Corporate Holiday Party Themes

Updated September 27, 2019
Coworkers toasting at holiday dinner party

Corporate holiday party themes can set the mood for a casual celebration or a formal fete that will bring coworkers, clients, and customers together in a memorable and seasonal way. Choosing just the right theme, however, takes careful consideration to ensure the party is suitable for the guests and the business. Explore elegant, fun and even family friendly themes for your holiday festivities.

Elegant and Glamorous Party Ideas

All that glitters is definitely gold when you are going for a black-tie event for your workers and customers. Pull out all the stops for this glamorous work party event.

Glittering Gold

Take a new spin on black and white parties by doing a black and gold event. Tables can be lined with black tablecloths and trimmed in gold from the wine glasses to the table wear. Truly stick with your swanky soiree by making this a black-tie event and having your employees go for all the glam. Round out your party with beef tenderloin, pastas and mouth-watering truffles. Live music and dancing are a must.

Gamble the Night Away

A good time isn't a gamble with a seasonal casino theme including table games and holiday winnings. Have your employees dress in their Sunday best and pass out fake money as they walk through the door. They can enjoy blackjack, craps and roulette tables along with a scrumptious buffet of finger foods like stuffed mushrooms, cheeseball bites and chocolate strawberries. Keep the drinks flowing and the fun happening at this casino extravaganza.

Casino theme party

Awards Night

Roll out the red carpet and star treatment for a holiday party to acknowledge employees' achievements. Decorate with large glittery stars, black table clothes and clapboards. You might even want to have a photo booth to really get that Hollywood feel. In addition to having guests dressing to the nines and treating them the wine, consider light appetizers, sandwiches and a chocolate fountain for them to enjoy. End the night with an awards ceremony that commemorates all your employees hard work. They might even give an acceptance speech or two.

Holiday Gone Vintage

You might choose the Roaring Twenties or a retro '50s theme. Go for bright bold reds to get that speakeasy feel or tone it down with some pastels for a 50s look. Decorate the tables with some mason jar candles and even a few boxes of candy cigarettes. Tantalize their taste buds with some hot dips, cheese spreads and unlimited martinis. Make sure to have your workers dress for the occasion and bust out their era-appropriate dance moves.

Friends Having Vintage Dress Up Party

A Night of Mystery

Make it a night of celebration and excitement by bring a murder mystery to the forefront. The decorations should be dark, and you might even want to use question mark centerpieces for the tables. Clues can be hidden all over with a theatrical death bringing the night alive. Wine will be the drink of choice and light foods will allow your guests to snack the night away. Of course, the murderer will be Santa in the sleigh.

A Family Affair

While rolling out the red carpet is fun, sometimes a corporate holiday party is a family affair. Try a few of these Christmas-themed and fun holiday ideas.

Sugar Sweetness

Nothing says children more than candy. From red and white stripped table decorations to a candy cane tree, you'll have an experience your work families won't forget. Centerpieces can be made entirely from candy or you might go for a mellow feel with candy scented candles. Other delicious and sugary sweets can be sprinkled through down home potluck buffet. Holiday themed board games, karaoke and a winter bonfire can bring the night alive.

christmas office party drinks pink cocktails with candy canes

It's All About the Food

Enjoy a taste of holiday decadence with a theme centered on a specific holiday food, such as wines, chocolates, or other treats. Decorations can be bright and bold with centerpieces tailored around fall food like pumpkins, fruits or even a cornucopia. Have a food-centric holiday trivia game or pie judging contest to add a bit more foodie fun.

Celebrating Culture

Everyone celebrates their cultures a bit different. If you have a diverse workplace, have them bring a bit of their culture to the party through a favorite holiday dish. Not only will the food be culturally diverse, but the decorations should follow suit by include ethnic or historic themes such as Polynesian, Asian, Victorian, or Hanukkah party traditions. Allow your guests to share their unique family traditions and set up a few tables to try a few.

Chocolate Galore

What are the holidays without chocolate? Make chocolate the center of your party theme by serving hot chocolate and peppermint sticks and having a chocolate fountain with lots of different fruits for dipping. Make decorations warm brown trimmed with bright reds and greens. Centerpieces for the tables can be glass vases filled with M&Ms. Round out your warm sugar rush with some carols or karaoke.

Wonderful White Winter

Snowflakes, ice sculptures, and simple winter scenery make the winter wonderland theme a seasonally elegant choice. Your guests will love cold cuts, white eggs and snow-covered pretzels. Bubbly blue drinks and even a little ice skating can make it a winter theme that your workers won't soon forget. It might also be a great night to check out the Christmas lights around town together.

Gingerbread Theme

Take candy land to an entirely new level through doing an entirely gingerbread theme. From gingerbread cookies to gingerbread houses, you can even decorate your tables in gum drop buttons. Use a bright white table linen with red and green mugs and table wear will really set off your theme. Have a few copies of The Gingerbread Man and related stories available for kids to read. Lollipops can make great keepsakes, and you can even have a gingerbread decorating contest.

St. Nick's Workshop

You can't forget ol' St. Nick when it comes to Christmas. Santa hats and teddy bears can become centerpieces while you alternate between red and green table decorations. You might even throw a few wooden toys in the mix to round out the workshop feel. Have your workers join in the fun by dressing up like elves. Keep them cheery with warm hot cocoa and sweet treats along with light sandwiches and fresh fruits. Along with the singing and dancing, try a toy building contest or even a gift exchange. This is a great theme to center around giving to a family in need as well.

Playful friends with dog taking selfie at candlelight Christmas table

Movies and Holiday Specials

Pull out all the stops by making your Christmas party a night to remember: movie style. Use some of your trusted favorites as a guide to making your workers dance with glee.

Magical Yule Ball Masquerade

Take a unique twist on the masquerade ball by adding a little Harry Potter magic and making it a yule ball. Mystery and magic will get woven together as your masked guests are surrounded by bubbling cauldron and crystal balls. From crisp white tablecloths to gothic looking candle holder centerpieces, your workers will ooh and ah. Rather than a large meal, think visual appeal through colorful cocktails and bite-sized finger foods like stuffed mushrooms and snowflake shaped cheeses. Don't forget the photo booth with magical Christmas props so they can show off their holiday cheer.

Two glasses of champagne and a black carnival mask

A Night of Fright

Nightmare Before Christmas is a popular theme for any occasion but makes a smashing good holiday party. Cover the tables with alternating black and white strips. Center your tables with tall candelabras and pumpkins to go with the warm meats and pastas. Allow your workers to get into the theme by dressing up as their favorite characters. Music playing to the tune of spooky Christmas carols can bring the fun home.

An Ornery Christmas

Whether you're thinking Ebenezer Scrooge or the Grinch, this party theme is all about the "Bah humbug." Center your theme around the grouches of the Christmas season by dedicating a table to each one through decorations and party favors. To stick with these sourpusses, you might have lemon tarts or lemon drops next to sweet tarts and chocolate cakes to show their growth into warm loving characters. Play fun Grinchy games like present steal or white elephant auction to really please the crowd. You might also have them wear their best Grinch costume.

Christmas Classics

Nothing says Christmas like the classics. From Rudolph and Frosty to Charlie Brown, bring your night alive through old holiday favorites. Rather than spend your yearly budget at the party supply store, get creative with the old silk hat that holds frosty shaped cookies to the blinking red lights that light up your meat tray. You can even put a football decoration next to the peppermint patty deserts. Have your workers bring the theme alive by dressing as their favorite Christmas special character while special scenes from the TV specials play in the background. Test their knowledge with Classic inspired trivia games.

Enjoy a Memorable Celebration With Coworkers and Clients

Corporate holiday party themes can be simple or elaborate, formal or casual, elegant or whimsical. Whatever theme is chosen, as long as it is appropriate for the event and suitably planned, it will help create a memorable celebration for everyone to enjoy.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes