ever after (so long as there is milk!)
  • Little package, great big deal!
  • There's a new boss in the office. (Caption for a newborn baby)
  • He thrives on love and we thrive on coffee.
  • The best things in life are free, and crying and stinky.
  • Champion cuddler right out of the gate.
Funny Captions for Insta-Babies

Sweet Selfie Captions

Your baby and you are the perfect pair, and you make sure to snap a picture of the two of you together any time that you can. These baby-mommy selfie captions are Insta-worthy and oh, so clever!

  • She gets it from you know who. (Perfect for when you are both looking your best.)
  • A lifetime of twinning with this one. (Put with an image of you and baby in matching outfits.)
  • Oh yeah, we just woke up like this. (For when you are all dolled up and feeling extra sassy.)
  • We are #soulmates.
  • On Wednesdays, we wear pink! (Caption for you and your little lady dressed in pink. From the movie Mean Girls.)
  • All we need in life is each other and a good filter.
  • Home is where these humans are. (Great for a family selfie.)
  • Hello happy hour! (Put with an image of the baby with a bottle and mommy with a beverage.)
  • No crying over spilled milk, but tons of crying over spilled coffee! (Great for a candid picture of trying days for you both.)
  • Someone call Grandma. Stat. (Pair with a picture of you and your baby experiencing a challenging day.)

Sweet Selfie Captions

Captions for a Baby Girl

In her, you birthed your best friend for life. You love spending every second with her, dressing alike with her, and snapping selfies with her. She is the other half of your soul, so say it with a superb caption.

  • Today my baby, tomorrow my best friend.
  • And though she may be little, she is fierce. (Shakespeare)
  • With you little girl, I will love, laugh, and live for.
  • With that smile, you will move mountains, baby girl.
  • She's my ultimate throwback!
Captions for a Baby Girl

Captions for a Baby Boy

Who knew you could actually grow the man of your dreams? Well, you did! Your son is wondrous and special and needs only the very best social media shout-outs.

  • You are my "son" shine,
  • You will outgrow clothes, strollers, and cribs, but you'll never outgrow these arms.
  • Your tiny feet have left the biggest footprints on this parent's heart.
  • He was the missing piece to our puzzle.
  • Boy, oh boy, you couldn't be cuter, baby!

Smile! You're on Camera

Once you have managed to snap a million pictures of your little darling, you'll want to do something with those memories. Sure, it's fine to keep them on camera or leave them on various social media channels. You can always bring pull them up and give them a gaze, but think of other ways to gather your baby's moments in one place. Consider making a scrapbook, a personalized photo book, or another fun piece of memorabilia for your baby's first year.

40+ Clever Captions for Baby Pictures Everyone Will Adore