Company Christmas Card Sayings: Appropriate Ideas

Updated June 1, 2021
Season's greeting cards

Running a company is a fast-paced, action-packed career choice. The holiday season piles on even more responsibilities as leads of companies might find themselves passing out holiday bonuses, organizing company parties or events, and sending season's Greetings cards out to employees, vendors, partners, and prospective contacts. Company Christmas card sayings should be thoughtful and sincere, respectful of particular traditions or religions, and tailored to the person or people that the card is going out to.

Simple, Pre-Printed Company Christmas Card Sayings

Picking out a company Christmas card can be difficult. You want something that reflects quality and elegance, as well as your thoughts to the recipient. While you may be tempted to choose one with a lengthy greeting, it is sometimes best to stick with short and simple preprinted phrases. If you send out a ton of cards during the holiday season, pre-printed cards with simple sayings might be a good choice. When sending out mass holiday cards, do not assume that everyone celebrates the Christian holiday of Christmas. Consider non-religious wording with these simple greetings if you are unsure of someone's religious preferences.

  • Thinking of you over the holiday season
  • Hoping you and your loved ones have a joyous New Year
  • Peace on Earth
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
  • Season's Greetings
  • Merry Everything
  • Wishing you a season of joy and love
  • Merry and Bright
  • Warmest wishes and Season's Greetings
  • Cheers to a New Year!
  • Wishing you well during this season
  • Festive wishes and kindest regards

Season's Greetings to Partners, Vendors, and Investors

Your company couldn't be what it is without the backing of these people. Share your respect, goodwill, and holiday sentiments to those who help make your world run with one of these Christmas card holiday sayings. When extending holiday sentiments to investors, partners and vendors, use more than a simple, generic greeting because where would your business be without them? Double up with a holiday card that functions as a gesture of well-wishing during the holiday season and a message of ongoing gratitude in what they do for you and your business.

  • Thank you for choosing XYZ Company for all of your (blank) needs in (the year.) We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.
  • XYZ Company has been pleased to serve you for the last six years. Thank you for your continued loyalty.
  • As a new customer with XYZ, we have been pleased to help you meet your (blank) goals. We look forward to a continuing relationship in the year ahead.
  • You have helped to make XYZ such a successful company over this last year. Wishing you warm wishes and holiday cheer.
  • XYZ Company extends hopes of joy and cheer to you and yours during this holiday season.
  • Our sincerest thanks for all that you have done for XYZ company. Best wishes and season's greetings.
  • As we reflect and give thanks to everyone dear to us during this holiday season, we extend warm wishes to you and yours. Thank you for believing in us.
  • During this holiday season, we can not help but be grateful for your support in our business. Happiest of holidays to a truly outstanding organization.
  • It has been a JOY working with you. Thank you for your continued support.
  • From our family to yours, warmest wishes during this holiday season.

You may also want to send a business Christmas card to companies with whom you do business. Whether it is the contracted cleaning service, local graphic design studio, or car service, it is good to include them in your holiday correspondence. A simple phrase such as "We have enjoyed working with you in the last year, and hope that you and your employees enjoy the holiday season. Best wishes" in your handwriting adds a special touch.

Season's greetings to partners, vendors and investors

Company Christmas Card Sayings to Employees

You value every one of your employees and cherish their hard work, motivation, genius, and sacrifice. Make sure to extend season's greetings to those who work for you with a holiday greeting that makes them feel special and significant during the season of cheer. Employees become a part of the company family, and the holidays are an excellent time to honor them.

  • Thank you for all of your hard work this year. Take this holiday season to rest and enjoy your family.
  • Holiday wishes to a team player who works hard and knows his/her stuff!
  • Celebrate and be merry. If anyone deserves a relaxing holiday break, it is you!
  • Please accept warm wishes and holiday cheer from a team that values all you devote to this company.
  • Happy holidays to our most vital company members...the employees! Without you, we would just be an idea.
  • Joy and peace to you and yours during this special season. You are a treasured team member.
  • It is people like you who make work so much fun! Happy holidays and season's greetings.
  • 'Tis the season of gifts. You are a gift to this company. Happy holidays.
  • Be merry, be bright. We are certainly more merry and bright with you as a part of our team.
  • Enjoy this season of warmth, joy, and peace. Know that we consider you as family and hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Cheers and well wishes to all who are dear to us at XYZ.
Company Christmas Card Sayings to Employees

Greetings Specific to Christmas

Many people celebrate the holiday of Christmas during the winter season. If you are sending company cards out to people who you know celebrate Christmas, these sayings are sincere and supportive of what they choose to believe.

  • Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.
  • Hoping this Christmas season brings you peace and joy.
  • Enjoy friends, family, and Christmas cheer, from all of us at XYZ.
  • Christmas greetings from XYZ. Bless you and your family during this holiday season.
  • Wishing you and your family the best during this Christmas season.
  • We here at Company XYZ are filled with gratitude during this Christmas season for all of the support and dedication that you have shown us over this last year.
  • Company XYZ hopes that your Christmas season is merry and bright.
  • Ho, ho, ho-ping that your Christmas season is beautiful and bright. From everyone at XYZ.
Christmas greetings

Other Company Card Tips

Beyond including an appropriate message to your recipient, you should keep in mind a few other tips for your holiday correspondence. As you contemplate your company Christmas card sayings, remember:

  • Handwritten notes are best, but if you do not have good penmanship, type or print them.
  • Sign your name on each card with a pen, not a rubber stamp.
  • Address work correspondence to work addresses; if you have a personal relationship, then you can send a private card to the person's home.
  • Use black or blue ink. Red and green may be festive but can be hard to read.
  • Avoid adding stickers or other embellishments to your cards, though holiday stamps can add a festive touch.
  • If appropriate, include a business card or holiday discount card inside the envelope; but do not let your card's message sound like an advertisement.

Use the Holidays to Connect With Important Ones

Remembering your employees, clients, and business partners during the often busy holiday season can help keep you in good standing with everyone. A thoughtful and professional sentiment within the card can make the recipient feel appreciated for their contribution to your company.

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Company Christmas Card Sayings: Appropriate Ideas