Beautiful Poems About Grandmothers

Updated January 8, 2019
Granddaughter kissing her grandmother's cheek

Show your gratitude and love to a wonderful influence in your life by selecting thoughtful grandmother poems. Poems abut grandmas express how you feel and can serve as a beautiful gift that will last forever. Some sentiments are difficult to express in everyday situations, but heartfelt poems about grandmothers can bring these thoughts to life.

Sharing Through Poems About Grandmothers

Add your poem to a card or surprise your grandmother by reciting it in the spirit of spontaneity just before a family dinner. There are many types of poems about grandmothers that range from real tear-jerkers to whimsical, fun expressions. You may want to choose a poem about a moment only the two of you shared while working in her garden, or a poem about how your grandmother is always there for you. Regardless of the topic you choose, be sure that the poem fits your grandmother's personality.


She's the one you see

at all my birthday parties

and school plays,

It's oh so reassuring to know

her smiles are just for me,

The darkest night brightens

the moment I hear her voice,

And rainy days become

adventures when she joins in the play,

My grandmother is so special,

No one can ever take her place,

My heart is filled with love

each time I see her face.

She Knows

My grandmother knows everything about me

sometimes before they happen,

She has a sixth sense

about most things in life,

She knows how to kiss my cheek

or dry my tears

whenever I am hurt or afraid,

She bakes all kinds of yummy food

and can even make a snowman, too,

In summertime, she teaches me to swim

and how to catch a fish,

But best of all,

she knows

how to be

the best grandmother

in the world to me.

Thank You, Grandma

Thank you for the many times

you sat beside my bed

when I was sick,

Thank you for the special treats

you baked just for me,

Thank you for my birthday cakes

you decorate each year,

And, all the clothes you sew

that I love to wear,

Thank you for the fun times

we have playing games and

all the shopping trips,

But, thank you most of all

for spending time with me, Grandma.

Only a Grandmother

Only a grandmother can understand

the tears that blur her eyes,

Whenever she watches her

daughter with her own child,

Or, when her heart fills with pride

to see her grandchild become a bride,

Only a grandmother understands her role

to provide a safe haven

where questions aren't asked

and secrets aren't told,

Only a grandmother realizes

how important she is

when she stares into the faces

of her kin,

and sees the generations

yet to be born,

Only a grandmother's eyes can see

those many things

that make

each grandchild special

and forever

snuggled deep inside her heart.

My Grandma

My grandma has a cheerful smile

when working in her garden,

She always hums a song

that isn't very long,

She lets me pick tomatoes

and several ripened fruits,

"We'll bake a pie," she says,

"Or, maybe even two,

Once we've made some soup,"

We pause to rest

upon the garden bench,

A lazy summer breeze

lifts her straw hat

and sends it sailing

against the back door,

"I guess that's our cue," Grandma laughs

and stands once more,

grabbing baskets, she turns to me,

"Let's go make something good to eat,"

and reaches for my hand,

"I love you, Grandma," I smile

and notice a tiny tear

that slips down her cheek.

Grandma Knows My Heart

Grandma knows what's in my heart

I never have to say,

She knows when I want to play

and when I'm tired and need to rest

My grandma often sings to me,

as we sit beneath the trees,

We bake cookies and pies

and laugh until we cry,

My grandma knows my heart

and understands my fears,

and how to dry my tears

with stories that make me laugh,

My grandma knows my heart

and all those things I want to say,

but can't quite put into words today,

My grandma knows my heart

and loves what she sees inside,

And tells me all the time

she loves me, just the way I am

'cause Grandma knows my heart.

Poetry for Grandmothers Expresses Tender Words

You may choose to try your hand at creating your own verses to present or to read to your grandmother. As long as the words come from your heart, your grandmother is sure to love whatever poem you write or present to her.

Beautiful Poems About Grandmothers