40+ Funny New Baby Quotes to Make Anyone Laugh Out Loud

Published May 17, 2021
adorable baby covered in a colorful blanket at home

When someone has a baby, it is natural to want to extend well wishes to the new parents. These funny new baby quotes will have parents grinning ear to ear as they read them over.

Short and Sweet Funny New Baby Quotes

Your friends have welcomed a new baby into their lives and you want to extend a message of congrats to them. Whether you write these short and funny messages on a card, send them with a bouquet of flowers, or attach them to a gift, they are bound to make any new parent smile and giggle when they read them.

  • Look who hopped on the baby train!
  • You make motherhood look fab!
  • Your baby hit the parent jackpot! Congrats you guys.
  • Three cheers for your mini human.
  • Heard you have a new roomie. Congrats!
  • Prayers for your new baby and your sanity.
  • Congrats on birthing your bestie!
  • Cheers for the new kid on the block.
  • This baby is the only person I will share you with.
  • Congrats Boss Lady on your boss baby.
  • Congrats on birthing the man of your dreams.
Short and Sweet Funny New Baby Quotes

Funny New Baby Quotes for First-Time Parents

Being a first-time parent is thrilling and frightening. One of the best ways to send a message of congratulations to first-time parents is with humor. All anxieties will melt away with these funny well wishes.

  • Welcome to the coolest club in town!
  • Look who traded wine bottles for baby bottles! Congrats mama!
  • Congrats on your new job title. Hope the baby boss takes it easy on you.
  • We heard you traded sleep for sweet. Congrats on your beautiful snooze-stealer.
  • Congrats on being able to pop bottles again, baby bottles of course.
  • Hip hip hooray and three cheers! Let's plan something fun in about eighteen years.
  • Today we celebrate your new baby and mourn your loss of sleep.
  • You sacrifice so much with a new baby, but at least you gained those beautiful milk machines.
  • Cheers to a lifetime of doody and memory making.
  • Buckle up and let the ride begin, mama!
  • Congrats and good luck on surviving parenthood: a scary hood indeed!
  • We hope you love a good rollercoaster ride because that is what parenting is!
Funny New Baby Quotes for First-Time Parents

Funny New Baby Quotes for Parents of Multiples

Strong is the parent who has the willpower and determination to raise multiples! Show your support and humor for this unique undertaking with these funny new baby times two quotes!

  • Twice the diapers and twice the fun! Congrats on your beautiful babies.
  • Here comes double trouble! Let the fun begin.
  • Two babies! Now we get to see what you are really made of.
  • Way to give birth to genetic wonders. You are still so extra.
  • Now that you have two, can we share?
  • Wow! Two babies! I will never complain about my cat again.
  • If anyone can handle multiples like a baddie, it's you guys!
  • Thanks for the reminder to sleep while I can.
  • Call anytime for help with the babies, except between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. Some of us still like to catch our zzzz's.
  • Two babies! We will pray twice as hard for you guys.
  • Your kids prove evolution is flawed. Two babies and only two hands! Not fair. Best wishes for your survival.

Funny New Baby Quotes for Parents Who Have Other Children

If you have pals who have recently added another addition to their family, they are likely busier than ever and running on a steady stream of baby cuddles and coffee. You might not be able to lend them a hand physically, but let them know that you are thinking of them and happy for their latest blessing with these hilarious new baby quotes.

  • Looks like the pair of you have found your true talent! Congrats on baby number "x!"
  • Whoa, baby! Another bundle of adorable.
  • Bottles, loudness, music 24-7. Either you guys are building a family or a dance club. Congrats on the latest party animal.
  • Another baby! Time to switch from a man-on-man game plan to zone defense.
  • Looks like the inmates are running the jail these days. Send up a smoke signal if you need help.
  • Way to get building an army, buddy!
  • Cheers to the ringleader of the funniest circus in town.
  • Congrats on your newest tax deduction.

Send Messages With Meaning

Having a new baby is a major undertaking, even for experienced parents. The emotions that parents feel when welcoming a new baby into the family can range from elation to trepidation. Sometimes a few simple words from a loved one can brighten a new parent's day, remind them that they are never alone, and help them power through those sleepless nights and busy days. Choose your well wishes carefully, as your words can mean so much to new parents.

40+ Funny New Baby Quotes to Make Anyone Laugh Out Loud