Good Things About Turning 65 (Practical & Funny)

Published November 9, 2020
seniors having fun on rollercoaster

Good things about turning 65 can be practical and enjoyable. The advantages of turning 65 can range from financial to social, and it can be a humorous process of getting to those advantages.

Good Things About Turning 65

Congratulations! You have entered the world of senior discounts. This means you can get cheaper movie theater tickets, sometimes freebies, and so many discounts, it's difficult to keep up with all of them. Various organizations you might decide to join that cater to seniors will have their own list of senior discounts. Most fast-food chains offer senior discounts, but you have to ask for these; they aren't automatic. Other senior discounts are offered by restaurant chains, airlines, cruise ships, grocery stores, and many others.

No Alarm Clock Needed

Probably the best thing about turning 65 is you don't have to set your alarm clock every night. Once you retire, you can sleep in late if you like, and you can stay up as late as you like. However, it's always good to stay on a good sleep schedule for good health.

Time With Family

Being caught up in the rat race for most of your life, it's a wonderful reward to have time with your family. You can decide what is best to fill your days and the lifestyle you want. If it's important that you spend as much time with your children and grandchildren as you can, then you can volunteer to be the caregiver for after school. This will give you precious time with your grandchildren and help to free up the money your children spend on childcare. Just be sure it is a commitment you want to make and can fulfill before offering.

What Are the Benefits of Turning 65?

One of the best benefits of turning 65 is free time. If you've chosen to retire and don't plan on working, then you have free time that you could only dream about all those years of working regular hours. You're eligible for Medicare and AARP as well as spend your 401(k) and downsize your living quarters.

Eligible for Medicare

If you didn't take early retirement at age 62, then you can start your Medicare benefits. You'll get a monthly check deposited into your checking account along with good insurance rates for supplemental policies to balance out what Medicare might not cover.

You Can Join AARP

Full membership with AARP is available to anyone 50+ years old. According to Retail Me Not, there is no age requirement to join AARP and AARP states members under 50 years old are eligible for an Associate membership. When you join AARP, you get a second membership free for anyone in your household.

401(k) Benefits

Depending on your plan and circumstances, you may decide to leave your 401(k) untouched. You will need to start distribution of funds when you turn 72. Until then, you can let your money accumulate and continue to earn for you, if you wish.

Downsizing Is an Option

You may decide to downsize when you retire. This could mean moving into a condo or apartment. If you've never lived in a condo or apartment, you want to be certain before you sell your home and make the change. Some retirees decide to buy an RV and become full-time RVers. This may fit your lifestyle with the appeal of being able to pickup and go wherever you want to explore.

What Should a 65-Year-Old Do?

You really don't have to ask what to do when you turn 65, since more people have been planning for years what they want to do when they retire. A few fun ideas can help you get started having fun.

  • Go on a cruise.
  • Explore the world with frequent trips.
  • Splurge on something you always wanted.
  • Have lunch with friends you never got to see due to work and commitments.
  • Go on day trips with friends.
  • Indulge in a shopping spree.
  • Take a bus tour for a few days.
  • Take a class on a subject that always interested you.
  • Become a dog walker and/or pet sitter.
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What Should I Do With My Life After 65?

You can do anything you want. Life doesn't end just because you turned 65. In fact, you can choose to continue with your career or start a new one. Just remember that Colonel Harland Sanders started the franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) when he was 65 years old. Today, KFC is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world with McDonald's taking the number one slot. The Colonel serves as a great role model for seniors that there can be a career after 65 if you want one.

You can:

  • Take up a cause and hold a fundraiser.
  • Take a greater interest in your community.
  • Become a mentor to a child or adult.
  • Go to college or take online classes and earn that degree you always wanted.
  • Set up an art studio in one of the bedrooms and be creative all day.
  • Become a substitute teacher.
  • Take craft classes with friends.
  • Become a house sitter.
  • Write that book you always wanted to write.
  • Join a choir or start a singing career entertaining at senior events.
  • Become a member of an art league.
  • Join a quilting guild.
  • Become a professional photographer.

More Fun Things to Do When You Turn 65

There are countless fun things to do when you turn 65. You can make your own bucket list and start checking things off.

  • Catch up on all the movies and TV series you never had time to watch.
  • Play board games or cards with your spouse and/or friends.
  • Tell jokes about being in your 60s to your friends
  • Participate in a jam session with fellow musicians.
  • Join a little theater production.
  • Play a practical joke on friends.
  • Take paint n' sip classes.
  • Get a group of friends together and rent a beach house for the week.
  • Plan a progressive dinner with friends, with one course of the meal at each home.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Take your grandchild/grandchildren on a trip.
  • Plan/go to a family reunion.
  • RSVP to your high school class reunion.
  • Meet up with former coworkers for lunch once a month.
  • Redecorate your bedroom or your entire house.
  • Plant a vegetable garden.
  • Landscape your front and backyard.
  • Create an edible landscape.
  • Plant a food forest in your backyard or side yard.
  • Join a hiking club.
  • Plan a roadtrip along Route 66.
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Attitude About Life Shifts

When you turn 65, your attitude about life shifts. You contemplate your own mortality, and you realize what things are important in life and the many things that aren't. Things you thought were life and death important when you were 20, you realize at 65 are insignificant in the scheme of things. The impermanence of life is easily recognized at 65.

Spirituality Takes a Significant Role

If you haven't been a very spiritual person, you may find yourself deeply interested in all things spiritual. The cycle of life is something you may be exploring in a new way. You may also realize how exciting it is to have the time to explore your inner spiritual nature. You may decide to take up meditation and/or yoga. You may move into the healing arts and explore alternative healing methods. The wonderful thing about retirement at 65 is all the time you now have to explore life and enjoy its many facets.

Good Things About Turning 65 That Are Fun!

There are many good things about turning 65 and most of them are lots of fun. Self-discovery is perhaps the most exciting and best part about turning 65.

Good Things About Turning 65 (Practical & Funny)