50+ Broken Family Quotes for Healing & Encouragement

Published October 21, 2020
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Broken family quotes can provide you with encouragement and offer healing words for the heart. When you take time to read quotes about a broken family, you often find hope and faith patiently waiting for you between the words.

Broken Family Quotes for Healing

A few quotes about healing a broken family include ones about love. It may be beneficial to the family when a relationship breaks up, freeing family members to thrive in a non-toxic environment.

  1. "Letting go hurts, but it's part of the healing process."
  2. "Mending a broken heart only demonstrates how powerful love truly is."
  3. "Breaking up is hard to do, but staying in a toxic relationship is much harder."
  4. "It may not be the life you envisioned, but you'll survive this heartache and grow stronger for it."
  5. "Life is upside down right now, but eventually it will bob back upright, and you'll be okay."
  6. "You can't measure self-worth by the people who hurt you."
  7. "Being ignored and an afterthought, no more!"
  8. "Life can pitch you a curve ball, but faith can help you knock it out of the park."
  9. "What seemed like heartache was actually rebirth,"
  10. "Someday, you'll look back on this and see it as a blessing. Just not today."
  11. "Yesterday your heart broke, but today, hope came in with a big tube of super glue."
  12. "It takes strength to recognize you deserve a better partner in life."
  13. "Sometimes when something breaks it better not to mend it."
  14. "You don't owe others an explanation for leaving a relationship."
  15. "Faith isn't just for difficult times, but it sure helps to have it."
  16. "When life takes a nosedive, hold your nose and take a deep breath."
  17. "When your old life falls apart, forget picking up the pieces! Create something new."
  18. "Your heart was in a wreck, but it's now in recovery."
  19. "The prognosis for your recovery is upgraded from fair to excellent."
  20. "For some people, attitude adjustment means eyes now wide open."
Broken family quote for healing

Philosophical Broken Family Quotes

A broken family hurts and must rely on each other for support and understanding. Sometimes it's difficult, but when you love someone, your compassion bestows you with generosity.

  1. "You can lean on me whenever you need."
  2. "I'm not going anywhere without you. We're sticking together."
  3. "Nothing can pry me away from this family."
  4. "We have each other and that is everything."
  5. "Just keep looking ahead and you'll realize the future looks good."
  6. "It doesn't take a lot of effort to find happiness."
  7. "We don't do sad anymore, only happy and pleasantly surprised."
  8. "Change is a sign you're growing."
  9. "Not everyone gets the chance to reinvent themselves."
  10. "What seemed tragic then is a blessing now."
  11. "Dodging that bullet made me sad, then I realized I'd dodged a bullet!"
  12. "Relationships are living things, and some have short lifespans, while others have long ones. Guess this one was a shortie and not a longie."
  13. "Crying is normal, and stopping is even more normal."
  14. "You can shed tears and follow by shedding your old life."
  15. "It might not be sunshine and rainbows right now, but it will be - soon."
  16. "You deserve to be appreciated, so don't compromise."
  17. "When you're truly loved, you know it."
  18. "Not everyone gets a second chance at happiness. Use it well!"
  19. "Advice from someone who hasn't gone through the same thing is worthless."
  20. "Time creeps by when you're in pain, but the moment you're happy, it starts to fly again along with your spirit."
Philosophical broken family quotes

Surviving the Heartache of a Broken Family

Even in the midst of family heartache, it's possible to find hope. Use these quotes to help you keep going.

  1. "A torn family can knit back together with a little love."
  2. "Holding a family together in the wake if a breakup requires tenacity and a lot of love."
  3. "Today, this family is stronger than yesterday."
  4. "We always have each other and that's a lot of love!"
  5. "As long as we lean on each other, we'll be okay."
  6. "Nothing can rip this family apart; We're glued together with love."
  7. "Strength comes from family when we support each other."
  8. "Family means we'll get through this together."
  9. "Never doubt that you're a vital part of this family."
  10. "Don't forget to keep dreaming; It leads to the future."
  11. "Life took a wrong turn, but we did a quick course correction to get back on track."
Surviving Heartache

50+ Broken Family Quotes for You to Use

You can find inspiration and encouragement with these broken family quotes. You can ease your pain and suffering when you read encouraging and inspiring quotes about broken families.

50+ Broken Family Quotes for Healing & Encouragement