Candy Cane Christmas Tree: A Guide to the Holiday Theme

Updated July 1, 2021
Candy cane Christmas tree

Having a candy cane-themed Christmas tree is a fun way to spice up the holiday season, especially if you love candy canes. While it might seem like this would take a lot of thought and planning, you can create this theme with a few simple steps.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Theme & Decorations

Candy cane-themed trees can take a lot of different variations. As long as you stick to the basic premise, any alterations you may make to accommodate favorite or available ornaments will fit right in.

Popcorn and Berry Candy Cane Look

If you are looking for a low-budget way to create a candy cane decorated Christmas tree, then look no further than a little popcorn and red foam balls to create the candy cane look. To get started, you need to grab: fishing line, popped popcorn, small foam balls or artificial berries, needle, and candy canes.

Girl hanging candy cane and popcorn on Christmas tree
  1. String the popcorn and balls onto the fishing line. (Use the red balls as accents so about 10 pieces of popcorn to 1 red ball.)
  2. Make the string long enough to wrap up the tree from top to bottom.
  3. Add white lights to your tree.
  4. String the popcorn garland around the tree.
  5. Add candy canes and plain red and white ornaments to accent.

Flocked Tree With Red Bulbs

A flocked Christmas tree is a perfect way to start with a white base for your candy cane theme. So all you need to pull off your look is mostly red bulbs, red and white lights, and candy canes.

Woman decorating and hanging baubles on Christmas tree
  1. String the red and white lights around the tree in an alternating fashion to create that candy cane pattern.
  2. Strategically place the red ornaments, so it accents the red and white pattern of the lights.
  3. Finish off with some candy canes and enjoy.

Red and White Themed Tree

Are you looking for more of a red and white theme than that strict candy cane look? Well, then this just might be the decorating pattern you need. You need white lights, white garland, red bulbs, red and white wrapped presents, and mini candy canes for this pattern.

Modern Interior Of Living Room ,Red Sofa With Christmas Tree On White Wall And Wood Floor
  1. Wrap some white lights around the tree.
  2. Follow the lights with the white garland. (The white light works to bring it alive.)
  3. Hang your red ornaments between the garland.
  4. Splash in a few mini candy canes.
  5. Add the presents under the tree.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your handy work.

Santa Candy Cane Themed Tree

Do you have a lot of different red and white Santa ornaments? Then this candy cane tree theme might be right up your alley. You need red and white bead garland, Santa Claus ornaments, and white ornaments for this theme.

Santa christmas Decoration Hanging On Tree
  1. String the white bead garland, then the red beads in an alternating pattern on the tree.
  2. Hang the Santa Ornaments to equally disperse the red.
  3. Add the white ornaments to give that candy cane feel.

Red and White Garland

Another way to get the candy cane look on your Christmas tree is by adding red and white rope garland. You can buy this twisted or twist it yourself. You need red and white rope garland, candy canes, and red bulb ornaments for this look.

Red ribbon
  1. Wrap your twisted garland around the tree.
  2. Add your candy canes and ornaments to fill out the space.

Red and White Ribbons

Another way to get that red and white look of a candy cane is to use ribbons. Of course, you need ribbons in red and white colors.

Ribbon Christmas Tree
  1. Place the red ribbons strategically around the Christmas tree.
  2. Fill in the blank space with white ribbons.
  3. Enjoy your look.

How to Make a Tabletop Candy Cane Tree

In addition to having a themed tree, a small tabletop tree made out of candy canes is a fun addition to any home.

woman wrapping a foam cone with string yarn and crafting Christmas Tree


To get started on your homemade tabletop candy cane creation, you need a few supplies.

  • 16-inch Styrofoam cone
  • Hot glue gun
  • Candy canes
  • Spray fixative


With your supplies at the ready, grab your hot glue gun and start creating.

  1. Unwrap the candy canes.
  2. Glue a row of candy canes, so their hooks point upward to the top of the cone. The canes should come together at the top just above the cone.
  3. Glue a second row of candy canes on top of the first, with the canes nestled just below the first set of canes.
  4. Continue gluing overlapping rows of candy canes down the cone until you cannot fit a full candy cane onto the cone. The tree will get gradually wider as you work your way down.
  5. Break the stems of some candy canes so you can fit their canes along the bottom of the tree.
  6. Spray your tree with a fixative to prevent the candy from becoming sticky or attracting insects.

Decorate With Candy Canes

Candy canes make a fun and festive decoration for any area of the house. So whether you choose to make a candy cane-themed tree or a small tabletop tree as a dining room centerpiece, you're sure to help sweeten the holiday for everyone who visits.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree: A Guide to the Holiday Theme