Corporate Holiday Party Invitations

Updated September 18, 2019
Holiday Office Party

Get the season started right with festive corporate holiday party invitations. Everyone loves a memorable, eye-catching invite, and it's a surefire way to guarantee maximum attendance on the big night. Get some amazing invite templates that you can print using Adobe at the company.

Elegant Corporate Holiday Invitations

Successful companies often hold nothing back in throwing the most memorable event possible for guests. If a fancy do is in your plans, consider a clean and minimal invitation to mirror the classy atmosphere the office party will project.

Elegant party invitation

Going Custom

Just because you choose to go with a printable doesn't mean that you can't customize it for your own office. In addition to naming the date and time, you might try some of these swanky sayings to add a little creativity to your corporate party invite wording.

  • It's that time of year! (Company) cordially invites you for an elegant evening of holiday cheer.
  • (Company) cordially invites you to an elegant evening of laughter and holiday festivities to celebrate a successful year.
  • Join (Company's) holiday celebration as we commemorate another successful year. We cordially invite you to an evening of dinner, drinks and holiday cheer.

Black-Tie Corporate Invitation

A black-tie event lets you know to bust out your tux and get ready for the vintage Cabernet. Tell your staff to go the extra mile and prepare more than just their Sunday best. This office holiday party will be a formal affair that might be discussed for the whole year. To make sure that your corporation is ready to mingle, try this formal black-tie invite.

Tuxedo party invitation

Formal Wording

When having a formal affair, it is important to impart all the details about everything from dress code to parking. However, that doesn't mean that your wording can't be customized for your office. Try a few of these variations to give your holiday party invitation wording a little pizazz.

  • Please join us to celebrate this holiday season with (Company's) Annual Holiday Party.
  • (Mr. or Mrs. Name) you are cordially invited to an evening of dinner, drinks and holiday cheer at our (Company's) Annual Holiday Affair.
  • The presence of your company is formally requested at the festive holiday celebration by (Company).

Casual Holiday Party Invitation

Employees who work for small, close-knit companies may opt to hold a function at someone's house. Others might choose to rent out party rooms for a playful, lighthearted affair, book a table at a ritzy restaurant for a more chic event or cater a casual, low-key lunch. Depending on the workplace and the preferences of the staff, just about any type of get-together can pass for a holiday party these days. Try out this invitation for a casual party.

Party invite

Fun Holiday Invites

Casual holiday invitations for your smaller corporation allow you to have a little more fun with your holiday party message. Rather than being formal, you can spice it up and possibly even illicit a smile or two. Get your company jazzed about the holiday party through these fun custom invites.

  • Get ready to deck and halls! You're invited to mix and mingle at our holiday soiree.
  • Celebrate the season with us! Join this year's holiday fun. Don't forget to bring the cheer to (date and location)
  • To say cheers for a job well done, you are invited to an evening of merry-making and festive cheer.

Low-Key Holiday Celebration Invitation

A young company may throw a party that suits another purpose altogether. By bringing the entire staff together, it gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, interact with employees from other departments and even do some networking. At the same time, the company may want to keep it a low-key affair to ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed. A catered office lunch or gathering at a small bistro are popular choices. This card suits the occasion well.

Holiday invite

Customizing Invites

For your low-key work family, you might want something a little more personal to celebrate together. You might try to create your own depending on your work atmosphere or you could try a few of these custom phrases to get your corporate fam excited for your holiday party.

  • Let's eat, drink and be merry together at (Company's) annual holiday party. Remember to bring your cheer.
  • Tis the season to celebrate together! Join us in our annual party this year!
  • Because we've become a family. Let's celebrate the holiday together!

Invitation Tips

When creating your invitations, it's important to pay attention to all the details, whether you are making them or buying them. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your party is perfect.

  • When creating your invitations, make sure to provide all the information that the person will need to arrive at the party on time, dressed appropriately, and any other pertinent details.
  • Double check that all your spelling is right before printing.
  • Make sure that your invitation is clear on how and to whom party goers should RSVP.
  • Printing invitations on medium weight card stock and handwriting everyone's name on the front before putting the invite into the company mail system adds a special touch to the invitation.
  • If ordering invitations online or having them specially prepared is simply not feasible, the best thing to do is head to your local party supply store. You may end up with something a little more basic, but as long as it gets the right information across it's completely appropriate.

Happy Holiday Work Parties

Great attendance is what will make or break your corporate holiday party, regardless of the event's theme or cost. Get everyone excited about the celebration by picking out an invitation that sets a festive mood.

Corporate Holiday Party Invitations