11 Modern & Easy Christmas Poems for Kids

Updated October 28, 2019
Father and daughter reading Christmas poetry together

Christmas is a magical time of year, full of celebrations and traditions. Create new memories by sharing festive Christmas poems with your friends and family. The following holiday poems will bring plenty of smiles to children throughout the season. Share these short Christmas poems for kids with the young people in your life.

General Christmas Holiday Poetry for Children

Christmas means many things to many people. These general Christmas poems for kids will entertain them and perhaps even give them some food for thought.

Writing a Letter to Santa

by Kelly Roper

I'm writing a letter to Santa,
To tell him I've been oh-so-good.
I've been such a sweet little angel,
And done all the things I should.

Well, maybe not quite all the things I should,
Like doing my homework after school.
And there may have a time or two,
Where I broke the Golden Rule.

There's that time I smashed the window,
'Cause I was playing ball inside.
I knew my mom would be mad,
So I ran away to hide.

I also yanked my sister's pigtails.
I pulled them so hard she cried.
I got grounded a week for that stunt,
Although a couple times I snuck outside.

Okay, maybe I haven't been perfect,
But, Santa, I swear that I've tried.
I promise if you give me a break this year,
Next year I'll get on your good side.

The Tempting Christmas Cookie

by Kelly Roper

Oh, tempting Christmas cookie,
I want to eat you so.
But I just asked Mom if I could have you,
And she firmly told me no.

There's still a whole hour until dinner,
But Mom says you'll spoil my appetite.
I really want to sneak and eat you,
But I know that wouldn't be right.

I can't get busted disobeying,
When it's so close to Christmas Eve,
So I'll put you back on the platter,
After I slide you back out of my sleeve.

Mother and daughter decorating Christmas tree

Let's Decorate the Christmas Tree

by Kelly Roper

Let's decorate the Christmas tree.
First, we'll put on the lights,
That make the tree shine brightly
When we flip the switch each night.

Next, we'll add the pretty bulbs
And spread them out just right,
So we can see each one and
Let it fill us with delight.

Next, come the special decorations,
Like 1st Christmas ornaments and such.
It's these special touches on the tree
That truly mean so much.

Now it's time for some tinsel
To add a bit more sparkle.
Not too much, let's spread it out
So the tree will look more artful.

Here comes the finishing touch,
Putting the star on top of the tree.
Just the sight of it always fills
Each heart with so much glee.

So let's have a cup of cocoa,
And maybe a cookie or two,
And admire this lovely Christmas tree
That we'll enjoy all season through.

Season of Peace

by Kelly Roper

The tinkling of Christmas bells rings in the air.
Shoppers are filled with the spirit of giving.
The less fortunate receive more loving care.
Strangers smile at each other as they pass by.
Religious houses are filled with worshippers.
Carols and hymns are sung with great joy.
Families gather to give thanks and feast.
The season of peace gently blankets the land.
If only it could last the whole year through.

Short Christmas Poems for Kids

Looking for a Christmas poem for a preschooler? These short Christmas poems are designed to be fun and keep their short attention spans engaged.

The Present

by Kelly Roper

There's a present under the Christmas tree,
And I'm excited to see it's addressed to me.
I imagine all the great things it might be,
But I have to wait until Christmas morning to see.

The Present Poem

Waiting for Santa

by Jennifer L. Betts

I think I heard Santa ho, ho, ho.
I could have but I don't know.
Run to the window, hoping for a sleigh.
Did I just hear a reindeer neigh?
Oh Santa, it is hard to wait.
Why does the 25th have to be the date?

The Eve of Christmas

by Jennifer L. Betts

I've been good all year
My house is buzzing with Christmas cheer.
I close my eyes and try to sleep.
But what is the use of counting sheep?
"Santa is coming," I want to scream.
But quiet I lay until I slowly dream.

Christmas Treats

by Jennifer L. Betts

My mother told me to eat my yams.
But thankfully I have my grams.
Cookies and sweets are what she gives to me.
"It's Christmas," she says, "You let him be."

Christmas Treats Poem

Religious Kids Christmas Poems

Are you looking for fun religious Christmas poems for kindergartners at church? Give these fun poems that praise Jesus and the holy spirit a try.

Happy Birthday Jesus

by Kelly Roper

Sweet Baby Jesus,
How I love you so.
Born in a barn on
That night long ago.

Laid in a manger,
Surrounded by cows and sheep,
Wisemen and angels gathered
Round to watch you sleep.

Joseph and Mary were
Amazed by your Grace,
As they sat close beside you,
And gazed upon your precious face.

They knew you were a gift
From Heaven up above.
God brought you into this world
To show us His never-ending love.

Sweet Baby Jesus,
I know you love me too,
And I'm so glad I can celebrate
Your birthday with you.

The Heart of Christmas

by Kelly Roper

Christmas is a time
When families gather near,
To celebrate their blessings,
And all that they hold dear.

For families at the heart
Of this sacred holiday.
And whatever you consider family,
That's the way that it will always stay.

The Greatest Gift of All

by Jennifer L. Betts

It's easy to get caught up in Santa.
And Christmas shopping with your Nana.
But presents and twinkling trees are small
In the big picture of it all.

Christmas is about one big gift given this day.
In a manger, he lay.
God gave the greatest gift you'll ever see.
He gave his son to you and me.

Make Poetry Part of the Season

Add reading poetry together to your Christmas traditions to make the holiday season even brighter and cheerier for kids. Cherish these sweet rhymes, along with reading your favorite Christmas books together.

11 Modern & Easy Christmas Poems for Kids