45 Original Grandpa Quotes as Special as He Is

Published April 23, 2021
Granddaughter showing grandfather how to use tablet

Your grandfather is a special person in your life who you idolize and cherish. Make sure that he knows how much he is loved with these original grandpa quotes that are as unique and expressive as he himself is.

Funny Quotes for a Grandpa

You and your grandpa are two peas in a pod. You share countless inside jokes ,and your favorite thing to do together is have fun and laugh. These quotes are perfect for a carefree grandchild-grandpa relationship.

  • Some heroes wear capes, my hero sports a cane! I love you, Super Grandpa!
  • You gave me guidance and love, and I sure gave you more than a few of those grey hairs on your head. Thanks for putting up with me, grandpa.
  • You were my first role model, but according to Grandma, maybe not always the best role model!
  • Grandpa, you really are my favorite person, just promise to not tell grandma, because to her I will deny it.
  • Grandpa, with you there was always a story to hear and new mischief to get into.
  • Growing up, I always knew that if mom and dad said no, there was always grandpa to turn to.
  • Grandfathers move slowly until they are asked to show pictures of their grandkids, then they are white lighting whipping photographs out of a wallet.
Funny Quotes for a Grandpa

Sentimental Quotes for a Grandpa

He has been by your side since you were born, and you are forever reminded of how special a guy your grandfather is. These sentimental quotes sum up how full he makes your heart.

  • Grandpa, no matter what life throws my way, I always know that you are forever in my corner.
  • No matter how big I get, I will always want hugs and cuddles from my grandpa.
  • Grandpa, thank you for thinking that everything I ever did as a kid was the greatest thing that you had ever seen.
  • Grandpa, with your wisdom and grace, I learned to be the person I am today.
  • Grandpa, in you I learned what it means to work hard and be devoted to your family. You are the most honorable man that I know.
  • Grandpa, I will love you for all the days of my life plus one.
  • Even when I feel like I have nothing, I remember that I have you and suddenly I feel like the richest person in the land.
  • So many people claim to have the world's best grandpa, but I know that I truly have the guy with this title as mine.

Quotes for a Grandpa From a Granddaughter

From tea parties to wedding dances, you have always been your grandpa's princess. These quotes illustrate the beautiful bond between a granddaughter and her grandpa.

  • I will never need a prince or a knight in shining armor because I have a grandpa!
  • To a granddaughter, having a grandpa is like having an angel on earth.
  • I'm so blessed to have a lifetime of memories with my favorite guy in the world.
  • My grandpa can go from tough and rough to dress-up and tea parties in less than a minute, what's your grandpa's superpower?
  • There is no safer place in the world than in my grandpa's arms.
  • In life, I knew that all I ever had to be was your granddaughter, and that would always be good enough.
  • Grandpa, I will hold your hand until your last breath, and then I will hold you in my heart until my last breath.
  • A grandpa can fix anything, from skinned knees, to beat-up cars, to broken hearts.
  • My grandfather is my storyteller and secret keeper.

Quotes for a Grandpa From a Grandson

He threw the ball to you, told you countless stories of yesteryear, and never missed one of your birthdays. Your grandfather will also be your hero, so tell him so.

  • Learning how to be a man wasn't easy. I'm thankful that in this I had the very best teacher.
  • Grandpa, we have decades between us, but our souls are twins.
  • You have taught me that real men cry, bullies never win, and you can never be too old to be a horsey.
  • Grandpa, I have a lifetime full of memories because you took the time to make them with me.
  • There is no better place in the world to be than at grandpa's house.
  • Grandpa, my father knows a lot, but you know it all.
  • When nothing is working, grandpas can set it all right.
  • Having a grandpa is the Lord's way of making sure a boy always has a best friend.
Quotes for a Grandpa From a Grandson

Quotes for a Grandpa Who Raised You

Your grandfather filled a fatherly role for you, and you will forever be grateful that he stepped up. Let him know that his sacrifices didn't go unnoticed.

  • You didn't have to be my dad, but I'm forever grateful that you could be both grandpa and father to me.
  • I would have been lost in this world without you. You are my compass, Grandpa.
  • You did fatherhood twice. That is a feat many men could never do.
  • Growing up, there were things I went without, because of you, grandpa, love was never one of them.
  • Until my last breath, I will thank my lucky stars for the role you filled in my life, Grandpa.
  • It couldn't have been easy taking me on, but you somehow made it look like the greatest privilege in life.
  • Grandpa, you were half strict, half loving, wholly wonderful. Thank you for making me into the person I am today.
  • Grandpa, through it all you have been my rock, my steady, and my guiding light.
Quotes for a Grandpa Who Raised You

Quotes for a Grandpa Relationship in Progress

Sometimes grandchild-grandparent relationships are strained and are a work in progress. Just because the two of you had some bumps in the road doesn't mean that you don't love one another. Rough starts can lead to lovely endings.

  • Grandpa, we might have missed our beginning, but we can still have the ending.
  • I don't mourn what we didn't have grandpa; I am grateful for what we do now have.
  • Grandpa, you didn't have to keep trying with us, but I am so blessed that you did.
  • Grandpa, now that I have you in my life, I feel safe, loved, and complete.
  • I didn't know how much I needed you, grandpa until I had you in my life. Only then did I realize that you were the missing piece.
  • We don't always see eye to eye, grandpa, but I know that you always have my best at heart.
  • Grandpa, even when you think that I am not listening, I hear you. Never stop trying to teach me.

Grandparents Are So Special

There is no one in the world like your grandma and grandfather. They are your blood, your lineage, and sometimes they are the person who you hold nearest and dearest. Grandparents add so much color and vibrance to life, and they won't be around forever. Make sure that you tell them how loved and appreciated they are while they are still with you here on earth.

45 Original Grandpa Quotes as Special as He Is