Aunt Quotes for Love, Laughs & Being There

Published November 16, 2020
Aunt and niece at a beach

Aunt quotes can be filled with loving sentiments about how special your aunt is. An aunt quote is a great opportunity to let your aunt know how much she means to you.

Aunt Quotes From the Heart

The best way to let your aunt know how you feel about her is with a quote that comes from the heart. You can choose one that appropriately conveys your relationship.

  • You aren't just a cool aunt, you're also the best friend I've ever had.
  • Thank you for being the best and coolest aunt on the planet!
  • My aunt has a sixth sense and always calls me right when I need to talk to her.
  • My aunt is an inspiration to me every day.
  • I'm so grateful my aunt is in my life.
  • When I'm asked who my best friend is, I always smile and say, my aunt.
Aunt and niece hugging and a aunt inspirational quote

What Makes an Aunt Special?

Your relationship with your aunt is very special. It's all the little things the two of you share that make your relationship unique and different from all others.

  • My aunt is like my eternal accomplice. I know I can always count on her.
  • My aunt is my confidant. I know whatever I tell her stays with her.
  • Everyone needs a person to count on always having your back. My person is my aunt.
  • When I'm in trouble, I call my aunt.
  • My aunt is so much more than my mom's sister. She's like a second mom.
  • Aunt is the best four letter word!

What Should I Write to My Aunt?

Sometimes, you may want to send your aunt a loving note or add a sentiment to a card. A few examples of what to write can help you create the write message to express your feelings for this amazing woman.

  • The role of an aunt is sometimes surrogate mother and other times friend, mentor, and advisor. You're pretty amazing!
  • You always support me in everything I do. You are the second loudest cheerleader (mom's the loudest), and know the right words to encourage and inspire me. You're the best aunt I could ever have!
  • I am so lucky to have an aunt who knows how do so many things and is patient enough to teach them to me!
  • My aunt has her own room in my heart.
  • My life has greater meaning because you are my aunt and share your life with me.

Thank You Aunt Quotes

Sometimes you just want to tell your aunt thank you for being such an amazing person. You can let her know by choosing the words that best describe what she means to you.

  • I can't imagine growing up without you as my aunt. You make every day special with your warmth, kindness, and quirky sense of humor. Thank you for every moment we've shared.
  • What makes you such an outstanding and amazing aunt is your openness and acceptance of me. You love me in spite of my flaws and shortcomings. Thank you for being you!
  • I don't know how to thank you for all the kisses and hugs you gave me right when I needed them or always being there for me. You are such an amazing aunt!
  • When I think about all the wonderful moments my aunt has given me, I'm filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.
  • To the best aunt I could ever have, thank you for all the times you've taken with help me places, worked on school projects, helped me plan mom's surprise birthday party, and all the other wonderful things you do!

Proud Aunt Quotes

If you're proud of your aunt and want to let her know, you can use a personalized quote to get that message across. You can explain in a few words exactly why you are so proud to call her aunt.

  • I'm proud of the woman my aunt is and want to grow up to be just like her!
  • When it comes to aunts, I got the best one! I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing aunt, but I'm so proud when I get to introduce you as my aunt!
  • My heart nearly bursts with pride when I tell my friends about my wonderful aunt.
  • My friends envy me because I have such a fantastic aunt!
  • There's being proud of something a person does or being proud of what they are inside. When it comes to my aunt, I'm proud of her for both reasons!
  • My heart swells with pride whenever I think of my aunt and the incredible person she is.
  • One word describes how I feel about you as my aunt - Proud!
Aunt and niece hugging on a beach and proud aunt quote

Niece and Aunt Quotes

A niece and aunt share a special bond. There are so many aspects of this relationship that enriches both of their lives, usually in a profound way.

  • I know you are technically my aunt, but I feel you're more like my sister.
  • An aunt is like having a mom who lets you skip school to go shopping.
  • An aunt knows how to convince your mom to let you go to a party.
  • When I need someone to be my accomplice in my latest scheme, I always call on my aunt.
  • When a niece and aunt get together, there's a lot of whispering and giggling that tells you they're up to something.

I Love You Aunt Quotes

Sometimes, you want your aunt to know just how much you love her. You can use a sentiment first and then add that you love her. This gives you just the right emphasis for your heartfelt quote that you can make even more special if you call her by one of your favorite aunt nicknames.

  • You are the sister I never had, and I love you so much!
  • I love my aunt and would do anything she asks of me without hesitation.
  • As my aunt, you deserve the world, but all I can give is my love and gratitude.
  • If I could write a message in the sky for my aunt, it would read, "I love you dearly!"

Aunt Quotes About Being an Aunt

While most aunt quotes are from nieces and nephews, there are many quotes from the aunt's perspective. These quotes describe the joy of being an aunt. If you're an aunt, you may find this kind of quote helpful in expressing your love and affection for your niece(s) and/or nephew(s).

  • I was there the day you were born and knew the moment I saw you that my heart was forever yours.
  • I truly love and adore my sister's children as though they were my own.
  • Being an aunt is like getting to be a mom without all the rules.
  • To be a good aunt to my brother's children is the best way I know to honor him.
  • Being an aunt has shown me that children are the greatest gift!
  • My life was great before I became an aunt, but now it's enriched with these little souls who are so amazing!
  • Being an aunt is a fantastic honor that I wouldn't trade for all the gold in the world!

Aunt Quotes to Express Heartfelt Sentiments

Aunt quotes can be used by nieces and nephews to show their love for their aunt. An aunt can use quotes written just for her to express her love and affection, too.

Aunt Quotes for Love, Laughs & Being There