Listen to Christmas Music Online: Streaming Sites & Radio

Updated June 28, 2021
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So many people love everything about the Christmas season. The decor, the food, the company, and the music make for cheery moods and merry 'tudes. Some people adore Christmas so much that one month is not enough to relish in all things holiday. Thanks to streaming sites and radio, Christmas lovers never have to be without their festive music. These days, you can stream music, download it and enjoy it no matter the season.

Free Streaming Christmas Music

Several websites broadcast holiday songs year-round, allowing you to get your Christmas music fix on the Fourth of July if you want! Christmas music lovers rejoice!

Tune In provides listeners with dozens of Christmas-related stations, all playing some variation of holiday hits. The site does run non-related ads that listeners have to tolerate to get to their next tune. It is free to use this site, and those enjoying the music provided need only click on the station they desire; no account necessary.

Listen to all the holiday hits you want at This conglomerate site pulls from several well-known music-based sites. You need to create an account and sign in if you want to get started rocking out to your favorite songs.

IHeartRadio gives listeners a musical holiday experience throughout the entire year. North Pole Radio, located at this site, gives Christmas fans all the jazzy cheer they can handle. The site also provides seasonal podcasts for a change of listening pace.


To listen to free Christmas music on Pandora, you'll need to create a free account first. Then you can choose the music genre you wish to listen to and create a personalized station that includes your favorite Christmas musicians and songs. You also can positively or negatively rate songs to determine how often they are played and the ability to purchase each played tune. For a monthly fee, you can upgrade your account and receive commercial-free access. Some of the more popular Christmas-centric Pandora stations include:

  • Holiday Hits Radio
  • Today's Christmas Radio
  • Top Holiday Songs
  • Classic Christmas Songs
  • Pop Christmas
  • Christmas Traditional Radio
  • Kids Christmas Radio
  • Piano Christmas
  • Millennial Santa


WebRadio offers listeners the option to listen to broadcast radio stations with Christmas music and online webcasters. To listen live, click the "LIVE" button in the Live Streaming column of either section; a few have a choice of listening options Windows Media and WinAmp. You can click the call letters in the broadcast section or the webcast name to reach your desired site as well. The station info and slogans can help you determine the specific genre of Christmas music each plays.

CBN Radio

The Christian Broadcasting Network website offers streaming Christian and secular Christmas music from artists of many genres. You do not need to create an account to listen, and there is no charge. CBN Radio also features a Christmas music app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. A few of the popular Christmas oriented stations are:

  • Cross Country Christmas
  • The Christmas Station


Over 40 different holiday categories to choose from are available on AccuHolidays, including options like a Latin-themed station and a Celtic Christmas selection. You can customize your playlists on various channels to get just the artists and songs you enjoy. AccuHolidays has an extremely clear broadcast and little to no lag time between songs. Buy the CDs on if you like the songs from the link provided in the playlist area.


Shoutcast allows you to listen to Christmas music for free from hundreds of internet streaming radio stations from all over the world. Every genre is covered, from rock and country to oldies and the blues. To access their Christmas music, scroll down to "Seasonal and Holiday" and then choose "Christmas." From there, you can choose which specific station you want to listen to online.


To use LiveXLive, visit their website and click on "Music." Scroll down to "Holidays" and choose your genre from country to pop to classics and more. You can also search for a specific musician. You do not need an account to listen but creating one gives you the ability to save your playlists and rate songs. If you upgrade to a paid account, you can choose which songs you want to listen to, determine when they play instead of having them play randomly and avoid commercials.

Local Radio Stations

Don't forget to check your favorite local radio stations. Many stations play holiday music starting in November and stream their feed on their website. You may need to register on their website or subscribe to their newsletter to access the online song stream. Log onto your local station's website to see what options are available.

Enjoy Christmas Tunes Year-Round

If Christmas is your jam, regardless of the month, spend your days singing along to your favorite Christmas music. Thanks to advances in technology, anyone can listen to their favorite holiday tunes any time of year. Stream your music online, choose to download Christmas music, or belt timeless tunes out from memory. Any Christmas music lover will be happy to tell you; there is no bad time to listen to Christmas music.

Listen to Christmas Music Online: Streaming Sites & Radio