Senior Class Mottos

Updated March 7, 2019
Paper with Class of 2019

A senior class motto lets students show pride in their graduating class and their school. Senior class mottos are put on class T-shirts, water bottles, backpacks, and other class-related items sold by the student council to pay for things like a senior trip, senior prom, and class events. Choosing a class motto can be a daunting and somewhat terrifying task, and usually the whole graduating class votes on the motto for their class the year before they graduate.

Examples of Senior Class Mottos

If you want to suggest a senior class motto to your graduating class, or if you are on student council and one of your jobs is to pick a few class mottos for your graduating class to vote on, then you may be wondering just where you should look first. There are many places to look for inspiration for class mottos or class quotes. You can try looking through your school's old yearbooks, asking teachers or parents for help, writing your own with the help of a few classmates, or you can use the Internet to search for class mottos. Use one of these senior slogan taglines or personalize it by changing a few words.

Mottos About Class Unity

Highlight the unique bond of your class with a motto that shows off your class unity.

  • Together we've roamed these halls, together we'll roam this life.
  • This Senior class can't be broken, our bond is unspoken.
  • U N I ty, Class of 2020
  • Seniors for now, Class of 2021 for life!
  • One class, one love
  • Individuality makes us different, respect brings us together.
  • Unified in spirit and mind, the Class of 2020 forever aligned.

Senior Pride Slogans

Show your senior pride and school spirit with a class motto that walks the fine line between confidence and arrogance.

  • Every now and then comes a class like 2019
  • Ain't no pride like Senior pride!
  • Show Class, Have Pride 2021
  • Success is inevitable with the Class of 2019 on your side!
  • Let that 2019 pride be our life's guide.
  • We had our fun now it's time to stun! Class of 2020 comin' at ya!
  • The Class, The Myth, The Legends of 2019

Senior Taglines Inspired by Pop Culture

Popular movies, song lyrics, and slang phrases worked into your motto celebrate the year you graduated.

  • Started in Kindergarten now we're here! Class of 2021
  • Look what you made us do: Class of 2019
  • Squad goals: Class of 2019
  • It's the thirstiest time of the year: Obey your Seniors!
  • Class of 2020, The GOAT!
  • Thank u, next. I'm so grateful for my Class!

Mottos About the Future

Senior mottos can reminisce about the past and embrace the future as you move from one stage of life to another.

  • Looking ahead, but remembering our past.
  • We'll keep one foot in the past, as we take our next step into the future.
  • Time to turn those dreams into reality, 2019
  • It's been real, it's been great, we've built a future that's worth the wait.
  • The last four years were cool, but we're bigger than this school!
  • Times may change and we may grow, but our Class of 2020 pride will always show!

Funny Senior Class Slogans

A funny class slogan will get you noticed and remembered for years to come.

  • Four years we'll never forget, even if we did some things we regret.
  • We did it, we're seniors! Now we get to go to college and become freshmen again!
  • Creatures from the same teachers, Class of 2019
  • Grab your shades because our future is bright!
  • It's a bird, It's a plane, It's the Senior Class! Don't blink, we're soaring fast!
  • We don't always graduate high school, but when we do we make a big deal out of it!

Uses of Senior Class Quotes

If your class has already chosen their motto, you may be wondering what exactly it will be used for. There are thousands of different things graduation quotes and mottos can be used for such as:

  • Class t-shirts
  • Class bags
  • Class water bottles
  • Graduation posters
  • Graduation invitations
  • Class jackets or hoodies
  • Class pencils
  • Class rings
  • Senior memory books
  • Memorial dedication to the school

One Phrase Says It All

No matter what graduation slogan or motto you choose, it is sure to be a memorable part of your high school years. Being a senior is a special time for students that is both fun and bittersweet. Remember to enjoy it!

Senior Class Mottos